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| Updated on February 14, 2024

All owners of large companies, as well as small startups whose activities are aimed at online sales of physical or virtual, intellectual products, are always striving to increase their turnover and profit. In our time, this is achieved only by maintaining the right marketing policy, as well as by choosing the right partners. Our Platform for affiliate marketing will allow you to launch the most successful project in your life through an affiliate program in just a few days, but under your previously created brand, which will guarantee an expansion of your client base and an increase in sales with a quick return on business payback.

What Features are Available in the Platform for Affiliate Marketing?

Each owner of a company or startup who purchases a tariff plan and installs software gets access to the following set of useful features and options:

  • The ability to create your table, which will contain statistical data on sales, current activities of the company, turnover, expected profit, and other important information.
  • Each subscription owner, regardless of the tariff plan, can share their statistics with partners and potential investors, as well as persons conducting startup marketing, which will provide online teamwork with the possibility of improving the quality of the business.
  • The user gets access to the entire table, regardless of the content of columns and rows, but, in the platform settings, can make only part of the information visible, and then transfer this data to a web designer, partners, project manager, or other interested parties.
  • The user can edit, add or delete not only the rows with their company’s indicators but also columns containing information such as sales statistics, partner turnover or profitability indicators, targeting conversion rates, as well as daily reports on the results of the marketing policy. In addition to the listed options, users also have dozens of other column names that they can choose from the platform’s internal library.

A platform for affiliate marketing makes it possible to stop or minimize unforeseen and useless expenses, and investments in the development of the company. For the owner of the company or startup, this will be done by a group of partners interested in continuing or merging businesses. You will be able to offer participants and affiliates the terms of the partnership, calculate and redistribute, agree on profits, and choose the most convenient form of payment.

Basic Benefits of Platform for Affiliate Marketing

When subscribing to the operation of our software product, users note the following undeniable advantages of this platform over competitors:

  • The user is completely freed from the need to calculate their performance and forecasts on their own or turn to professionals for outsourcing. All that is required for the owner of a business or a product being sold is to simply contact us with a relevant request, and we will quickly process it by providing error-free statistics.
  • The program uses a unique technology of artificial intelligence, which allows floating to receive only up-to-date information regarding its product. This will make it possible to quickly reach profitability, subject to the correct conduct of the marketing policy.
  • Unlike many competitors, the system provides a unique opportunity to analyze incoming and outgoing traffic, as well as control sales in real-time, saving the user from unnecessary costs and leading to an increase in profit after reaching the payback of the business.
  • We have developed an extremely simple interface for our customers. Thus, any startup owner, regardless of his experience and specialized education, can easily maintain his statistical tables on the platform.
  • For each user after the implementation of the project, the program automatically creates a chat with his manager to provide full online technical support, which makes it possible to get a free consultation in time, as well as adjust marketing actions to reach the expected profit.

In addition to these advantages, we also have our telegram channel, where each project participant can join, and get full information from experts. And also apply to the purchase of a test version of the product, which is valid for 14 days, which makes it possible to understand the nuances of the platform without a primary subscription to any tariff plan.

How to Use a Platform for Affiliate Marketing Correctly?

As mentioned above, our platform has the simplest interface, and to get started with it, each user will need to complete just a few of the following steps:

  • The user chooses the tariff plan he is interested in. You do not need to pay for a subscription right away, since the program provides for debiting money from the customer’s account only after the project is launched.
  • A table is formed with statistical data for the user’s business or products so that the manager can understand the features of the company’s structure, and potential partners are interested in joint business activities.
  • Next, you will need to pay for the subscription by any of the methods listed on the corresponding page in the system. Users need to be aware that each bank holding their account may charge transaction fees.
  • The user forms his request, indicating the necessary boundary parameters, and sends it to the manager after preliminary contact with him through the previously created chat window.
  • Our manager contacts the customer as soon as possible after the formation of the application, conducts the necessary consultation, and answers questions of interest.
  • Our representative makes an online presentation of our software, after which he sets up the platform on the customer’s computer through the server, and the user can start working with the system, increasing his profits and promoting the product.
  • If necessary, the customer can also request a 2-week trial to understand all the intricacies of our intellectual product.

Our customers are presented with 4 basic tariff plans – “Light”, which costs only $ 250 per month, but provides no more than 5,000 conversions, “Pro”, for $ 500 per month, but already with 50,000 conversions, as well as “Business”, $1,000 monthly, with the possibility of using 250,000 conversions for a given subscription period. 

In addition, we also have a unique individual tariff that costs $5,000 per month and more, but the user can choose the number of conversions on their own with a huge unit discount for each of them.

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