The Command Center: How FSM Software Transforms Facility Management

| Updated on February 14, 2024
 FSM software

Facility management units are specialized arrangements to manage important assets and property or maintain them. 

It involves typical tasks like running maintenance checks, ensuring the proper functioning of stored inventory, the safety of stored valuable items, and more.

Since the operations are multidisciplinary in nature, multiple teams may be required to handle work. 

In this article, we will get to know how you can reduce manpower requirements and still handle facilities remotely with the help of FSM software.

What is Property Management Software?

Property management software helps digitize various operations that take place in asset management and preventive maintenance. 

These tools are very useful for field service operators, construction companies, real estate owners, property managers, and alike.

Building a facility involves costs, and it may be used to store expensive goods. Having a dedicated software or property management tool helps overcome the below challenges:

  • Reduces downtime for equipment which are used on a regular basis. Equipment failure can easily scale to more problems for the overall field service operation.
  • Helps reduce the manpower required for maintenance scheduling, remotely operate equipment, place security to remotely monitor materials, and more.
  • Provides visibility on asset management by handling preventative maintenance care schedules, placing equipment or material orders as per demand, ensuring best inventory management practices, and more.
  • By knowing the assets and resources available – it is possible to better allocate them as required on a real-time basis. 

According to Verizon Connect, 62% of companies that implemented FSM software saw improved customer service. Other goals achieved include improved compliance (54%), improved routing (50%), improved productivity (49%), and improved vehicle maintenance (41%).

Features of Property Management Software

When choosing a property management software vendor, check for below ten features below:

  1. Manage lease: helps store documents digitally to ensure you do not lose your signed lease agreements and maintain sufficient proof as per agreed terms.
  2. Collect rent: this will include digital payment features to collect rent from customers for the facility management services.
  3. Property marketing: will provide features to run marketing campaigns to promote your asset management services to the target audience.
  4. Generate reports: analyze data, get insights on your asset management operations, and create reports on financial performance, workforce productivity, occupancy rates, storage times, and more.
  5. Mobile access: having a mobile app on Android or iOS helps keep track of goods delivered and sent remotely. It also helps workers connect with management immediately as required.
  6. Manage documentation: choose software that includes features to read, share, edit, or capture documents across images, text, PDFs, etc. This helps workers and customers access important documents when required digitally.
  7. Dashboard: having a portal or dashboard helps gain required visibility on the operations. You can immediately track emergency cases, respond to them, communicate with workers remotely, and much more.
  8. Manage job orders: it is possible to remotely manage work orders, assign workers tasks, and ensure their execution, especially for preventive maintenance tasks.
  9. Manage finances: track and manage staff payrolls, expenses on equipment and security, analyze income sources, discuss reports, etc.
  10. Store customer information: keep records of tenant information and their activities, analyze customer data for planning marketing campaigns, put more effort into services in demand, and more.

Why Use Field Service Management Software for Facility Management?

It is a dedicated tool with features to take care of various field service operations like managing customers, billing, scheduling, dispatching of workers, etc. This includes property and asset management activities too.

By having comprehensive field management software which includes asset management features, you can share data and ensure business continuity. You do not need to shift from one software to another just for invoicing or managing customer relationships.

For example, it is possible to track the location of asset delivery in the same dashboard where the work order assignment is being managed. This helps share data and also ensures safety for both the asset being delivered and the field service worker. Managers can make quick decisions and get a complete picture of the overall operation rather than having data in silos.

Global Field Service Management Software Market Size 2020-2024

The field service management software market is set to grow by USD 3.43 billion, accelerating at a CAGR of over 17%, during the period spanning 2020-2024.

About 32% of the market’s growth will originate from APAC during the forecast period. 

The increasing demand for SaaS-based FSM solutions is a significant trend that will further stimulate market growth

Getting Your Facility Management Updated For Business Growth

As a facility management business owner, there are many things that you can do to stay competitive and keep your business growing.

FSM software can remove any redundancies and also optimize the efficiency of a tech and help achieve ROI.

The main benefits of FSM are:

  • Automating the Scheduling Process
  • Sending the Right Staff to the Right Job
  • Keep Track of Assets
  • Ensuring Staff Use the Right Tools and Equipment for the Job
  • Automated Contract Management
  • Keeping Track of Deadlines and Payments
  • Automated Invoicing and Estimating
  • Fewer Errors Due to Automation
  • Real-time alerts and Notifications.

Get Started With Integrated Facility Management Software Today

Zuper is a field service management solutions provider that is enabled with the latest technology like AI and GPS for comprehensive field service management. 

Book a demo today to learn how our asset management solutions can help you reduce expenses and derive business visibility.


The field of service management is pretty much a must for any facility management business. It gives business owners a lot of advantages that can help a lot.

FSM software can help in keeping track of the status of jobs and their availability, and reduce time and costs in managing labor.

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