• 4 Perfect Presents on a Student Budget

    | Updated on July 7, 2023

    It can be hard to find the money for a present as a student when you have rent, bills, travel, course books (and the occasional night out) amongst other costs. While you may not be able to buy a family member or a loved one an expensive gift at Christmas or for their birthday, some student budget-friendly gift ideas are worth considering that will show that you care. 

    1. Pamper Box

    A pamper box filled with affordable but thoughtful goodies can be a great gift idea for a student. You can use a cardboard box or paper gift bag and fill these with self-care goodies, such as soaps, creams, candles, chocolate, and anything else that the recipient might enjoy. Pamper boxes like this will always be appreciated and will come in useful but do not have to cost a fortune.

    2. Blue-ray

    In a time of streaming, there is something special about blue-rays and DVDs that will give the recipient a tangible item with artwork and more. You might be able to find a limited edition Blu-ray of their favorite film which could be a great gift idea, especially if you then watch the film together. 

    3. Homemade Food

    Nothing shows love quite like homemade food, which can be a thoughtful personalized gift and perfect for a student not looking to spend much. There are all kinds of things that you could make for a loved one, including a cake, cookies, mulled wine, jam and chutney just as a few examples. 

    4. Books

    Books are always a good gift idea and you can usually find them for affordable prices online or at your local bookshop. As an avid reader myself, the one thing I love is stamping my books with custom self inking book stamps. In a time where people spend so much of their life looking at a screen, something is calming and therapeutic about getting stuck into a good book. The key is to find a book that the recipient will appreciate and enjoy reading, so you should consider their interests and the kind of stories that they enjoy. You could then write a note on the inside to make it that little bit more special.

    Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for gifts that you can give to loved ones when you are on a tight student budget. Christmas and birthdays can be difficult to manage, but it is the thought that counts, and these are all affordable ideas that can show that you care about a loved one.

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