How Can Higher Education Use the Salesforce Experience Cloud for Better Student Management and Performance?

| Updated on March 4, 2024

Digitization drives the modern world and transforms society. By automating manual processes and operations, profoundly changes the shape of many industries today, and higher education is not an exception. 

Since today’s students are “digitally native,” modern technology systems and digital innovations are what they need to be more productive and progressive. Currently, Salesforce has become the leading CRM for higher education. But how can the students benefit from using Salesforce in their studies? 

This article walks you through the advantages of implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud for educational purposes. So let’s dive in.

3 Benefits of Using Salesforce for Higher Education 

Why choose Salesforce for universities? Salesforce provides a wide variety of cloud-based solutions for higher ed to connect students, faculty, and staff in one place as well as enhance the student experience, management, and performance. 

By using Salesforce for education, you create one integrated platform that empowers your institution and drives learner and education success from anywhere.

Core benefits of Salesforce for higher education:

  • A holistic view of every learner. Since Salesforce is built on Customer 360, it provides a 360-degree view of all students across their entire education journey. Thanks to this feature, staff spend less time gathering and analyzing information about the students and their records. All the data is stored in one place and is easily accessible when needed. It helps optimize the recruitment and admission processes and ensures a seamless new student onboarding experience.
  • Improved student and teacher management. Salesforce provides you with a centralized solution for better management and administration of your educational institution. You can create unique, personalized communities that make student and teacher management easier and increase productivity, engagement, and retention. 
  • Enhanced automation in accordance with your specific needs. Salesforce provides multiple automation tools to automate your institution’s processes, usually done manually. It increases accuracy and efficiency, saves time, and reduces costs so that you can focus on more important tasks and challenges.

Besides, if you want to provide a better experience to parents, a Salesforce-based software solution is also your best choice! 

You can create a web portal where parents can access data regarding their kids to stay updated and monitor their progress.  

What Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud are Useful to Educational Institutions?

As a campus-wide information resource, the Salesforce experience community helps school members collaborate and interact with each other in a new way, strengthening connections and ensuring more effective student outreach. But what makes it so helpful in terms of educational management and administration? 

Top Salesforce features for higher education:

  • Multi-tenant architecture. Students, faculty, and staff share common technology, and all run on the latest release. All the upgrades happen automatically, which helps the institution to focus on innovation rather than managing technology;
  • AppExchange enhancements. Using third-party applications can put your Salesforce Experience Cloud site on fire to meet the most specific needs of your organization;
  • Accessibility and reliability of the content. Salesforce delivers various solutions (Salesforce knowledge base for education, Topics, and Chatter Answers) that help solve issues or answer questions by using articles or interacting with each other via social media chats;
  • Flexibility in customizing. Experience Cloud sites are highly customizable in terms of branding and content. You can create a branded community space that serves as an extension of your school website;
  • Analytics all in one place. Salesforce provides you with the opportunity to create accurate reports and dashboards to track educational progress. You can also share analytics information through the community so that students, faculty, and parents can monitor the progress. 

5 Ways for Higher Ed to Improve Students’ Performance and Engagement with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud is used by colleges, universities, and other institutions of all sizes to optimize processes, improve learning activities, and enhance students’ management and performance. What helps it to achieve all of the above?

  1. Strong community engagement. With Salesforce, you can create a feature-rich portal that enables effective collaboration and relevant communication based on the students’ activities and interests. Using the Salesforce community for students allows learners to engage directly with an online course and interact with fellow students and mentors. Even though they are using one platform, they may be able to belong to multiple communities and easily toggle between them through a single sign-on.
  2. Student support & streamlined services. With the Salesforce student management system, you provide your learners with self-service tools (knowledge articles, search functions, Chatbots, live support, etc.) so that they can easily find answers to their questions. It decreases the support costs and empowers students to manage their university experience as well as become independent in completing their educational tasks. 
  3. Enhanced productivity with mobile support. Mobile devices are widely used as learning and productivity-boosting tools by students worldwide. Salesforce experiences for schools are mobile-friendly and therefore accessible anywhere, from any device. It ensures enhanced efficiency of the learning process and maximizes student productivity.
  4. Latest trends and innovative technologies. Benefit from the latest innovations across the Salesforce platform and bring the educational process to the next level. When the students are admitted, they get access to their success plans and can easily collaborate with their advisors. Powerful Experience Cloud features like early alerts, flexible scheduling, or streamlined services help them optimize interactions and achieve their educational goals.
  5. Powerful communication and collaboration across the globe with Digital Campus solution that connects people, processes, and systems. Create your own Digital Campus for colleges with products and solutions tailored to your institution’s specific needs. With Digital Campus, students, faculty, and staff are engaging, learning, and working from anywhere, anytime, in a personalized way. 

What Apps and Tools Does Advanced Communities Offer?

Advanced Communities specializes in Salesforce Experience Cloud customization, development, and consulting and offers various comprehensive solutions to help higher education institutions engage students and improve management. We create multiple products and components that provide additional functionality to the features available out of the box with the Experience Cloud. 

  • AC Knowledge Management Enterprise. This application is full of smart features that empower your Salesforce knowledge management inside your community;
  • AC Events Enterprise. It’s an event management component that is used for planning, managing, and running conferences, seminars, and other private or public events; You can even have student-powered events where students organize and create their own events on campus.
  • AC Payments & Donations is a payment management app that can help you easily set up and configure payments from community members and guests;  
  • AC eCommerce. This software solution is designed for nonprofits. It provides your Experience Cloud site with functionality to enable online sales of products & services;
  • AC Ideas Ultimate. This native to Salesforce experience lightning component is the best choice for sharing the brightest ideas and gathering users’ feedback; 

How can Advanced Communities Help?

We at Advanced Communities are always ready to provide you with the best Salesforce for universities solutions to empower your community, improve your management and help you solve educational challenges easily and fast. 
Just let us know if you need help with Salesforce Experience Cloud integration and implementation for your institution.

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