How to Get Through 35 Hours of Project Management Education Before You Apply for PMP Certification?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The PMP certification Delhi comes with various kinds of prerequisites and the most important one includes the 35 contact hours of project management. It is kind of the most important one for anyone to appear for the examination. The people need to have a clear-cut idea about several kinds of aspects associated with this point so that one can clear this particular type of eligibility very easily and can appear for the examination for the pmp certification.

Following are some of the points to be taken into consideration by the people:

  • The people need to have an idea about contact hours and professional development units: One of the most tomorrow things to be taken into consideration by the people is to have a clear-cut idea about the contact hours and the professional development units so that one can complete the 35 contact hours eligibility. The project management paper includes 60 PDU after every three years to keep the certification active. It is very important for the people to never collect the PDU before they are PMP because initially, they need contact hours, not the PDU.
  • It is important to obtain 35 hours of project management education only: Nowadays it has become very easy to fulfill the 35 hours criteria because of the advancements in technology and people can receive the contact hours from PMI registered institution education provided very well. The PMP credentials handbook will also state that people can receive contact hours from various kinds of training providers. The distance learning companies are also very much relevant in this particular field and the people need to be prepared for the test so that they can obtain 35 hours very easily.
  • The people need to have a clear-cut idea about the project management training: The training which the people have received in the past going through the past training records is very much important for the people so that they can have a proper experience of the educational institutions and can plan the things perfectly. The people need to have a clear-cut idea about the written proof of all the courses and one should never stop at 35 hours criteria. One must always go up to the best possible limits and ensure that the application has to be audited so that one gets good proof and also buffer stock.

It is important to check the listings of the local community college, see if the employer is offering the project management-related seminar or not. It is important to contact the local project management institute chapter because most of the chapters also provide weekend seminars which will be counted in this particular point. Considering the project management professional workshop offered by a commercial training company is further very important and one can also ask the team employers about reimbursement in this field.

Hence, in all the cases where the individuals are unable to fulfill 35 hours criteria then attending the PMP workshop is the best possible option because one will be able to get the hours as well as prepare for the examination simultaneously. Hence, the PMP online course-related guidelines must be followed by the people to fulfill the eligibility and appear for the examination.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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