How Do Changes in the Environment Affect Men’s Health?

| Updated on February 28, 2024

Being a man, we may have many false illusions regarding our superiority. But the fact is that we are the most affected in any situation. Women are more health-conscious than men. Men fail to understand the changes around them due to shifts in climate change. Their ignorance of health can be assumed from the fact that more men are succumbing to mental disorders like depression and anxiety every year. 

Changes in the Environment Affect Men’s Health

But history tells us women have been the ones that have been oppressed and deprived of their rights. Then why is it that men are becoming victims of mental disorders? The reason is the ability to change with the surroundings. 

You will observe that when women are told about their increase in weight, they become health conscious and give up consumption of any junk food if you like to avoid getting Kamagra Oral Jelly at Powpills. Across the world most of the buyers of health products like green tea are women. On the other hand, how many times men are warned against obesity or heart disorders, they keep enjoying their French fries. Surely this does not show the reality of all men and women but a majority. But apart from the foods, we eat there are various other factors which affect our health. 

They are climate change, temperature, water level, etc. One must be wondering how are these changes related to men’s health. Well, they may not have a direct relation but an indirect relation. If something happens in the environment it is going to impact our lives in one way or another because we are a part of it. 


Recently we witnessed the death of hundreds of people in regions of Canada due to sudden waves. The area which usually has the maximum temperature of 25oC recorded the double temperature of 50oC. This forced the residents to look for other ways to overcome this extreme heat. Some of them resorted to their cars and slept in them by turning the air-conditioner on. 

But many despite using such methods were found due to dehydration and heat strokes. This happened because people of that area are not accustomed to facing such extreme heat. Anyone living in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East is habituated to live under 40 to 45 degrees. Hence, they do not succumb to heat strokes or meet death. 

Due to climate change all across the globe such instances of sudden heatwaves in the area have become common. The problem is that we cannot do much in these circumstances because it’s mother nature as the opponent in this case. One can try to keep taking more and more fluids to keep the body hydrated all the time. This will prevent you from heat stroke to an extent. Heatwaves may cause destruction everywhere but it has surely increased the sales of air-conditioners and coolers. 


Pollution is a large topic and its subsections like air pollution, water pollution, and others separately affect our lives. For example, we all know how air pollution results in more than 3 million deaths across the world. This one statement is clear enough to show how dangerous it is. But still, you would not find many people wearing masks even in the most polluted cities. 

This results in chronic asthma in school-going children and adults. Harmful particles in the vehicular smoke and factory emissions damage the lungs and contaminate the oxygenated blood in our bodies. According to data air pollution has decreased the lifespan of 40% of Indians by 9 years. This data is most relevant in urban areas like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata where citizens are forced to breathe the harmful air. 

Villages comparatively have lower levels of pollution and good air quality but slowly the effect of contamination is also seen there. 

Invades Personal Life

Climate change has invaded your personal life as well. According to data, out of 5 men in the USA, 3 of them are Erectile Dysfunction patients. And climate change has a lot of contributions here. Let’s understand this. The food we eat today is the result of the extensive use of hybrid seeds and harmful fertilizers. 

Thus, with nutrients, we also consume harmful elements like lead, sulphur, and nitrates. As they are consumed in very small quantities you wouldn’t encounter any serious side effects instantly but over a period of time. It results in Erectile Dysfunction thus, making you sexually incapable. Therefore, the person resorts to solutions in pills like Vidalista 20 or Cenforce 200

Not only ED but other fatal disorders affecting the nervous system and mental disorders like brain hemorrhage and behavior change. 


The conclusion of the discussion rests with the fact that we acknowledge the effects of climate change on our health. This can be done by being aware of their effects on us and being updated with health issues around the world. The same happened with COVID, people of the west thought that it would not spread to their areas. But from China, it has spread around the world killing more people than world war.

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