Top 10 Freelance Marketplace to Start your Online Career

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The freelance marketplace is a platform where people with different qualities and skills come to find work and get payments. It has totally transformed the way people live, and certainly made it easier. The freelance marketplace has grown dramatically over the years. It is expected that around 2030 almost 80% of the workforce will be working online. Among many growing marketplaces, some have made their way to the top. These platforms have been a great opportunity for both employers and individuals for the last few years. Some notable freelance marketplaces that would be great to start online careers are:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that has been providing employers great talents for their projects for about 10 years. It offered services to individuals from employers all around the world.  Fiverr does a screening in three different stages; through these stages, the service sellers find out who will be suitable for their job. These stages help the business to specify their needs and hire the right person for them. Fiverr is well known for its provision of total transparency. In this platform, every freelancers’ profile and reviews can be seen. Fiverr makes it very easy for the employers to hunt the right freelancer and provide any product or service for a very minimal amount starting from $5 along with good Fiverr Reviews. It is a very easy platform for freelancers as all they need to do is post about the services they want to offer and a sample of their work. The common services provided by Fiverr include contract writing, logo designing, and hiring a virtual assistant.

2. Upwork:

It is a cloud-based global freelance platform which was known as Elance-oDesk. Upwork is one of the largest workplace sites that has the biggest coverage and the largest pool of freelancers and service sellers. Both freelancers and entrepreneurs can provide their rates that would attract their audience. Upwork provides a strong search engine with the number of filters to screen the perfect match for every need. Upwork has a strong security check which they do to ensure their users are protected from all kinds of scams and potential frauds. The application has a strong policy that helps them eliminate fake employers or employees to protect the integrity of the site. This platform has some specific features that help businesses and an individual employer to find out the best talent in no time. It also lets employers set up interviews with the freelancers so that they can find out the right candidate.

3. Toptal:

Toptal is another freelance marketplace that has built a network of developers, designers, and financial experts. This platform’s Recruitment process is much easier than the other freelance marketplaces. When businesses use the platform, they can easily find the specific talent they are looking for. Toptal makes a pool of workers who are among the best 3% in every field, so they are highly qualified and fluent in English hence communication becomes much easier. In this platform, businesses are guaranteed that they are in the most cost-effective hiring crowdsourcing platform. Toptal allows the company to provide the service to get the freelancer work for them for a small free trial. Once the company becomes fully satisfied with the freelancers to work, they can add them to their team. Toptal has a strong screening process that they do to ensure the companies have the best talent pool and for that they screen the freelancers according to their personalities, skill sets, and knowledge.

4. Freelancers:

Freelancer is a freelance marketplace used by people all over the world, over 25 million people use this platform to provide services. This application provides a vast range of jobs like data entry, website design, social media marketing, etc. The companies or individuals looking for these services will surely find the right person. Freelancers also have a well-performing mobile app that helps in good communication among employers and employees. This application also ensures that their job posters are protected. The search engine is strong and easy, which helps narrow down the search for freelancers. Freelancers have the feature that allows the employers to set milestones that freelancers have to read before they are able to receive any payment that ensures the work is provided in due time.  Freelancers also have the strongest platform for protected transactions, all card payments, and electronic payments so that no fraudulent activities take place.

5. Guru:

Guru is a freelance platform for individual professionals from all over the world. It has about 8 categories of services that they provide and categorize all the freelancers in these categories to let employers find out their preferred needs. It’s a very user-friendly application that helps employers to hire a freelancer or post a job or receive a job proposal straight from the homepage. In this platform, large businesses can manage a big pool of talents with the platform’s enterprise solutions. This makes the hiring and managing process much less difficult. Guru takes a minimal fee for processing payment on the website. Employers can also choose their method of payments outside of electronic or card payments as they also accept payments through wire transfers, in web cash funds, and many other ways.

6. PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour is a freelance crowdsource composed of experts in specific fields.  It allows a business to hire a freelancer from a part of the world. In PPH all types of companies can search for talents globally i.e. they can hire an expert from any part of the work for their project. This freelance marketplace provides enterprise solutions to big companies, this allows them to protect the talent they are looking for in their company and achieve a competitive advantage in their industry. This platform offers jobs to every part of the world, which helps them build strong and a versatile global talent pool. In PPH the freelancers do not only put up a profile and work sample, but they also have to ensure that they are well qualified and professionals.

7. 99designs:

99designs is one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace that provides designs online. It connects designers and businesses from all over the world and allows them to build their own portfolios. This platform has been working since 1998 where a global pool of talents, freelancers from different parts of the world connect with employers. This website provides different services like logo designing, making business cards, t-shirt designing, website building, and many more. This platform builds a strong relationship between the employee and employers by providing 24 hours of client support. All the payments in 99designs are well secured and protected by the application. This platform has some very strong features which help them retain clients and freelancers, among which are, unlimited design storage. The designs created by the freelancers can be stored on the website that will work as a portfolio, which helps clients to choose the right person for their job. Another feature of the application is that the client can own their copyright over the design.

8. Project4hire:

Project4Hire is a freelance marketplace where freelancers can sell their expertise and companies can post job positions or projects. It is a growing crowdsourcing website that is still building its community. This website has its own attributes like receiving 5% of the user’s earnings. In this job searching website, users have to create a profile before browsing for jobs. During registration, this platform classifies every user as a client or a freelancer, the same account cannot be used to do both at the same time. P4H is basically a traditional job portal where clients post jobs and freelancers can apply, it supports remote job opportunities that can be done using the internet. Web designing, graphic arts, writing, programming, translation are a few job categories that can be seen on this platform. This website also has a feature called the job board where relevant assignments can be found. Job posting on this website is relatively easy and searching for a specific task is also made easy by the website by its different search features.

9. Indeed:

Indeed is a global vertical job search engine, a single-topic one. It has been working for 15 years and is available in 60 countries and 28 languages. It has crossed most other job search engines and became the highest-traffic job website. This website basically collects job postings from all other websites, staffing firms, company career pages, job boards, associations, etc. They feature premium job postings and resume features to different companies and employers, and generate money through it. In recent years this freelance marketplace started to allow job seekers to apply directly to a job posting on its website. Indeed, also offers its users to post resumes and provides storage.

10. SimplyHired:

SimplyHired is a freelance marketplace for employment, which provides different services including job search, custom profiles, resume upload, email alerts, and company directory, job search advice, etc. This website is basically an online recruitment agency, which also performs through a mobile application. Simply Hired is an American based company which started its journey in 2003. This platform publishes job postings from other websites and job boards and advertises it to its own website and mobile application. Job seekers can look for their desired jobs by using their highly functioning search engine, by filtering keywords and location employees can find suitable for themselves. Employers can have premium postings on the website by advertisements. Check more Freelance Marketplace at

Freelance marketplace will become a major employment option in the near future. In this highly connected globalized world, people can now work from any corner of the world. This platform has given people the scope to ditch the conventional 9-5-time frame and choose their own preferred time to work. Previously these marketplaces were considered to be the side gigs, but with the wide range of benefits they are providing, like the access to talent from anywhere, cost efficiency, work-life balance, these marketplaces are becoming the main source of income for a good portion of people.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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