Features and Functionalities of a PPM Software

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Technology is necessary for project managers to properly manage a variety of projects, resource allocations, and portfolios. By simplifying procedures and increasing overall effectiveness, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software meets this demand and enables you to complete projects on time and under budget.

PPM software includes a wide range of functions and features that are all designed to simplify your life, from managing your budget and tracking progress to encouraging collaboration among stakeholders.

We’ll go over some of the key advantages, characteristics, and capabilities of utilizing a PPM solution at work in this article.

What is Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software?

PPM serves as a centralized system to manage the processes, methods, and resources used to find and choose the projects that will benefit a firm the most.

Making sure a business receives the best return on its project investments is the aim of project portfolio management (PPM). PPM software makes it easy to manage all aspects of the project portfolio lifecycle, from conception and screening through prioritizing, planning, execution, and delivery.

Features and Operations of PPM Software.

Resource Planning

Resource planning is a common component of project management software. Because of this, you can efficiently manage your resources and assign assignments according to who is available. You can ensure that your project has the right employees by doing this, which will eventually save time and money.

Tracking Financial Data

Most PPM software packages include some type of financial tracking capability. We urge managers to look for this feature when selecting a PPM solution since it enables them to monitor both the overall budget and the actual spending on each project. This information is also helpful for making informed decisions about prospective efforts.

However, they typically include other beneficial components, such as reports that are explicit about how much money is spent.

Ability to create and manage budgets for different activities

a computer system that is connected to your accounting software

Project Selection & Pipeline Management

As you begin a new project, assignments are issued to you and your team members. With task management software, you may keep an eye on these assignments as they progress. You will be able to see how each task is developing, who is working on it, and what has to be finished as a result.

By employing task management, you can make sure that all of your tasks are finished on time and that your team remains motivated. And if you notice a team member falling behind, they may require assistance or training.

Tracking Time

You cannot only focus on one task. You must provide a certain time for each. If your PPM software has a time-tracking feature, you can additionally keep track of how much time is spent on each project and activity. This generates reports that evaluate team performance and point out areas where efficiency may be increased.

Risk Evaluation

AN examination of a project’s risk sensitivity must go along with any assessment of its potential value and return. The determination of the portfolio’s overall confidence levels may then be based on the evaluation of the risk available in each project. Platforms for project portfolio management solutions frequently feature sophisticated tools to help decision-makers create the best risk reduction or risk response plans. 

They also frequently include automated methods for assessing contingencies. Additionally, analyzing risk at the beginning of the project cycle, PPM solutions enable portfolio managers to review risk during execution to consider the multiple modifications or issues that may have altered a project’s risk profile.


Teamwork and excellent communication are essential when working on a project. Using PPM software with a collaboration feature can help team members communicate and work together more successfully on projects. Here are a few of its qualities:

  • In chat rooms, teams may communicate in real time regarding the project.
  • Team members can post messages and project-related information on message boards.
  • File sharing enables team members to quickly exchange project-related information, including papers, pictures, and videos.

Analytics and Reporting

To help users monitor project progress, spot issues and risks, and make better project-related decisions, PPM software offers project dashboards, reports, charts, and graphs. Project dashboards offer a thorough picture of all project data in one place, including progress, milestones, tasks, and resources. 

Reports provide for a more thorough review of the data to better understand the state of the project. Users can more quickly spot trends or patterns because to charts’ easy-to-understand data presentation.

Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

Using the benefits of project portfolio management, businesses can plan out every aspect of their project to get the best results. The main advantages of project portfolio management are as follows:

Enables Alignment of Project Objectives with Corporate Targets.

Uncertain goals are the main reason projects fail, according to a PMI poll. Project portfolio management puts the organization first and fosters open and honest communication within the team.

Eliminates Bias from Project Planning, that is Personal

Subjectivity in project planning is eliminated when PPM focuses on prioritizing projects based on their inherent risk, organizational goals, resource availability, and talent availability. Many qualitative and quantitative approaches, such as scoring systems and ranking models, are used to choose projects.

Strives to Take a Holistic Approach

Project teams may get so preoccupied with execution that they lose sight of the bigger goal. By pursuing trends, they overwork their workers and fall short on their strategic goals. As teams manage their project portfolios, they only prioritize and complete activities that provide value.

What Kind of Companies and Industries Could Benefit from PPM?

Each industry that is engaged in a number of projects at once can benefit from the discipline of project portfolio management. Naturally, there are a lot of companies and organizations listed there. Several different companies and organizations employ project portfolio management, including:

  • IT computer software
  • Facilities for providing medical care
  • Businesses such as banking, finance, and nonprofits; hiring for services and staff in the construction industry
  • Telecommunications Insurance
  • Governmental departments

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