How to View That One Time Photo on WhatsApp Again?

| Updated on February 14, 2024
View Once Media

Have you ever received a photo on WhatsApp that disappeared after you viewed it once? You blink and it’s gone forever. But what if you wanted to see that picture again? 

Is it possible to find or save that disappearing image? Let’s discover if it is possible or not. 

This guide will explain everything you need to know.

What is View Once on WhatsApp?

View Once Image

Do You Know?
According to Statista, there are 84.8 Million WhatsApp users in India. 

The “View Once” feature allows senders to share photographs or videos that disappear after the recipient opens them once. Here are the key points:

  • Photos and videos sent using this feature can only be opened one time by the recipient.
  • After the recipient opens the media, it will be permanently deleted.
  • The media tagged with this feature cannot be forwarded, saved, starred, shared, or archived.
  • Senders can see if recipients have opened a photograph or video.
  • Recipients can take screenshots or screen recordings of such media before closing it.


  • Gives more control over sensitive media.
  • Allows sharing moments that don’t need to last forever.


  • No way to recover deleted media sent to someone using this feature.
  • Recipients can still screenshot/record the stuff before it disappears.

So in summary: yes, recipients can screenshot or record View Once media before it disappears, but there is no way to save or recover the files afterward.

How to Send View Once Photos?

Sending View Once photographs on WhatsApp is easy on both Android and iOS.

How to send one-time view pictures on WhatsApp Android?

Follow these steps to send a View Once pic on Android:

  1. Open your WhatsApp chat.
  2. Tap the attach button (paperclip icon).
  3. Select “View Once” at the top of the menu.
  4. Choose a photo or video to send.
  5. Confirm you want to send the media to View Once.
  6. Tap send.

That’s it! The photo or video will now disappear after your recipient opens it once.

How to send a One Time photo on WhatsApp iPhone?

To send a View Once photo on iPhone, just:

  1. Open WhatsApp and select a chat.
  2. Tap the + button.
  3. Take a photo directly or select from your camera roll.
  4. Tap the infinity ∞ icon at the top left.
  5. Confirm you want to send the photo as View Once.
  6. Hit send.

Easy! The image will now automatically delete itself after being viewed one time by the recipient.

view once media

How to Recover View Once Photos?

If you opened and closed a View Once photograph in WhatsApp, is there any way to see it again? There are a few options, depending on if you’re the sender or recipient.

Sender: Restore from Backup

If you’re the sender trying to recover a deleted View Once photo you sent previously, check your app’s backup.

  • Media not opened by recipient: If the recipient still needs to open the photo at the time of backup, it is included in the backup file. When you restore that backup, the unopened View Once data comes back too.
  • Media already opened: If the recipient already viewed and closed the View Once media when your WhatsApp backup happens, that photo/video won’t be included in the backup. So no way to restore it.

So, in summary: as the sender, you can only retrieve unopened View Once media from a backup taken before the recipient opened it.

Recipient: Take Screenshots

As the recipient, you may think, is there any way to save pictures on the app tagged sent using this feature?
Once you open and close a View Once photo, it’s gone for good from the app and device storage. So you need to act fast:

  • As soon as you open the media with a one-time view, screenshot it or screen record it before closing the viewer. This will save a copy of the photo/video to your device gallery.
  • Make sure you capture the entire image in the screenshot. Some phones allow scrolling screenshots to save long images.

So your only hope is taking screenshots before closing the media viewer. You have a short window to recover that disappearing pic on WhatsApp!

[Bonus Tip] How to retrieve deleted WhatsApp pictures?

If you want to know how to restore deleted WhatsApp photos without backup, third-party apps can retrieve deleted messages under certain circumstances. 

Suppose you want to attempt View Once photo recovery with an app. In that case, you can check out the following method: UltData WhatsAPP Recovery – A tool for recovering deleted images, videos, chats, etc. Free trial available. Supports both iPhone and Android.

  • First up, free download UltData WhatsApp Recovery and install it on your computer. When that’s set up, grab a USB cable and plug your phone into your computer.
  • If you’ve got an iPhone, it will automatically detect your device and get ready to scan. Android folks, you’ll need to enable USB debugging in your developer options before connecting your device.
  • Once your phone is hooked up, open up UltData WhatsApp Recovery and select the “Recover WhatsApp Data” option, then hit the “Start Scan” button. It will then dig through your WhatsApp data and find deleted pics, messages, videos – you name it.
  • When the scan finishes, UltData WhatsApp Recovery will show previews of all the deleted stuff it found. Just browse through and tick the pics, chats or whatever you want to save, then click “Recover“. It saves all those rescued goods right back onto your computer or external drive.

And that’s seriously all there is to it! UltData WhatsApp Recovery makes it super simple to get those deleted pictures back in just minutes. It can restore all kinds of lost stuff – media, documents, stickers, voice notes…. And without needing any backups! Pretty awesome.

We do not recommend using unofficial WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp. However, some users report one of its features can let you see View Once media multiple times without disappearing.

The Anti-View Once setting overcomes WhatsApp’s limitation, so users can open such photos unlimited times without auto-delete. But it likely does not allow recovering already opened and deleted media sent to you using that feature.

If you decide to use GBWhatsApp (at your own risk), enable Anti-View Once:

  1. Tap the 3-dot menu icon
  2. Open GB Settings
  3. Go to Privacy & Security
  4. Turn on Anti-View Once

Now View Once, media should not be deleted after opening. But again, we strongly recommend against using this unofficial WhatsApp mod!

Final Thoughts

Though WhatsApp’s View Once feature is great for privacy, it sure makes recovering those disappearing photos difficult! 

Third-party WhatsApp recovery apps provide some hope if you want to get technical.
In the end, the media disappears, it’s likely gone for good without the right backup in place. So capture your screenshot before it’s too late!


Can I use UltData WhatsApp Recovery to recover WhatsApp photos without an original phone?

Yes, it claims you can retrieve WhatsApp data from a phone backup stored on a computer without needing the original device.

Does Tenorshare UltData WhatsApp Recovery work if my phone screen is broken?

As long as the phone powers on and connects via USB, Tenorshare says UltData WhatsAPP Recovery can retrieve WhatsApp media and messages from a phone with a cracked screen.

Can I get back old WhatsApp photos that were deleted over a year ago?

While possible to rescue very old deleted WhatsApp images with UltData, the longer ago they were deleted, the lower the chance of recovery. The best odds are within a few weeks.

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