Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android in 2024

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. It provides many great services through which you can easily communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues around the world. Facebook allows you to carry out such chatting activities, make video calls and voice calls, and many other interesting features. Almost every person registered on the platform watches videos. There comes a time when there is a need to download them directly from Facebook. In this case, you will need an additional application. Let’s look at this topic in more detail.

Why Do People Need Such Apps?

Such applications today are significant helpers of people in everyday life. That’s because they help download the videos people on Facebook need. This content is very popular, and the variety of what we can see is huge due to a large number of people using it. All these millions of users are posting videos that we like. 

Moreover, they are often needed for working moments, which is important. Different projects today need different live videos in some places. Here you don’t have to think about how to download these or those videos. Such downloaders can always be at your fingertips. Install them on your phone and you’ll see how convenient it is. 

Top 9 Facebook Downloaders for Android

The market today is astonishing with the range and variety of products. This is noticeable, both in life and on the Internet, when you need to install an application with one direction, you get a huge number of options. That’s great. Today the user has the right to choose and can change the tool in case he does not like something. The same goes for video downloaders. Let’s take a look at the best representatives of this category. 

Inflact Facebook Video Downloader

If you want to download videos directly from Facebook to your Android, you should consider Facebook Video Downloader as your primary option for it from the social network. It’s a program that bails you out in these situations. When you want to add something to your device, you open the app and follow the internal instructions. It is easy to understand and easy to use. That’s why it has so many fans. 

KeepVid for Android

If you install KeepVid on your smartphone, you can use it as a Facebook uploader. Moreover, it is suitable for other social networks. It is a multifunctional platform. Try downloading music from streaming portals like SoundCloud or copying it from videos at 320 kbps quality. The program has support for HD video in 2K, 4K, HD, and UHD quality. Once you find a video to download, just tap the arrow and select the desired quality to start downloading. Design with good visual treatment, making it intuitive and pleasing to the eye.


This application allows you to download video and audio files from Facebook. You can also watch live TV channels here. You can easily join millions of users worldwide and appreciate the benefits of VidMate. The product has no restrictions on downloading videos of movies and TV shows. The developers have implemented several download modes: multiple and background. Also, one of the advantages is the ability to watch a huge number of live channels for free.


This is a strong and successful video downloader that has the ability to support downloading movies, music videos, playlists, and other similar material from almost any free service, including Facebook. With such a tool, you can download videos in any format, including MP4, AVI, WMV, and other known variants. Also get the following benefits: the ability to download subtitles from videos. It is also possible to pause and resume downloading at any time.

All Video Downloader

Here, as the name suggests, you can easily download videos besides Facebook, you can use this app to download videos to your phone from many famous sites. That is, this functionality of using video from another app makes it one of the best and most advanced tools on the market. You should install it if you prefer a high download speed. Visitors generally cite this position as a priority. Often you need to get video on your phone quickly and easily. That’s why such an application can be considered high quality. 


SaveAs is a great assistant for your daily tasks. If you need to save a video from Facebook to your device, this tool will do the job. What’s more, you can use it both for your computer and other Android devices. All you need to do is copy the link to the content you want to save and add it in a special window. Then press the “Download” button. Such action will start the process. This is considered a disadvantage. But in general, this is a good option. It accomplishes its goals. 

FVD Free Video Downloader

This is a video download tool. You can get videos from almost any website, but not from YouTube, as its terms of service do not allow it. The principle is very simple: it comes with a built-in web browser from which you can access any web page to download videos. 

Once you are on the site, just select the video you want. Next, you have to name it and save it in your phone’s memory. It’s quite a versatile and interesting application for getting the content you want on your device. The only significant drawback, as already mentioned, is that it does not work with YouTube. 


The fuller name of this product is High Definition Videos. But everyone knows it by its acronym. This downloader detects videos automatically. You can download them with one click. Such a serious helper allows you to pause downloads. When you need to, you can continue the file-saving process. Moreover, as you have understood, the procedure can be done with multiple files at a single moment. Also, users like the following items: 

  • video preview
  • fast downloads 
  • offline playback.

If you need something urgently on your phone, feel free to download this app. 

Media Clip Video Downloader

This is an app for downloading videos from YouTube or any other video portal with just a few swipes on the screen of your mobile device. The process is as simple as visiting a website and accessing the video URL. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you just need to tap the button located in the upper right corner. 

The app will show a confirmation screen where you can start downloading. Uploaded videos will be added to your media folder. There is one small nuance, though. Some versions of clips will only be able to open within the program. It all depends on the format and other content parameters. This is a handy tool that can help solve your queries.

Final Thoughts 

To summarize, it should be noted that these days a lot of people need to download videos directly from social networks, especially Facebook. This is the platform where visitors spend a lot of time and are passionate about this or that video. There are a large number of applications on the software market that are suitable for Android. It is the operating system that most people use. If you need such actions, do not put them off. There is no shortage of web and Android apps on the market today that allow you to download videos from Facebook to your device. You should try several options before settling on the main one.

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