The latest Way to Transfer Your WhatsApp Chats Between iPhone and Android 2024

| Updated on February 28, 2024

While switching from Android to iOS or vice versa, it becomes necessary to have the data transferred from one device to another. The data can be images, videos, contacts, or many more. These all can be transferred easily but what if you want WhatsApp messages to be transferred? I guess it is a little bit tricky because, unlike Telegram which backs up the data on the cloud and as a result of which it becomes easy to migrate it from one device to another, WhatsApp does not follow the same path as it backs up the data to Google Drive (in case of Android) and to iCloud (in case of iOS). So, due to this dissimilarity of the platforms, it becomes difficult to migrate the backup. Hence, it is tricky to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using Google Drive.

The latest Android 12 is known to provide migration of WhatsApp messages between all Galaxy, Pixel, and iPhones. But what if you do not have any of these, in this case, you may follow the solutions provided below in the forthcoming passages. Following them, you can easily transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

How to Transfer from iPhone to Android?

If you are an iPhone user and willing to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android, find below the ways for the same.

Way 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android via Email Chat

It is quite easy to transfer WhatsApp via email chat from iPhone to Android and after following this process, you will get WhatsApp on your device but it will not sync with WhatsApp on Android.  

Follow the below steps to achieve it.

Step 1: Open up WhatsApp on the iPhone by double-tapping on its icon

Step 2: Choose “Settings”

Step 3: Go to “Chat Settings” and choose “Email Chat” from the list

Step 4: Choose WhatsApp history and Now a new window will pop up stating that “Attaching Media will generate a larger email message” and later choose “without media”

Step 5: Enter the required Email address and tap on the Send button

Step 6: Now, it is time to pick up the Android phone and login into the email client, and check whether the email is received or not, if you got the mail, you will get to see all WhatsApp chats but these chats can not be synced with the WhatsApp in Android.

Way 2: How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android Free Using A USB-C Cable

For this process, you need to have a USB Type C cable and connect it with both devices ie. Android and iPhone. Once connected, scan the QR code available on the iPhone from an Android phone. By following this way, you will be able to sync your old chats with the new device. If you did not find the QR code to scan, you may scan it manually just follow the path as depicted below.

WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > transfer chat to android.

How to Transfer from Android to iPhone?

If you are an Android user and willing to transfer WhatsApp from Android to the iPhone, you are in the right place as ahead from here you will get the solutions for the same.

Way 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone via Email Chat

Among the several ways, this way is quite tedious as you can not send more than one chat from Android to iPhone in a single shot. Find below the steps for the same.

Step 1: Unlock the Android device and tap on the WhatsApp icon to launch it

Step 2: Tap on the “Chats” tab and choose “Chat History”

Step 3: Select the contact and choose “Export Chat”

Step 4: To keep the chat size light you may avoid backing up the videos and untick it

Step 5: Share this chat via Gmail and enter the recipient email address

Step 6: Tap on the send button.

Way 2: Move WhatsApp Conversations from Android to iPhone Plus Using “Move to iOS”

Move to iOSis a leading app that is used by many to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone. Find below the steps.

Step 1: Download and Install “Move to iOS” app from Google Play Store

Step 2: Open up the App by tapping on it

Step 3: Once opened, Go to “Apps and data” and choose “Move data from Android” on iPhone

Step 4: Open the app on Android and choose to continue

Step 5: Enter the code visible on the iPhone

Step 6: Choose files that you want to share with the iPhone.

Way 3: The Easiest Way to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone

One of the easiest ways of transferring the WhatsApp message includes the usage of the Tenorshare software. With this software, you can easily transfer chat from Android to iOS. Also, this app is available on Mac or PC and can be used to manage your iOS devices. Apart from transferring the chat, it can be used for the following purposes.

  1. Export/Import Photos
  2. Free iOS data backup on the computer
  3. Availability of virtual USB drive folder for better file management
  4. No Compatibility issues and many more

So these were the solutions related to transferring WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android and vice versa. All the above solutions are free and do not require you to pay any extra amount. In addition to all these solutions, the easiest solution resides in the usage of Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer software. Also, it is easy to use and fulfills several other needs of an individual apart from transferring the WhatsApp chat from one device to another.

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