Learning How to Identify Undesirable Biases in Essays

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Are you a writer? Do you understand the meaning of bias in an essay? Do you know how important it is to provide unbiased essays? If not, then kindly read this post. Here you will learn how to identify undesirable biased in writing. 

Almost all essay has biases, it may be intentional or unwilling. It’s our responsibility as readers to identify any biases in the writing and to ask them out. In this article, we will discuss what are biases, how we can identify them in writing, and various types of biases. 

Definition of Undesirable Biases

Biases are shortcuts that enable people to take a decision quickly, without thinking about the evidence and truths. In simple words, essays are written on a predetermined opinion or a conception of a group of individuals. These biased are usually caused by unknown facts that can promote fraudulent assumptions and wrong judgments. It is essential to be familiar with biases and to question them to create valid opinions. 

Motives for Learning to Spot Biases

Learning to recognize biases can support us to create educated opinions and make better judgments. By identifying and questioning biases, we can easily comprehend various points of thought, be aware of valid information, and also get educated by the information. 

Overview of Types of Biases

There are four types of biases in an essay, which are racial bias, socioeconomic bias, gender bias, and cultural/religious bias. We will be discussing them in more detail in the next sections, keep reading the article. 

Racial Bias

History of Racial Bias

Since the start of civilization, numerous cultures evolved ways to eliminate and persecute individuals of other ethnicities. Many areas of the World constantly practice this type of bias today.

Examples of Racial Bias in Language and Tone

Racial bias can be noticed in tone and vocabulary, like when a racial group of individuals is portrayed in a negative image or when superiority and inferiority language is used in writing. In simple wording, this adds stereotypic behavior or ideas of a particular person in an essay. 

Identifying Racial Bias in Essays

When reading something, it is essential to concentrate on the ton of the language that may indicate racial bias. This may contain words and phrases that are derogative and offensive. It’s essential to judge the language that implies stereotypic ideas of racial groups or tones that indicates superiority and inferiority. 

Socioeconomic Bias

History of Socioeconomic Bias

This type of bias has been in the entire world for several years. Individuals having different economic backgrounds usually face unequal opportunities and discrimination in society. This bias has an influential effect on how individuals get treated and what are available opportunities to them.  

Examples of Socioeconomic Bias in Language and Tone

This kind of bias can be found in tone and language, like using a tone that indicates superiority and inferiority about socioeconomic status. It may also contain, the use of language or tone that promotes the stereotypic idea of a particular group of people or an individual. 

Identifying Socioeconomic Bias in Essays

It is important to look language or tone of an essay to identify socioeconomic bias. This can contain terms and phrases that are offending, derogating, and show socioeconomic bias. However, it is important to have a look at language that implies prejudices regarding distinct socioeconomic groups.

Gender Bias

History of Gender Bias

Gender bias is a very common bias, which can be seen in many regions of life, from education to the workplace. This kind of bias has an influential effect on how individuals are treated and what are the available opportunities for them. 

Examples of Gender Bias in Language and Tone

This type of bias can be seen in tone and language, like using vocabulary or phrases that indicate superiority and inferiority about gender. It may also contain using phrases to define an individual or group of people in a manner that indicates gender stereotypes.

Identifying Gender Bias in Essays

When reading, it is essential to check the language and tone that indicates gender bias according to Academichelp. This can contain phrases and words that are derogative, and offensive, and indicate superiority and inferiority in the socioeconomic group. It is essential to concentrate on the language that supports stereotypes regarding certain gender and a ton that formularise or promotes stereotypes. However, it is essential to be aware of the social and historical context of the writing to easily understand the gender sensitivity of the writer’s words. Let’s take an example, If the author writes about poverty then it is essential to mention the role of discrimination, inequality, and power inequalities. Readers can easily comprehend various points of thought, become educated and get aware of the true information by identifying gender biases and questioning them.

Religious/Cultural Bias

History of Religious/Cultural Bias

Since the beginning of civilization cultural and religious bias has been seen. This can include the system created by societies to exclude and persecute individuals of different cultures and religions. This bias is still dominant in many areas of the World. 

Examples of Religious/Cultural Bias in Language and Tone

This bias can be seen in tone and language, like mentioning derogative words to refer particular cultural or religious group by using a tone or language that indicates superiority and inferiority. This can contain the use of terms or phrases that define stereotypes sense of a particular person or group of individuals. 

Identifying Religious/Cultural Bias in Essays

It is important to look at tone and language in essays that identify a bias towards specific culture or religion. This can include derogative and offending terms or phrases. However, it is important to look for language that indicates stereotypes regarding any cultural or religious group or portrays a feeling of superiority and inferiority.


Learning to recognize biases help us to get informed opinions and take better decisions about essay topics. By identifying and questioning biases in writings, we can comprehend the various prospects, get educated with truth, and get aware of valid or real information. It is our duty as a reader to question biases and assure that everyone is treated equally and provided equal chances, irrespective of gender, race cultural/religious background, or socioeconomic status. However, by identifying and questioning biases, we can assure that essay is free from any kind of biases and is authentic as possible.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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