You Can Earn a Good Amount of Money with this IT Certificate

| Updated on March 27, 2024

With some IT certifications, you can get a good amount of money. IT certifications, in today’s world, is valuable as almost more than a diploma. This is a bid debate whether diploma vs certificate is more valuable in the job market and when it comes to Information Technology field, the answer is not that easy.

But there is something certain, with some IT certificates, a really good amount of salary is possible.

Cisco’s CCNP ENCOR Certification is one of them that we will cover in some detail about it in this post.

Is CCNP ENCOR Certificate Hard to Obtain?

Probably one of the most common questions when it comes to IT certifications, is whether it hard to obtain?

How much time do we need to spend to earn this certificate?

The answer is, that it depends.

Depends on your current IT background, for example, if you are very new to the IT field, definitely it will be hard to get this certificate, as CCNP means, Cisco Certified Network Professional.

Cisco has 3 different levels of certifications.

Associate, which is the entry-level, Professional which is the second level/mid-level, and Expert which is the top/highest-level certification.

CCNP ENCOR is a mid-level, professional-level certificate and if you have at least an associate-level certificate or knowledge at that level, then your job would be a little bit easier.

When it comes to how much time you should spend to obtain CCNP ENCOR, the answer is also it depends.

If you are an associate-level certificate owner, with good study, the right training vendor, for example, would be less than a year.

In less than a year, a big move in your IT Career you can get.

How Much You Can Get with a CCNP ENCOR Certificate?

Depending on the country, company, and years of experience, answers might be so different.

It can be 1000 USD or it can be 8000 USD.

If you are in an African country, for example, it can go as low as 1000 USD.

But in the U.S for example, a salary with a CCNP ENCOR certificate can be 6000 – 8000 USD.

After CCNP ENCOR with the specialized another CCNP certificate, a CCNP Enterprise certificate can be gained. In that case, salary can go even above.

After CCNP Enterprise, usually Network Engineers continue with the Expert level certification.

The natural path after the CCNP Enterprise certificate is the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate. With that Network Engineer’s salary can go above 10 000 USD/month.

Of course, again the country where you work is very important for it.

But, as a level of certificate, we can say, CCIE gets more than CCNP and it gets more than CCNA level certified people.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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