7 Epoxy Facts You Need to Know

| Updated on February 26, 2024

Epoxy resin is getting quite trendy. It has various use, especially for both industrial and creative purposes. You can also check out many social media platforms today that show fascinating resin artworks. 

However, epoxy resin has many other uses. It comes as a clear coating that solidifies once exposed to the air. You can add coloring or different decorative accents. Local flooring service as epoxy flooring Florida uses epoxy as a durable flooring system that acts as a resurfacing material that enhances the features of a concrete floor. 

Here are common uses of epoxy

  • Flooring system 
  • Adhesive for construction materials
  • Insulation for electroconductive materials
  • Floro coating for garages 
  • Floor coating system for sanitary spaces

There is so much more to know about how epoxy works and why it makes a perfect solution for your home improvement needs. Here are seven!

Fun Facts About Epoxy to Fascinate You 

Epoxy resin has many uses. That makes the resin a reliable material anywhere you need to enhance functionality. 

What seems to be a complex material is actually very user-friendly. And it is fun to use. To go with this innovative epoxy are fun facts that make you appreciate it more when using it. 

1- Epoxy’s Primary Use is for Adhesive or Bonding Compounds.

Before epoxy flooring came, the material was first used in industrial and construction projects. 

It is applied on hard and heavy surfaces to adhere to another heavy material, and it acts like glue that bonds objects. But with epoxy, you can connect heavy things and make their union permanent, which is how strong and effective the compound becomes.

2- Epoxy is First Used in Space.

Interestingly, the epoxy coating was developed for building aeronautics and spacecraft. That is no surprise since the material has a specific use for electrical conductivity and other benefits like low ionic content and insulation. 

3- Epoxy is Used for Underground and Underwater Coating.

Form the space; let’s go down underwater. If you have ever used epoxy floorings, you may now probably learn of their effective water resistance. That is a flooring benefit for you, But before the material has the garages and water-repelling floors, it has already been used widely among pipelines, tubes, and underground tunnels. It is used to seal joints for connecting lines and pipes to prevent leakages.

4- Epoxy Helps Reduce Bacteria in Flooring Spaces.

Going back to number two fact where epoxy is used in space. Another reason for it, and something worth for you to know, is that it helps lower the incidence of bacteria building you on a surface. Space shuttles benefit since epoxy helps maintain a room clean and bacteria-free. 

This also makes epoxy an innovative material that creates easy-to-clean counter-table tops and epoxy floors. Local installers from epoxy flooring Colorado recommends installing resin coatings for me hard to spaces at home that need low maintenance. 

5- The Year Epoxy was Invented.

Ever wonder when the year epoxy was invented?

Is that a new thing that almost any innovation today would consist of epoxy? 

To answer that, epoxy has been around for a century.

It was used as an industrial additive to various compounds and mixes. 

It was, however, in the 1900s when the use of epoxies became popular and widespread, especially in the construction industry. 

6- The People Behind the Development of Technology. 

You can say that epoxy developed under many names, and not one person can take the entire credit for creating and popularizing the use of this ever-reliable material. 

Begin with a Russian chemist named Prileschajev, who observed that olefins could create a particular compound called epoxides when it reacts with peroxybenzoic acid. 

Later on, epoxides would be mixed with polyamines, and when the 1930′ s came with the patent given to P. Shalack, epoxy was synthesized to be more functional. 

From the 1930s to the 1950s, the synthesized resin was developed for different uses. Two major patents were given in the 1930s. 

One is under a swiss company Ciba, through Dr. Pirre Castan. 

Dr. S. O. Greenlee also patented for a brand name Devoe-Reynolds in the USA. 

7- Fisheye and Epoxy Contaminants.

The last item for the list of facts today would help you use the material effectively. 

Beware of contaminants such as oil, wax, and other dense liquid. Before applying an epoxy coating, make sure that the surface is spotless. 

Failure to avoid contaminants, the poxy would create fisheyes on the surface. Fisheye occurs when the coating diverts from the surface and leaves a spot without a layer. The resin coating separates from the surface with wax or oil, forming a circular space without a coating, thus the term fisheye. 


These are just seven of the fascinating facts about epoxy. Epoxy would also offer you many benefits that help you enhance and improve your projects. 

The best thing about epoxy is that it provides a durable surface and adhesive material that keeps a property in perfect condition. 



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