Cheap Resume Writing Services Near Me: 3 Non-Obvious Life Hacks for Getting a Dream Job

| Updated on March 27, 2024

2020 brought many crises, one of which broke out in the labor market. The spring quarantine measures caused the largest surge in the number of unemployed in the last 20 years, and the next lockdown, unfortunately, did not improve the situation.

And if in 2019, experts called the labor market “overheated” and assigned the leading role to job seekers, then in 2020, the right to choose and dictate conditions again passed to employers. How to stand out in the stream of other resumes and get into the desired shortlist of invitees for an interview? Let’s consider a few life hacks.

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Hit the Target and Cheap Resume

Before writing your resume, ask yourself three questions: Where am I writing? What kind of people does this company/project need? Why does this company need them? These questions will help you focus not on yourself and your many-sided experience but on the employer’s needs.

Choose from your experience the functions and tasks relevant to the employer and the job you are applying for. The same is the case with the so-called “soft” and “hard” skills. Describe exactly those that are inherent in you and required for a vacant position.

At the beginning of your resume, add a Target block for even better focus. Many write in it that they want to find “interesting work in a friendly team in order to realize their potential …”. But in reality, your goal is to get a specific position in a specific company. Write like this. And HR’s heart will tremble.

Operate with Facts and Figures

Only cliché phrases that are repeated from candidate to candidate can be worse than abstract and vague phrases on a resume. “Negotiated with clients,” “Organized events,” “Implemented the company’s marketing strategy.” Many in the resume describe only the functionality at each place of work, missing the important, but what, in fact, did all this work lead to?

Therefore, in describing your achievements, be guided by the rule “Facts and Figures.” In this block, answer the following questions: “What are the results of my activity? What changes have I brought to the company? Did my work lead to leads/deals/sales? Did I manage to influence the attitude of clients towards the company with my activity? And what about the atmosphere in the team? “

For example, if you conducted negotiations with clients at your last place of work, try to make this process as specific as possible: “Conducted 30+ negotiations with IT, clients, from Canada, the USA and Chile, achieved 50% of closed deals”.

The more facts and figures you add to your job description, the more professional and understandable you will look in the employer’s eyes.

Describe Your Superpower

Another block that will help you distinguish your resume from the stream of others is “Strengths” (or “Personality”).

An indecently large number of candidates write here that they are “sociable, with good organizational and leadership qualities, creative, executive, capable of working individually and in a team …”.

In fact, your task is to choose 3-5 strengths that are inherent in you and are important for the employer, and describe them as they appear in your behavior.

What is “sociability”? For some, it is the ability to find a common language with different people; for others, it is the absence of fear of approaching a stranger at an event. The third, the ability to sell a product or service to a person over the phone. So what exactly is your superpower? HOW does it manifest in your personality? Describe each quality in one sentence. This will help you distinguish yourself from the stream of other candidates.

In fact, these tips will be relevant at any time. However, the more competitive the market or position, the more acute is the need to stand out among others, to show your individuality and professionalism. Therefore, the crisis is the best time to finally improve your cv and/or a cover letter and get involved in the struggle for a job that you are really interested in.

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Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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