Why Host IT Smart is Best for Dedicated Server Hosting?

| Updated on February 15, 2024

Web hosting is vital for your online business success hence, choosing the right web hosting provider is extremely important. At the same time, there are plenty of factors involved in selecting the right host. 

Having received many questions and queries on web hosting like “how to select the right web hosting service provider for the business website?”, I chose to review a web hosting company called Host IT Smart.

A Glimpse of Host IT Smart

Host IT Smart is a big name in the web hosting sector and carries some remarkable achievements since its inception in 2012.

The company claims to have helped multiple businesses grow. Today, the company has more than 5000 happy customers. But are they really happy?

Let’s find out!

Its Services

The company offers custom web hosting services for building, hosting, and marketing your website. 

Even though the company offers a wide range of hosting options and services, including Shared Hosting Server, VPS Hosting Server, and Dedicated Server, this article will be more focused on its dedicated hosting services. 

What is a Dedicated Hosting Server?

Dedicated Hosting when compared to VPS, refers to when a website owner leases an entire server dedicatedly for a website. That means your allocated server space will not be shared with anyone else. Web Hosting service provider offers dedicated server with dedicated resources to single clients. If you are a business owner looking for more power, scalability & control then dedicated hosting can be a good option for you. 

What does Host IT Smart Offer Under a Dedicated Hosting Plan? 

The company claims to provide a cheap dedicated server, but I believe that you just don’t have to select a company based on the cost. In fact, there are plenty of other things you need to explore about the company before you take a final call. You can opt for a dedicated server that gives you complete access to the server’s resources.

  1. Range of Dedicated Server Plans —  It offers flexibility to choose your preferred dedicated hosting plan based on your requirements. Here’s what; The company offers three separate plans considering the different customers’ needs. 
  2. For example;

  • Starter
  • Performance 
  • Business

You can choose from these plans which you find suitable for your website. Here’s what you get under these plans;

  1. High-Performance Server — Under the dedicated hosting plan, the company offers a high-speed server which helps in boosting 99.9% uptime leading to increased reliability and performance. This means that your website/app is stable for the most part & will hardly crash. 
  2. The higher bandwidth helps optimize speed and efficiency so your business will be able to exceed customer expectations in the long run. Since your website will not be sharing space with anyone else, there are nil chances of harmful software or unsolicited mail hampering infecting your computer systems. So, that’s a good part.

  1. Easy adaptability — The company offers customized dedicated server plans to suit your specific requirements. That means you can choose to update and upgrade your plan, be it upgrading the bandwidth, CPU, RAM, or install compatible software as and when needed. 
  1. Proactive customer support — Very few companies offer 24/7 and instant customer support that actually works on the ground, though you will get this offer on paper. This is not the case with Host IT Smart. 
  2. There is a dedicated customer service team that answers questions & provides solutions quickly. Round the clock assistance on chat and calls set the company apart from others. 

  1. Extensive range of services — The company is not limited to dedicated server service only, it offers a wide range of services including domain registration, web hosting and servers such as shared hosting server, VPS hosting server, and dedicated server. 
  1. Security — Data security is of the utmost importance for any organization. Your business’s confidential data needs to be well protected. 
  2. Host IT Smart does this for you by providing a high level of security in the form of server hardware & software firewalls to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, hacks, etc. Moreover, virus scans at regular intervals offer 24/7 protection.

  1. Best Pricing for Dedicated Server — Host IT Smart offers a dedicated hosting server at the cheapest possible price (as stated on its website) without compromising the quality. You can purchase the dedicated hosting server starting at ₹2999/mo. That’s cost-effective, especially in comparison to other web hosting providers.  
  2. However, I believe that when you opt for a monthly plan, then you may have to spend a little extra, though I still found it cost-effective after comparing it with other web hosting providers such as GoDaddy and others for a similar plan. You can check for yourself as well.

    Choose GoDaddy for the best pricing and 30% discount on your 1st year.


    1. Even though the company offers cheap dedicated hosting services, there are some improvements that can be made; 
  • There are only three plans, the company should offer more 
  • There should be more features under a monthly plan
  • Pricing can be a factor as the company claims to provide cheap dedicated server 


To sum it up, dedicated hosting servers are more efficient and useful for ultimate power, security, and control. 

My review is only to educate you. You are free to explore more options and select what suits your specific needs. Finally, think twice, compare multiple plans, understand your business needs, and only then sign up.

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