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Does Your Business Need Web App Development Services

Does your company need a mobile application or web app development services? If you have an interesting idea, it is definitely worth implementing it. But at any cost and way? Read the article to find out how this applies to you.

Mobile Statistics

Imagine what you have on your table: a phone, a computer, a calculator, a TV, a notebook, a pen, a photo album, a camera, a wallet, an mp3 player, and a pack of loyalty cards from the store. Have you got everything on your table? Now throw it all away and take one item: your mobile phone. You did the same thing, didn’t you?

Phones are becoming the command center of the universe. We have given them a significant part of our lives. According to the Digital 2021 report, more than 66% of users go online via mobile devices: phones and tablets. This trend is growing every year: take advantage of it in your business.

How to Make Your Name Known on Mobile?

The number of internet users who use mobile devices is reason enough for your business to enter the market. You have three options:

  • Create a mobile or responsive version of your website,
  • Create a mobile application,
  • Combine a mobile and desktop site with an app.

All three options are good, and if you have an unlimited budget, the last one is ideal. But in practice, you first need to make sure that your site displays and functions properly on mobile devices. In many cases, this is sufficient and cost-effective.  However, if you want and can go further, consider creating a mobile app.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Apps?

  1. An app is easy to use on a phone: it is designed to be used on a phone and built for that purpose.
  2. Once installed on the phone, the app can send instant notifications to the user and also includes instant messaging to communicate directly with the company.
  3. Many apps work offline, using data downloaded while the device is online.
  4. When is an app necessary for your business?
  5. Mobile websites have certain limitations. They can cause a number of problems for developers and, as a result, for users. Too much content or products are simply not compatible with the limited capabilities of small mobile screens. Does this apply to you? If so, you need to start thinking about a mobile app as soon as possible.

You Have Two Options

  • You can leave all your content on the website, organize it as best you can, and encourage people to download your mobile app at all available points.
  • Or you can limit the content on the website and tell users that all content, all options, and all products are in the mobile app.

Large e-commerce platforms are the companies for which a mobile app is the best solution. It is definitely easier to browse products, for example, order them, add them to favorites, return to abandoned carts, etc.

The application is also very convenient when you need to log in to use the service, for example, for online banking.

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When Should You Use the App as a Supplement?

Even if your mobile/operational website works flawlessly, it doesn’t mean that your business doesn’t need a mobile app. It can be just an addition, an advantage for your customers. Although it is not a “must-have”, you can use it in your marketing activities. With an attractive mobile app:

  • You can stay in touch with your customers (for example, by sending them messages from the app).
  • Build a relationship with the user and confirm his loyalty.
  • Strengthen the positive image of your company.

Today, even small companies have the opportunity to be present in the mobile market. Develop a good application idea and your business will benefit greatly. Here are some examples.


It is unlikely that you will transfer content from the restaurant’s website to the application: it makes no sense because such an application is unlikely to be downloaded. But a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points to get a free dessert or two at your favorite restaurant? Sounds tempting.

Training Company

Imagine a civil servant who, once in a while, has to be trained on legal changes to perform his duties correctly. Rather nothing exciting. He chooses from among the many, better or worse, but similar, companies on the market. And now think that in one of them, after the training, he gets access to an app where he can conveniently review the law he is interested in, and even ask a few more questions of the trainer.

Diet Catering

Why do customers most often order a box diet? To lose weight. It’s nice if, in addition to the boxes, they get an app where they can monitor their progress, contact a nutritionist, and additionally suspend deliveries for a few days.

Should Every Business Have an App?

Is a mobile app a “must-have” in the above businesses? Certainly not. However, it is a great way to stand out and build deeper relationships with users. Keep in mind, though, two very important conditions for an app to fulfill its function.

  1. First, the app must be useful. Why would anyone need restaurant menus in the form of an app? We have enough of them on our phones not to clutter them with more irrelevant apps. So don’t duplicate content from your website. Think about what value your app will have for customers. Will it be enough to encourage them to download it? Will it bring them a real benefit?
  2. Second, the app must pay for itself. Preparing an app is a relatively large cost. Writing it is only the beginning. In order for it to work properly, it usually has to be supported and developed by developers on an ongoing basis. There is nothing worse than a non-functioning or poorly functioning application. In such a situation, it is better to let go of creating it at the outset. Before you start creating an app, estimate the costs and profits of having it, so that the whole endeavor “piles up” financially.

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