The Complete Guide to Designing Stunning Presentations with Free Google Slides Templates

| Updated on May 2, 2024

In the corporate world, slide presentations are frequently used to promote products, explain strategy, and visually display data.

Google Slides is one of the most powerful presenting tools. It comes with your Gmail account, which is cloud-connected and free to use. If you don’t already have one, you may quickly sign up for this one.

In this article, we have mentioned eight guidelines for using Google Slides templates to make a spectacular presentation that will captivate your audience: 

Plan Out Your Presentation

One of the most crucial steps you can do while preparing a Google Slides presentation is planning. Hence, business owners need to pay more attention to this particular detail while planning out their presentations. 

The goal or purpose of your presentation should be thoroughly considered as part of your planning. Researching to learn everything you can about the target audience would be best. You need to know who or what your target audience is to efficiently communicate with them.

Choose the Best Google Slide Template

Today, presentation templates are of great help to presenters in making their views or ideologies clear to the audience. Putting everyone on the same page helps not only the speaker but also the audience. Make your presentation more attractive by using images, music, and videos to help draw in and engage your clientele efficiently.

Utilizing Google Slides Templates in your presentation guarantees that your data is presented logically and succinctly, allowing the audience to focus on the information as needed. You can display the facts in a much more practical way using charts and graphs in them. 

The subject matter should determine your presentation’s structure. The box that holds your content and the title box are referred to as the ‘slide’s layout.’

Every slide in your presentation can be customized to the subheading you have chosen if you are keen to segment it into smaller sections. Remember that the slide’s design shouldn’t detract from its information. In other words, the information on your slide should be easily readable by the audience.

Make Readable Slides

Always consider how to make a Google Slides presentation that is simple to read. Keep in mind that if you are speaking in a big room, audiences will find it challenging to follow cluttered slides and small typography.

Choosing clear layouts with large text and lots of white space pays off. 

Once done with that, make sure that you put your slides in the correct order. You can start with sorting the slide as a draft first. You can even use a slide sorter to confirm the structure of your presentation. The slide sprinter will help you identify the right structure of your slide and will even make it easier for you to re-arrange the slides in case any changes are required. 

Use Colors Associated with Your Brand

How to create a quality slideshow? The use of your brand colors is a fantastic strategy. Your deck becomes more distinctive and memorable. A color is a standard tool for presenters to convey their brand. 

The tone of a presentation is set by color. The room is energized by a presentation that is brilliant red. Cool hues promote calmness and relaxation.

If you are confused about deciding on what color should you include in your content, use the color wheel. Simply insert the picture of a color wheel:

  • The opposite colors present in the wheel are complementary to each other as they create contrast. This can enhance the readability of your texts, hence, it lets your user catch the most important element of your content that you want them to see. 
  • On the contrary, the colors that are next to each other are harmonious, if you want to make your presentation more unified, you should use those colors as they are more analogous. 

Colors also enhance content. The likelihood that the audience will hear, see and comprehend the message is increased by selecting a color scheme that makes the information easier to read.

Pick the Best Layouts

You may occasionally realize that your audience is not paying attention to you when you are presenting. Choosing captivating layouts for your business presentation for 2023 is one of the best strategies to combat this.

You can convey your message more effectively by using attention-grabbing layouts. This promotes your success. Additionally, it keeps others content by providing them with exciting things to see.

Crop and Customize Your Images

After locating a reliable source for high-quality images or creating your own, you can use the cropping tool to draw attention to essential portions of an image or graphic.

By shaping your photographs into a form, like cropping an image’s edges, eliminating extraneous elements, or adding a unified design (masking), your presentation can become more engaging, interesting, and creative.

Use Your Fonts Most Ingeniously

Fonts are significant because they impact how readers perceive your written material. You can connect with your viewers using text. This goes both ways.

You won’t be able to communicate with your audience if a typeface is hard to read. The correct typeface will draw your audience in. Fonts can also be used to convey emotion or mood to an audience.

It’s a fact that generic fonts are becoming monotonous. Custom typefaces are helpful in this situation. These enhance the visual appeal of any PowerPoint deck.

You can use other inventive techniques to make your text stand out parallel to adjust the font style, size, and color. Additionally, you can make your typefaces to use in your project.

Use Illustrations for Your Data

Words are essential, but you also need to consider how to make an interesting Google Slides presentation. You can accomplish it with infographics. 

Infographics depict procedures, timetables, and other things. Additionally, they are effortless to construct thanks to Free Google Slides templates available on various free platforms. You need to replace the placeholder text and visuals, and you’re done.

Make sure that you select the data that is the most relevant to your design and the depiction that you have presented in your slides, here’s how-

  • Use horizontal lines and charts to give a clearer image of your data and the information you are providing. 
  • If you are using vertical charts, make sure that they are used whole displaying changes and quantities so that it’s more understandable. 
  • If you are using pie charts in your content, do keep in mind that they are used for highlighting percentages or ratios of a particular data, and they can have a maximum of six segments in it. 
  • The line charts are for depicting trends. 
  • If you have mentioned some comparisons, present them in tabular form so it’s more eye-catching. Tables are also used for quantitative data but here, charts can be better as they are more understandable and there you can even emphasize the most significant part. 

Wrapping Up

A polished Google Slides presentation is easy to build. Just apply the specific instructions as you read them in this tutorial.

Utilizing a Google Slides template is strongly advised. Creating a professional slideshow with expertly designed Google Slides Templates is much simpler than you thought.

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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