How to Write a Book Report and How It Should Look Like?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Sharing thoughts and concepts as well as writing itself is a crucial part of every study. Thus, there is a need to have some writing skills and knowledge on creating a high-standard book report. Even if a student doesn’t have the necessary knowledge for writing such papers, they can always turn to an essay writing service, which will help them to cope with such an assignment and will write a high-quality report.

It does not matter whether you like the book or not or if it causes some positive or negative emotions; you just need to share the concepts and prepare a report to get a good mark and impress the teacher with knowledge and understanding.  

Don’t forget that theory matters, and you should know how to deal with the report and how not to fail to include something into your analysis. 

How to Understand the Term of Book Report 

How do you understand this term? Yes, that’s correct. The book review is all about the analysis of writings. As a rule, it should be critical and written appropriately. It can be created in various styles depending on the requirements. When it is a report for school, college, or university, it is created in a scientific style. A report is not a way to receive a good mark, but it also allows the audience to understand the book shortly without its reading. To add more, it is possible to show professionalism and attract the attention of teachers by showing the knowledge. What’s more, the author can post such writing on the blog and get an additional audience becoming more and more popular. 

Still, a report is a kind of responsibility. This means the writer should be careful and smart while formulating thoughts. Don’t forget that we are creating the very first impression of the readers about the book. So make it appropriate. Think over whether you did it right. Like any other type of writing, this one has its criteria that will be discussed further, so don’t fail to get acquainted with them to clearly understand the term.  

The Criteria of the Appropriate Report 

While discussing the book, there is a need to know the author and their biography. Knowing the details of the author’s life, it will be easier to analyze the writing itself. Then think about key topics of the books and guess if there is an indirect meaning of the title. 

After these steps are done, go deeper and think about the work’s composition and parts. While writing thinks about your target audience. Don’t forget to think about both the positive and negative sides of the book. Remember that the volume should be enough for the audience to get such an amount of information to be aware of all things, events, and characters that happen in the story. 

Classical Types of Book Reports 

There are various types of book reports that could be created. But usually, most people discuss four types of them, which are the following:

  • Object: it is all about music, books, theatre;
  • Subject: it is all about the readers, experts;
  • Volume: number and volume of the analyzed writings;
  • Type: report could be long and very detailed, could be short and logical, or even a kind of essay. 

Getting Started to Writing 

A key secret to anything is knowing what you are doing. So, in this case, the author should know everything about the book. Read it not once, but it is better to go through it at least twice to be aware of everything, as the first reading is a simple acquaintance with the paper, while the following times help with analysis. 

Short Plan of the Report 

Well, for sure, you can create your own plan, but why not use a ready one and complete your report faster? 

  • The first necessary things include description: name of the author and book, year, and others. 
  • Follow the previous step by the short and logical retelling of the plot. As a rule, this part is from two to four sentences. 
  • The previous is followed by the opinion of the author himself/herself.
  • The analysis goes next: here, you can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the book. 
  • As always, the ending requires a logical conclusion. 

Things to Remember 

While writing a report, don’t forget to check everything. Remember that the facts, numbers, and names should be correct. Let your style be academic and appropriate. Make sure your attitude towards the author does not influence your report. Add enough arguments and have connections between all parts of the writing. 

Common Mistake While Writing 

For sure, nothing can be perfect, but it is highly recommended to avoid common mistakes while writing a book report, not to spoil the impression of the reader, and not to make the report fake. 

  • One of the most common mistakes is the absence of enough knowledge regarding the topic. For instance, if you have not read the book, how can you write a report about it? 
  • The following one is too detailed a retelling of the writing instead of the analysis itself. There is no need to include many events that happen in the book unless they are the vital thing for understanding the main concepts. 
  • Emotions instead of logic. The author should work on the raw emotions, and there should be objectivity. 
  • The following mistake is that the writer pays more attention to his/her own opinion than to the general one. 
  • The absence or lack of arguments makes the report weak, while the low quality of them could make the audience worry about the professionalism of the writer. 
  • Too self-confident or less confident is also a problem and should be worked on. 

Things to Consider While Writing

Imagine that you begin your writing, so what is the key point to start with? Start with the book itself. Think whether you have read it carefully and know the details. Then analyze the date of publication, the author of it. Then come up with main concepts and ideas and think about the genre. 

Final Words 

Well, as you can see from the article, it is not that simple task to prepare an amazing report. At the same time, the task of the author is to share his/her own opinion while being professional and not too emotional. Mind, that is writing a report, you should not drown in your emotions. Too active descriptions can be thought of as unreal and even fake, while too negative could be viewed as a simple distaste of the writer. 

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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