Top 5 Educational Resources to Use in 2023

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Educational platforms impact the students and teachers alike. When you have reliable instructions and communication medium at hand, it becomes easier to deliver lectures and track the student’s progress. Whether you’re a tutor in Melbourne or a San Francisco school teacher remotely managing your classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic, having some useful educational resources can be helpful for you and your students. 

Good educational resources will help you to teach more confidently and reduce your workload with dependable and smartly designed tools. Here’s a list of the top 5 educational tools that will make your online/remote teaching more manageable.


Edmodo is a learning management system (LMS) explicitly designed to facilitate online classes. Teachers can share assignments, assess students’ progress, and conduct effortless communication sessions with both parents and students. 

Edmodo comes loaded with a teacher-monitored communication system to help you maintain a class’s code of conduct and facilitate learning in a disciplined virtual atmosphere. This free educational resource will help you streamline your virtual classrooms and save time through spontaneous communication. 


You won’t have to spend hours preparing lesson plans with this easy-to-use tool. Planboard is a handy lesson planner that assists teachers in preparing their schedules. It allows you to plan your classes for the whole week and even month. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design are user friendly for both the teachers and students. 

Whether you manage multiple subjects or teach the same subject to different classes, Planboard will declutter your worksheet and help you track your course progress. On top of that, this educational resource is easy-to-share with the parents and the institute’s management for a hassle-free schedule. 


Lesson delivery becomes more challenging in a virtual learning environment. But, with an interactive and engaging presentation tool, you can do it without a hassle. Nearpod allows teachers to design collaborative presentations and share them with the students for an on-the-spot response. Whether you create quick quizzes or diagrams, Nearpod will help your students to observe and interact with the content. This educational tool is beneficial for young students that need engaging learning material for a better understanding. 


Spiral is a quick and reliable assessment tool that helps teachers track the students’ progress. When you share a group project in your virtual class, Spiral lets you observe each student’s work and grade them accordingly. It also comes incorporated with an exciting feature that allows students to create presentations and conduct discussion sessions with their peers. You can send an assignment’s link individually to different students and mark them depending upon their understanding and collaboration levels. 


Class meetings are crucial for undisturbed lecture delivery and uninterrupted communication. When teachers and students have a spontaneous and easy-to-use communication tool, it helps them to maintain seamless virtual learning. Zoom is a cloud-based video and audio calling platform. Its collaborative interface and interactive features allow you to conduct conference calls with no interference. Since the teachers have thorough control over their Zoom meeting, it helps them to teach in an uninterrupted online setting. 

Final Words

The world is switching to virtual learning, facilitated by different educational tools. If you’re worried about managing your online classes, familiarize yourself with the above educational resources to teach from your home’s comfort with the least interruption.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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