BTC vs BCH – Differences Among Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

| Updated on March 21, 2024


In the modern digital world, the word bitcoin has attained a spectacular place. It has become more than just a word and for some, it is the ultimate power to sustain and live in this world. These are not mere things to write but are true. A person who surfs the internet and has some knowledge of trading has heard the word bitcoin. Though the entire setup behind bitcoin is cryptocurrency still people know about crypto because they have heard about bitcoin. As a result, some people use both the words interchangeably and anonymously. The digital world of smartphones and supercomputers has completely changed the scope and aspects of owning a bitcoin or some crypto asset. If you are interested in trading Bitcoin, you may also consider knowing about the 5 Things That Make Bitcoin Great.

Bitcoin is special because for having so many benefits and it was the first crypto asset that came into being and the foremost cryptocurrency that attained heights of popularity. Though popular there are complications in its operation and as a result, the entity of Bitcoin Cash or BCH came into existence.

Bitcoin cash (BCH)

Bitcoin cash is a payment mechanism that was developed to remove the complications created by bitcoin. Moreover, bitcoin being a dear form of cryptocurrency has lots of risks associated with it so to minimize them the creation of bitcoin cash was done. Bitcoin cash was derived from bitcoin itself through a process called hard forking of bitcoin. By hard forking, we mean the mutation with the help of blockchain associated with the process of bitcoin.

Differences between BTC and BCH

Though the words seem similar there is a lot of difference between the two that can be summarized as 

Market reach

BTC being an old and famous cryptocurrency is the most circulated crypto asset in the market. It has its reach in every nook and corner of the digital market thus posing serious competition to its competitors. It is the most used crypto asset around the world. On the other hand, BCH being the output of bitcoin itself finds its place a little after its parent crypto asset. It is younger and so new to the market. It is not much famous thus people fear using it though it has no such complications as bitcoin. It is still struggling for its place in the market.

Scope and scalability

Bitcoin being divided into blocks has a block size of around 1 MB. Thus less number of transactions can be performed whereas, on the other hand, the block size of bitcoin cash is 32 MB easing the scope for scalability and power. The wide range of access of bitcoin cash is much better than its parent crypto asset.

Scope for evolution

It is associated with the updates involved. Updates come with new futuristic-based efficient methodologies. As we know that BTC lacks proper leadership because of its anonymous nature as far as the absence of its inventor and regulatory body which results in a slower rate of updation and other evolutions. Buy bitcoin cash is much faster in the case of updates and implementation of these. Bitcoin cash is somewhat reliant. Thus bitcoin cash has better scope for the upcoming changes.


Bitcoin being dear is more costly to transact and thus has a lower circulation rate despite larger use. The rates for transacting bitcoin are much higher as compared to its accessibility and ease. This makes it less profitable than BCH because it is easier for bitcoin cash to circulate due to its cheap nature and faster rate of movement. The rates are low and easy for its holders.

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