The Curse of Distracted Driving: 5 Advanced Driving Safety Software for Safe Driving

| Updated on March 27, 2024
Driving Safety Software for Safe Driving

Anytime you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you face risks. With other imperfect human beings driving on the road with you, not to mention the possibility of weather and road conditions and mechanical failure, incidents like collisions are always possible. For these, you must fortify your vehicle against accidents to avoid collision and have a safe drive.

You can minimize the risks of crashes and injuries by taking safety precautions and traveling responsibly. Unfortunately, you can’t control the actions of others. If you are injured in a car accident due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Despite this, technology is adapting to ensure driver’s safety. How? A whole category of safe driving apps exists, such as DriveMode, EverDrive, LifeSaver, TrueMotion Family, and many more.

Regardless, negligence at the wheel can be due to various factors. Distrait traveling is a progressively common cause. It generally falls into one of three categories: manual disturbances, visual diversions, and cognitive distractions. 

Three types of distracted driving and how to avoid them

The trio of distractions jeopardizing driver reflexes can have significant consequences. Understanding it and its implications can help you determine if it makes sense to pursue legal action if you are injured in a car accident.

Proving Negligence

To receive compensation for injuries in a car accident, you must prove that someone else caused the incident and the injuries that resulted. An at-fault party must be liable for the accident and wounds through negligence. 

Distracted traveling is a form of negligence. All drivers on the route have a duty to drive safely and look out for the safety and well-being of other motorists. You can avoid road accidents with following road safety measures and have a safe journey.

Do You Know?
More than 2 million individuals are involved in crashes every year.

When a driver takes his or her attention off the road by diverting it to other activities, that person breaches that duty of safety and is liable for the accident and its consequences. 

In a personal injury lawsuit involving a car crash, the plaintiff’s legal counsel will aim to prove the at-fault driver was deflected and that these distractions caused the accident.

Distracted Driving Statistics

Stats relating to texting or emailing when driving

Distracted driving is nothing to take lightly or dismiss. Serious accidents can occur, and significant injuries can follow. The Centers for Disease Control reports that nine people in the U.S. die each day in crashes that involve a distracted driver

In 2019 alone, 424,000 people were injured, and more than 3,100 died in an accident caused by a diverted driver. Fatalities rose to 3,522 by 2021. Drivers younger than 21 are more likely to be deflected than those over age 21. In the U.S., 48 states have banned texting when traveling.

Also checkout the wrongful death claims in motorcycles accidents to seek justice for your loved ones.

Manual Distractions

Manual distractions are instances where you take your hands off the steering wheel. Doing this severely limits the control when you are traveling. 

It can cause you to veer off the roadway, drift into the opposite lane of oncoming traffic, or be unable to maneuver the vehicle properly to avoid obstacles. 

Examples of manual disturbances include reaching for something in the vehicle, such as a phone or bag, smoking or vaping, or changing the radio station. Another common manual distraction is eating or drinking.

Visual Distractions

This type of diversion takes your eyes off the road. Though your hands may still be on the wheel, you don’t focus on what is happening in front and around you on the way. The consequences of these can be serious. 

For example, if you don’t watch the route, you may not see that cars in front of you are slowing or stopping. In this scenario, rear-end collisions can happen. You could also fail to see sharp curves, stop signs, red lights, or other obstacles. 

Visual distractions can be when you turn around in your seat to talk to someone or check on a child in the back. It might also be doing your makeup or checking your hair in the mirror.

Of course, one of the biggest culprits of all types of disturbance is texting or looking at your phone for other reasons. The United States Department of Transportation shares that sending a typical text message takes five seconds

During this time, with your eyes off the road, you would drive the length of a football field if you were operating 55 mph. Traveling this distance with the equivalent of having your eyes closed could result in horrific accidents.

Cognitive Distractions

What is cognitive distraction

It can be less evident to others but no less dangerous. These can take your attention off your task of driving. Something as simple as daydreaming or thinking deeply about some event from the day can be distracting. 

Even speaking with someone in the car can take your mind off driving and cause you to lose your focus on the road. Like other types, texting during traveling could fall into this category. 

Even if you manage to text with your eyes on the road and one hand on the wheel, your full attention will not be on operating safely.

Your Responsibilities to Avoid Distracting Driving

You cannot expect others to drive without diversions if you are unwilling to do the same. It’s vital to commit to following the guidelines for operating safely, including avoiding disturbances. Be an example to others in the car with you, including younger drivers. 

Set aside your phone so it is out of reach. Don’t eat when you drive. If you must do something to take your eyes off the route or hands off the wheel, pull over. Stress the importance of distraction-free driving to family and friends.

Regardless of fulfilling your responsibilities, individuals can take advantage of safe driving apps to minimize the risk of distracted driving.

Top 5 Safe Driving Apps You Must Consider

  1. DriveMode: This application is well-versed in simplifying how one manages calls and messages while traveling. At times, when your vehicle hits 15 mph, the application silences alerts, phone calls, and texts. It is available for both Android and iOS users for free.
  1. TextDrive: TextDrive is one of the most convenient applications for ensuring safety and avoiding distractions. It is simply an auto-responder and ping texts to those who try to call or text. Sadly, TextDrive is available for Android users only.
  1. LifeSaver: This app stays silent in the background. There is no need to wake it up as it automatically wakes up to deter disturbances for fleets. What’s more? It sends daily or weekly email reports, including violations. Both Android and iOS users can utilize its offerings for free. 
  1. EverDrive: EverDrive’s both Android and iOS versions evaluate the safest drivers if competing with family, friends, or neighbors by rating drivers on the basis of acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, and phone use.
  1. TrueMotion Family: A free family-oriented driving app (for both Android and iOS users) that grades the car trips of your family members on a 100-point scale. You can look at where your teen driver is, how they got there, and find out if they’re driving responsibly or not. 

Steps to Take if You are Injured by a Distracted Driver

It can cause serious injuries like broken bones, concussion, whiplash and other neck injuries, loss of limbs, burns, chest wounds, and paralysis. Death can also occur. 

If you are injured, or a loved one is injured or killed by a distrait driver, an experienced personal injury lawyer who focuses on car accidents can help. Your lawyer will investigate the accident by reviewing evidence, reading police reports, speaking with witnesses, and visiting the scene of the accident. 

Do You Know?
According to the research conducted by telematics and behavioral analytics company “Cambridge Mobile Telematics” reveals that distracted driving is rising more than 36% of trips across the United States. 

The lawyer will also look at any medical records to determine the severity of the wounds. If you are successful in your case, you could receive compensation to pay for medical bills and any lost wages.

It is serious and can cause severe accidents and injuries. You should avoid disturbances when driving at all costs. If you are a victim of someone else’s negligence and distracted driving, legal action might make sense.

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