10 Best Flashcard Apps to Improve Memory

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Studying is hectic and mostly boring, but flashcard apps can amp up your studying. Flashcard apps are a fun and effective way of studying, it helps you create small flashcards for the subject of your choice, which helps you memorize in a shorter period and in a much less boring, and more fun way. 

This is one of the most popular ways of studying in this fast-paced, digitized 21st century. Flashcards are designed with short interval repetition to memorize the newly acquired information. The following list has brought you the 10 best Flashcard Apps to improve your memory.

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Tinycards – Flashcards by Duolingo

Tinycards by Duolingo was a flashcard application that was discontinued in 2020. This app allowed the users to create flashcards using the words that they learned in Duolingo, whatever language they took classes of.

 Also, it was offline(which is a great feature) and you could also learn about countries, constellations, history, etc on this app. Tinycards were free with paid features.


Quizlet is an effective learning app for students. This interactive app allows you to create your flashcards, Share them with your friends, and search and review countless flashcards on its search board. Besides, it has the amazing Quizlet Image Library which allows you to add photos to your flashcards and search for whatever photo you need. It’s completely free to use with paid upgrades.

Flashcards+ by Chegg

Flashcards+ is an advanced educational app that allows students to create the flashcards of their choice. Besides, it has features to help with exam prep, a homework guide, videos and notes to understand a certain topic, and a center to learn and practice writing skills! This is an effective app for students to help not only with their studies but also with skill development. And this app is free for use.


StudyBlue was one of the leading flashcards apps, it was bought by Chegg.Inc in 2018. Studyblue is basically for high school and college students meaning the ones in and aiming for higher studies. It allows the students to make their flashcards, participate in online quizzes and classes, and upload study materials. StudyBlue starts at $3 per month.

Flashcards with Cram

Cram Flashcards started way back in 2001 and its users have created over 195 million flashcards so far which you can easily access at any time. Cram allows the users to create flashcards, and share/ store them. Cram has categorized subjects and exams for you to find the flashcards that are effective for you. It has both free and paid features, but most of the features are for free.

AnkiApp Flashcards

“Anki” is the Japanese word for memorization. This uses Spaced Repetition method from Cognitive Science long-time, effective memorizing. Anki is free and open-sourced and one of the most effective apps for memorizing out there. You can customize your flashcards with countless different options and Anki add-ons. Anki is free for most of the operating systems, except for iOS which is $24.99.

Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

Brainscape Flashcards is another application that uses Spaced Repetition method for effective learning. Brainscape claims to be the most effective learning app ou there, it has features to create and find flashcards for different subjects and exams. Besides, it is not only for students but also for companies and office employees. It’s free but with premium features, it’s $4 a month.

Flashcards Deluxe

Flashcards Deluxe is a study app with over 10,000 flashcards on storage, to create personalized flashcards, a two-way study method with audio, and good backup features. This is as much popular as the other apps on the list but is surely very effective. Flashcards Deluxe has integrated with Quizlet.com. It has a free Lite version and a paid version with zero restrictions.

AnkiMobile Flashcards

AnkiMobile Flashcards is the Mobile companion for Anki Flashcards and has the same features and payment as the Anki Flashcards. AnkiMobile is only available on Android 4.0+ It’s a free-sourced, powerful, and intelligent Flashcards application. It helps you memorize names, faces, long poems, geographical Infos, and even guitar chords. The iOS version is just as effective but it’s just paid.

Flashcards Maker

This is an easy, non-complicated app for making flashcards. It’s mainly targeted at students who are targeting major exams like PSAT, ACT, GRE, etc. Besides, it is great for preparing homework and assignments. It’s only available for iPhones, iPad, and Macbooks. Flashcards Maker is completely free for use, without requiring any in-app purchases of any sort. 

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Now you know about some of the best Flashcard apps out there to help you strengthen your memory and for your easy memorizing. 

These apps are surely going to help you with your academic and professional life, these are simply designed to be your helping hand and your smart companion. 

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