How to Find the Best Drawing Tablet with a Screen

| Updated on April 4, 2024

The traditional method of arranging a whole kit and tools to draw a masterpiece has been suppressed with the advent of the digital drawing tablet. With everything shifting to digital, the artist has also taken charge of using drawing tablets to engrave their creativity on a screen.   

Being new to this field, the question is how to find the best cheap drawing tablet with screen. Don’t stress out, this guide will help you to discover the specifications and features to look into a drawing tablet to get rid of the paints and brushes.

Specifications and Features to Consider for Drawing Tablet 

Before finalizing any drawing tablet with a screen, there are numerous things you should consider, that meet your personal and work requirements. This is the reason, we have listed some specifications and features to recall while doing your research.

Tablet Work Space Area 

The size of the tablet is the prime factor you should look for. The size can be considered for two aspects, one is the working area and the second is the overall surface. The active area should be a little, larger to avoid frequent zooming and panning in between the process. But the overall surface should be accurate and come in handy to carry everywhere. 


One thing you should remember is that your drawing tablet with a screen should be compatible to set up with your operating system (Mac, Or Windows). So consider upgrading your budget, as the devices that offer extensive compatibility are a little expensive. 

Pressure Sensitivity 

Opting for devices that have greater pressure levels can be beneficial when creating high-resolution drawings. Considering it as a one-time investment, beginners should invest in tablets with 1,024 pressure levels and pro users can go with the 2,048 pressure levels. 


The freedom to customize your controls and buttons gives a sense of personalization that often results in saving time while switching between the tabs. In addition, the options, features, and tools will vary from tablet to tablet. So in that case, look around, what suits the best for your work culture. 

Stylus Type 

Generally, drawing tablets come in three different styluses – battery-powered, rechargeable and electromagnetic resonance. 

Battery-powered are thick and possibly can feel heavy in hand. Rechargeable types are usually thin and require constant charging when operated for a long term. 

EMR styluses are new in town, and the electromagnetic frequency transfers the power wirelessly to the pen. So consider all the types and choose wisely that better suits your requirements. 


Warranty acts as insurance for your electronic devices. Taking expensive drawing tablets with screens should be embraced with a valuable manufacturer warranty. The period may differ in the brands, but the higher the period, the more is the assurance. 

Latest Features

The beginners may not remain specific about the more advanced features, but the professionals will look at the latest innovations, including tilt sensitivity and multi-display touch capabilities. 

Battery Optimization 

The battery life is the key factor to look for in your drawing tablets with a screen, as it can optimize your travelling time. A 3–4 hours of battery backup is necessary, but the more advanced and expensive tablets add more hours to it. 

Besides all the specifications, the ideal tablet choice will depend on your budget, preferences, and experience level. 

Unleash your Artistry with the Artist 12 (2nd Gen) Tablet 

Artist 12 (2nd Gen) is ideal and budget-friendly for those looking for the most advanced feature in the drawing tablet with a screen. This tablet is designed with high-tech innovation by keeping in mind the needs and demands of an artist. 

Artist 12 (Gen2) Tablet 

For more clarity, let us take a look at the specifications and built-in features of the 12-inch tablet

Surface Area Size

Working on an 11.9” screen gives you a feeling of using traditional pen and paper drawing. The potential laminated screen surface minimizes the parallax, offering a seamless experience in the dark time also. Opting for the Artist 12 (2nd Gen) will give you an immersive experience in your drawing time and portability.

X3 Smart Chip Stylus Pen

The more advanced pen with an X3 smart chip stylus embraces the sensory experience, giving a feel of using a real pen. Launched with a 10-fold increase in sensitivity, it is ideal to offer a fast, precise and steady response. 

Flexible Dual Ports 

Embraced with a 3-in-1 cable that supports the HDMI signal transmission enhanced the flexibility to connect the drawing to a PC. The newly launched USB port in the tablet made it possible to connect with Android phones, making it more convenient.

Superior Compatibility

The Artist 12 (Gen 2) tablet is highly compatible with a range of operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux, ensuring a consistent and smooth user experience. 

Versatile Shortcut Keys 

The new artist series has introduced inbuilt user-defined shortcut keys. This prime feature allows you to customize the keys according to your workflow to boost productivity. 

Supports Digital Art Platforms 

This tablet supports the highly popular digital art formats that include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, CDR and more which will help to foster your creativity. 

Available in 4 Colors 

Artist 12 (2nd Gen) is available in 4 different trendy vibrant colours, black, blue, green, and pink giving a ravishing look to your personality. 

Overall, the Artist 12 (2nd Gen) is a great fit for beginners, experts and those who are looking for budget-friendly options. 

Conclusion: Claim your Dream Tablet

Selecting the best drawing tablet with a screen is not an easy task. Considering all the specifications and features mentioned above can help you to compare the models and brands. Moreover, the Artist 12 (Gen2) can be the ideal choice as it is fully equipped with the right features and capabilities. 

But, remember, the perfect tablet for you will be the one that will fulfil all your personal and professional work requirements.

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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