Research into the Effectiveness of Writing Styles in Academic Environments

| Updated on March 27, 2024
Academic Writing

As a human, we have developed an impressive skill of conveying our thoughts and ideas through various means. We can sing, we can talk, we can draw, and most importantly, we can write. When it comes to academics, academic writing has played a significant role in conveying and transferring messages and knowledge. 

Writing itself is a complex topic and has a lot of modules related to it. There are various styles and variations associated with it, and you also have to identify the academic setting that becomes crucial for both student and the teacher. Therefore, to eliminate these complexities and make it simpler for you, we are curating this article to explain to you various styles, tier academic settings, advantages and disadvantages, and overall influence on a student’s achievement. 

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Different Writing Styles

As told, each writing style contains its own intentions and motive for sharing the information. Some of them might be used just to convey the message or to portray the situation, while some of them may be used to spread information or notify the readers. Well, in this section, we are going to discuss this thing in detail. So, let’s get started:

Expository Writing

One of the most common and most popularly used styles is expository writing. It is considered the basic and simple form in which the writer tries to share all the information, explain, describe, and characterize certain issues. 

The language used in these writings is clear and easy to understand, and straight to the point of the subject. This style is often used in drifting reports, essays, notices, and research papers. 

Descriptive Writing

As you can guess by the name, descriptive writing is when the writers try to trap the reader in their honey trap filled with their sweet and elegant descriptions of certain situations, locations, characters, or a thing. It can lean on any side, from jolly and happy to dark and scary.

But its sole purpose is to somehow make readers realize the depth and severity of the subject. You might have guessed that this style is often used in stories, novels, biographies, etc. It allows readers to create an image of the situation in their heads and live the moment. 

Narrative Writing

Have you ever been to a play? They are magical and serene in their own beauty. The actors and actresses play their respective roles while a person at the back narrates the story. Assume that person is documenting the same event or story to tell you the story and event. 

This conveying of things is called narrative writing. The sole purpose of this style is to convey the tale and immerse the reader in the words. This style is often used in novels, short stories, plays, etc. 

Persuasive Writing

Writers use this form to convince the reader to follow their opinion or to agree with their point of view. Elements used in this style are filled with opinions, arguments, emotional appeals, and logical reasoning. Debates, speeches, and opinion pieces are some of the prime examples. 

These were major styles used by writers in creating written masterpieces. Now, as promised, we will discuss their benefits and drawbacks. 

Benefits of Writing Styles in Academics Environment


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An appropriate style can improve communication, will convey the message better, and will help in enhancing creativity. Since it makes the text more clear, your emotions of information hidden in the text will affect the reader in an impactful manner. 

Let us discuss this thing more in this section. 

Improves Communication

The whole game is about projecting your ideas through the text you are going to put in your document. There should be a bridge of words through which the reader can directly feel the purpose of your writing. By learning and acing a variety of styles, you can definitely master the skill and become an impactful writer. Put in your efforts and regularly practice upscaling your vocabulary.

Enhances Creativity

One more promise that these styles can make is enhancing creativity. They work as a helping hand in assisting both readers and writers in exploring more to the point they can. They encourage you to go beyond the limits of traditional thoughts that everyone follows and create a unique point of view that embraces the subject in the way you want to. This way, you can break the norms and thrive on innovations in your work.

Develop Critical Thinking

Through all these points, you must have understood how to broaden the area of your focus and give you a brilliant skill of critical thinking. 

Improves Clarity

As we are discussing this from the initial stage of the article, writers are able to clarify their views to readers efficiently by following and playing through these styles in their work.

Promotes Engagement

Since you are making your views clear, focusing on a broader aspect of the subject, and bridging your opinion with the reader through your words, all these things collectively help in promoting engagement among you and the reader.

The Drawbacks of Writing Styles in Academic Environments

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Limited Use of Language

There are aspects while documenting that are specified with respect to the style you are following. Certain patterns and phrases, along with word combinations, are bound to use with them in order to follow the set of writing rules.

Lack of Focus

These sets of rules and guidelines may feel overwhelming to you. Academic writing should be easy and free to explore the way they want to follow in drafting their own piece. 

Unclear Argumentation

It can lead to unclear argumentation as you might have to focus on the form and appropriate structure which can hinder you in making clear and logical arguments.

Potential for Misinterpretation

The worst thing that can happen to a writer is the misinterpretation of the text he has written. Therefore, it is one of the major aspects that can lead to problems.

Research Findings

The complicated interactions between diverse styles have faced a significant influence on academic accomplishments. Moreover, researchers have found that curating the body of a text by following a particular writing style can surprisingly alter the power of the text.


Writing styles are a great way to establish a connection between readers and writers. However, everything that exists has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to first learn about all of their aspects and then find the one that suits you.

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