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| Updated on March 21, 2024

Why do you need an online scheduler and how to learn how to manage your time using a simple mobile application?

From the flow of information every day, the head is spinning. We are bombarded with so much news that important things can simply get lost among them. There is only one solution to this problem – to introduce planning into your life. Namely, increase productivity, perform more tasks than usual and at the same time be less nervous, and be in harmony with yourself.

Sounds unrealistic and cool? In fact, it is more than real. Believe me, even the most successful and productive people are lazy and suffer from indiscipline, but they know how to pull themselves together and properly organize their day. With a planner. We tell you why it is vital for you.

To-do List or Calendar?

There is a theory that to-do lists don’t work well, and it would be better to use reminder calendars instead. The arguments are:

  1. Our whole life is subject to time. Bills have to be paid on specific days, the dentist has an appointment on Thursday at 19:00, going to the gym takes three hours three times a week, the taxi app shows the time the car arrives, and so on.
  1. Such planning helps to form habits. The idea is to add to the calendar not only work meetings and calls but also everything for which there is always not enough time: English classes, reading books for 30 minutes a day, calls to parents, training courses (which you bought half a year ago and which are still gathering dust somewhere on the link). If all the windows are planned in the calendar, then this increases the likelihood of introducing some important things into a habit. Are you used to the fact that the new series of “Friends” came out at a specific time and waited for them? So here too!
  1. To-do lists are not limited in time, and there are only 24 hours in the calendar schedule. You have to somehow cram things in, set priorities, and scatter tasks on a calendar grid for a week and a month. This takes away the illusion that hundreds of things can be done in a day (and at the same time it takes away disappointments, worries, and remorse that this did not happen).

And they also scold the to-do lists for the fact that people, looking at them, often start with easy tasks, but they never reach the difficult ones – and they crawl away to the magical “tomorrow”, and progress in really important things not come like that. But the appearance of super-productivity is created.

But wait, what’s stopping you from adding dates and times to your to-do list? Nothing. Like nothing prevents adding priorities to tasks. And in general, nothing prevents you from using the ABCDE method from Brian Tracy:

  • Group A: 1-3 tasks on the list that need to be done no matter what. They can be prioritized by adding numbers: A1, A2, and A3.
  • Group B: this is where tasks that are not as important as those in Group A, but would be nice to do (they have some negative consequences if they are not done, and benefits if they are done) will go here.
  • Group C: not very important tasks that have little impact on the achievement of global goals. Easy, high, but optional.
  • Group D: tasks that can be delegated – other people will do them cheaper, better, or faster.
  • Group E: tasks that you can not do at all (and the world will not collapse, and no one will get hurt).

But before sorting the tasks in the list somehow, it would be nice to create them first. But which application is the most convenient and fastest you can do it – now let’s find out.

Task Planner and Best Daily Schedule Online

The ability to manage your time is an important skill for a successful person. According to the Pareto law, 80% of successful results come from only 20% of actions. Everything else is a routine that does not benefit and takes a lot of time. But how do we figure out which activities really help us achieve success, and how can we learn to pay more attention to them?

Bordio is a free daily planner that will help you streamline all your tasks and find a balance between work, home, and personal interests. Use it to create to-do lists, manage projects, set reminders, and take notes. Daily planner, calendar, and to-do list in a single app – that’s all Bordio!

Check all of your activities and upcoming events within one board, as well as schedule them for specific days on your calendar, place them in the correct order, and categorize them as completed as they are completed.

Consider a digital scheduler where your tasks are represented by cards that you may slide around the board while setting different colors, due terms, and estimated times.

With Bordio, your activities and events are combined in one location, unlike other task list lists that just display activities and calendars that only display events. You can handle your everyday tasks without switching between other apps. A final to-do agenda for each day may be made here.

You can place a new task on a waiting list if you haven’t decided when you’ll start working on it. The waiting list is a backlog of things to do someday. Any card can be added to the calendar at any moment by opening it. Most crucial, keep in mind to sometimes check your waiting list.

Bordio maintains device synchronization across all platforms of your choice. Both a web application and a mobile application are available for Bordio. When you’re away from the office, you may use the Bordio mobile app in addition to your web browser at work.

️ How to Increase Productivity with Bordio Planner?

  • Put all of your activities and responsibilities in a single daily calendar. You won’t be able to effectively manage your activities if they are dispersed among several tools and calendars.
  • Make it a habit to record each incoming task in Bordio. The waiting list was created with this objective in mind.
  • Plan weekly planning meetings for either Sunday or Friday. Review your waiting list and schedule your activities for the coming week.
  • To know what to do first, second, third, etc., arrange all the tasks in the proper sequence.
  • Check your to-do list first thing in the morning. If required, change this.
  • Don’t go on to anything else until you’ve finished the first item on your list that you started working on. Avoid opening any emails or responding to any messages.
  • When working on a significant assignment, activate the “don’t interfere” mode.
  • Between major jobs, go for a walk and drink some water.
  • At the conclusion of the day, evaluate your progress and make plans for the next day.


You can learn how to manage your time with the help of an online scheduler. And Bordio is perfect for that! It will help you set goals correctly, find time thieves, plan difficult and unloved things, and set priorities correctly. It will become your faithful companion and friend. Just trust it and you won’t regret it!

Khushboo Chhibber

Senior Web Writer and Video Creator

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