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| Updated on February 26, 2024

Of course, there is no question that sunglasses are fashionable. Whether you wear them to enhance your look or as optical sunglasses for precise vision in the sunshine, sunglasses are also good for eye health as they protect against UV radiation in everyday life.

Glare effects are ruled out with dark glasses. The glasses protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation and they’re not only available on bright, bright summer days. UV rays take a break, neither in spring nor in autumn. They don’t know about hibernation either. In this article, we’ll explain why UV protection is so important. For double security, you definitely need the right anti-glare protection.

If you don’t wear sunglasses, you could actually just hold your hand in front of your eyes as an alternative. However, because this is a bit impractical, does not protect against the negative aspects and because sunglasses are simply too beautiful not to wear, there is optimal glare protection in the form of the lenses. This absorbs the visible light that hits the eyes. Or would if we weren’t wearing our sunglasses. These days, Gucci sunglasses are very popular in the US as they come with luxury design and high-quality material. People love to wear them to maintain their elegant lifestyle. You may check more details and can order Gucci sunglasses from

With darker lenses, the glare protection is higher, with light lenses less, for example with normal optical glasses.

Polarizing Filter

The rays have a disruptive effect if the eye is dazzled by the visible light component or light reflections. Polarization filters absorb reflections from wet or shimmering streets and water surfaces and prevent dangerous moments of blind flight. Tint levels from 0 to 4 determine the glare protection. The darker the lens, the less light penetrates. All-rounders are brown glasses with glare protection levels 2 to 3. Self-tinting glasses adapt to the respective light conditions. If the sun is shining intensely, the glasses get darker, the sky becomes cloudy and they brighten.

To assess the glare protection precisely, it is divided into filter categories.

Best View in Every Situation

The different categories are simply explained as you see. If you are still unsure which category would be best for you, here is a brief overview:

In Everyday Life on a City Trip

The city becomes your catwalk. Your glasses should look super modern and extravagant. You love fashion, you like it individually and of course, you choose your sunglasses to match your outfit. You also need the necessary protection against UV radiation.

Our Recommendation

  • Light intensity: medium to high
  • Filter category: 0 to 3, depending on the city and light intensity
  • Glare protection: 0 to 92% depending on the amount of sunlight
  • Optical sunglasses that perfectly match your glasses. Colored lenses, precisely tailored to your glasses. Self-tinting sunglass lenses for comfort.

While Driving

You drive after the sun. Those who drive a lot want to see everything. That is why your visual comfort is just as important to us as part of your safety. With your glasses, you won’t miss anything on the street and they also increase your concentration. Of course, your glasses also protect you 100% from UV rays.

Our Recommendation

  • Light intensity: medium to high
  • Filter category: 2 to 3, depending on the season and solar radiation
  • Glare protection: 57 to 92% depending on the amount of sunlight
  • Polarization filter:  So that you improve your contrast perception and concentration. Glass colors like brown, gray, green in your strength. Driving glasses for safety.

During Sports

Nothing is stopping you from doing your best. Skiing, biking, surfing, sailing, playing football – when you go outside, glasses are used. As part of your equipment, you have ideally adapted your sunglasses to your lifestyle and hobbies. Your glasses are fashionable and sporty, they can withstand a lot. They completely block UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun.

Our Recommendation

  • Luminous intensity: high to extremely high
  • Filter category: 2 to 4, depending on the season and solar radiation
  • Glare protection: 82 to 97% depending on the amount of sunlight
  • In the case of sports glasses, the different lighting conditions are difficult to assess. Don’t take any chances and wear glasses with high protection. With anti-reflective layers, tints, rimless frames, and optical glasses, you can further improve the quality of your sport. Every challenge becomes an experience.

The Right Glasses with Optimal UV Protection

What shouldn’t be missing either? 100% UV protection of your sunglasses with UV400. The UV-A and UV-B rays can lead to various possible consequences, such as corneal or conjunctival inflammation, clouding of the lens (cataracts), or cancer. The eyesight reduction (macular degeneration) has also been linked by many experts to the sun’s rays. So, it is advisable to wear sunglasses in the sun.

All sunglasses that you buy from us have 100% UV protection built into their lenses. In addition to UV protection, our lenses also have an anti-reflective coating. In this article, you can find out what else they can do and which glass categories are available. The most important points to consider are the filters and color of the lenses and the shape of the glasses. That we like to explain in more detail here.

The Right Lens Category for Your Glasses

If you are looking for a pair of optical sunglasses in your strength and with a lens according to your ideas, come and see us. We advise you on all your questions and make sure that you have the best protection from the sun. Standing in one of our over 80 branches throughout Austria also protects you from the sun.

Sunglasses: Fashion and Lifestyle Companions

Whether as a fashion or lifestyle companion – optic master has a large selection of selected sunglasses. Stylish and with perfect UV protection, you not only look good with our sunglasses but are also optimally protected against harmful UV radiation. Are you looking for suitable sunglasses for your next mountain tour, for mountain biking, or for jogging while hiking or relaxing? Our sports glasses segment offers a wide range. The super-stylish Pretavior sports glasses have the right glasses for every sport and leisure enthusiast.

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