Here’s How Authoring Tools Can Help Anyone Develop World-Class Training Content

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Perhaps, we all have heard about how content is the most crucial part of any training program. Relevance and quality are two of the most significant aspects of Content that makes any training program useful. If your content is not up to the mark, you lose your employees’ attention and dissolve the purpose of the training program. 

Content has the capability to potentially impact the objectives of an organization as well as an employee when it is backed by innovation. Good-quality content will not only help you carry out your training sessions with success. It will also help employees upgrade their skills, enabling them to perform better on the job and reach business goals. 

To help you make your training effective and efficient, software companies developed a digital tool known as an authoring tool. This software program allows you to create learning content for your courses while using text, media, and interactions.   

This software is often accompanied by ready-to-use templates that are complete with the required tools, interactions, media, and tests. These are the tools that a user can customize as per their preferences. 

There are plenty of other benefits that various features of authoring tools bring with it. The eLearning authoring software comparison will help you figure out which software has the features that align best with your goals. 

In this article, learn about the characteristics that you should compare when picking an authoring tool to create world-class training content for your organization.

Features of Authoring Tools to Help You Develop Quality Training Content

Enable Authoring Content 

The main feature that every authoring tool should and does offer is developing content, lessons, and courses. An authoring tool would be effective for your training if it allows you to add and edit slides, record your screen, add or edit images, record narrative audio, allow you to animate your images/text, edit the background, or upload any other form of multimedia. These features will help you create a course that reflects your learner’s various senses, thus keeping them engaged and motivated to learn. 

Offers Interactive Tools

It is best to look for features of an authoring tool that allows your learners to interact with the content. Thus, make sure you invest in a tool that has interactive features available. These features will allow your learner to play an active role during the program. When an employee participates in the course by solving a problem or working on a scenario, it increases their retention and engagement. A few interactive features that authoring tools can provide are the ability to create custom games or activities, drag and drop features, pop-up, or more. 

Provides a Consistent Theme and Template 

Your authoring tool should be capable of offering consistency when it comes to the design and feel of your training program. Establishing a brand image during the course helps enhance your course’s credibility and consistent theme to keep you on the right design for your content. Your authoring tool should provide varied background themes, custom themes, customizable templates, the ability to import personal themes, and navigation player skin. 

Helps to Organize Content   

Managing your content is another important aspect to carry out your training effectively, and authoring tools enable you to do just that. It is important to look for an authoring tool that is capable of organizing your content and other media assets to keep your workflow seamless. If the content is organized, it will help you speed up the process of developing your eLearning course. 


Authoring tools are software programs that help you save time on your hands and create learning content that is effective and relevant. It is often advised to invest in an authoring tool with the features that fit best with your long-term business goals. Hence, explore and compare various tools when choosing the right one for your organization. 

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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