Building A Farm Website Successfully

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Having a digital presence has become the most crucial aspect for all domains, in case of farming also. There are several benefits that the farmers can obtain by building a great website. Some of the most significant ones are:

  • More customer interaction
  • More visibility into the farm
  • Advertisement of products
  • Customer feedback
  • Better sales

However, these benefits do not directly reflect in the profits of the farm. That is why most farmers fail to notice them and do not opt for a website. Another reason for them being away from digital presence is the difficulty of building a website as they find it complex to develop and maintain the site, so they avoid it entirely. 

But their problem is solved with platforms like, as it provides them with ready-to-use templates for their website. So more than half of their work is already done. However, they have to make a few changes in the template to fit their needs. The points that farmers need to consider while building their site by customizing the farm website template are:

Focus On What Is Important

While building a new website, especially the first one, many people try to put in everything in it. They try to incorporate as many features as they can, which makes the website complex and unuseful. To avoid this complexity, they need to focus only on the features that are important at the point. Few of them are:

  • Product Description: This is the first thing to include. The farmer needs to provide appealing pictures of their products, along with their appropriate descriptions. Only these things will attract the buyer. 
  • Contact: Many people find websites confusing and end up leaving them because there are no further contact options. Therefore farmers need to include their contact details on the site so that people can contact them in the case of any query. 
  • Feedback Form: They can also create a feedback/ commenting form, where people can review their products. The good reviews can be highlighted and used for advertising purposes. 
  • Buy Option: If they want to start online sales, then they can also create an e-commerce type website by providing a ‘’BUY NOW’ option. Or they can include a booking option so that further process can be done offline. 

By keeping limited but most necessary features on their website, they will keep it looking decent and straightforward while making it easy to use.

Do Not Forget Updates

If the farmer works on products that change seasonally, then they have to update the website regularly. If they fail to do so, the customers will only have a view of the old products, and they will feel that the website is not good enough. Also, keeping unavailable products on the site can create confusion. So it is crucial to update it with any changes in the products. 


The farmers need to create a great website, as only then they will be benefited from it. To keep it user-friendly, they should consider the points mentioned above. Also, they should incorporate things like good sales copy to make the most out of their website. 

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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