How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men and Women

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Hair loss is a significant concern for some people, both men, and women. When you have healthy hair, your confidence and self-esteem will significantly rise. It might be scary when you start losing your hair, but this should not worry you, as you can head to Gro hair loss clinics and get proper treatment instead of getting hair transplant.

Hair goals generally vary among people as some would want it to reduce, some to increase, and others just want to maintain their healthy hair. Are you among the people that would want to know how to prevent hair loss? If so, read on to find the tips on ways you can prevent hair loss for both women and men.

Using A Mild Shampoo Suited for Your Hair

Who does not love clean hair? We all do, hence the reason we buy shampoos that can cleanse dirt and excess oil out of it and leave it fresh and clean. However, these days with the many commercial shampoos in the market, some contain harsh ingredients. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman; when using commercial shampoo to wash your hair, it is important to check its ingredients. Some shampoos, when used just once, strip your hair off the fatty acids and natural oil so it’s best to be careful.

You could be wondering how to know the best shampoo that will prevent hair loss. When checking for the ingredients of the different shampoos, take note of the natural ones. Don’t be afraid to switch up products if you have been experiencing excessive hair loss.

At times, it may be the hairbrush that you are using which may be causing hair loss.  Ensure you use a soft brush with natural fibers as it helps promote healthy sebum oil levels on your hair. Making sure to brush your hair daily will help to prevent hair loss.


Natural minerals and vitamins deficiencies can cause hair loss, and to prevent it, you will need to take some supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin B-12, iron, selenium, zinc, and niacin. These supplements are ideal as they assist your body in producing hair that is healthy and strong. Ensure that you only buy from trusted sources. It is in your best interest to consider talking to your doctor first before taking any multivitamin supplement.

As much as you opt for a supplement, ensure your diet is rich in antioxidants because your diet can significantly affect hair loss. The antioxidants help in fighting stress, which damages hair follicles leading to hair loss. A diet rich in antioxidants includes spinach, strawberries, legumes, beans, kale, and blueberries. Furthermore,  If you want to prevent hair from falling out, you should avoid or reduce your consumption of sugar, processed fats, alcohol, and preservatives as they lead to oxidative stress.

Scalp Massage

If you have had scalp massage, you no doubt know how relaxing and soothing it can be. Besides reducing stress and tension, your hair can grow quickly when you gently massage your scalp when washing your hair. For scalp massage, you can use fingertips as usual or use a scalp massaging device that mimics your fingertips’ pressure. During scalp massaging, the cells of hair follicles stretch, which leads the follicles to produce thicker hair.

You have the choice to decide whether to do scalp massaging with oil or without, but if you decide to use oil, it is best to use essential oils. These are aqueous extracts of vital botanical ingredients and can be mixed with carrier oils like almonds to help stimulate hair growth. If you opt for essential oils that aid hair growth, you should choose either peppermint, ginseng, Chinese hibiscus, or Jatamansi.

Quit Smoking

Did you know smoking can cause hair loss? That’s right, smoking ages your hair cells prematurely, making hair follicles fragile which means they can quickly get damaged. If you want to prevent hair loss but still cannot quit smoking, you can talk to your doctor, as they can provide you with a smoking quitting plan. 

It does not matter whether the hair loss you might be experiencing is a result of a short-term health condition or harsh hair products; you need to protect the hair you have. And you shouldn’t wait. The sooner you start taking measures to prevent hair loss, the higher the chances are of preventing irreversible damage.

Priyam Ghosh

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