Control Rooms and Their Contributions to Industries

| Updated on February 26, 2024
Contributions of Control Rooms

For the industrial sector, it is important to move forward hand in hand with technology to continue innovating and meet the development needs of the Latin American market. One of the solutions that is positioning itself as a trend and that, in turn, seeks to make operations a more efficient process is audio and visual (AV) technologies for control rooms, which allow operators to act quickly in critical situations.

The control rooms have the most efficient and advanced technological solutions that a company needs, each of its designs is personalized and created to meet the specific needs of customers, working from the conceptualization to the execution of the project to ensure better quality.

Control Room with AV system integrator

In the field of production, the control room is the heart of this process, so the display equipment must be reliable, provide high-quality images and improve the efficiency of the operators since through them monitor and control critical process assets, require stable equipment and future-proof technology. Daily, industries face situations that can put the continuity of operations at risk, which is why the control center must be prepared with the best visualization solutions to assess the seriousness of the situation and act accordingly. These types of rooms need innovative technology for the analysis and direction of the equipment, all of this together allows the best decisions to be made in critical situations.

AV System with a Control Room in the Industrial Sector

AV system solutions have made great contributions to different industries, for example, in the field of distribution of services such as water and electricity, essential services for daily life, operators have the responsibility to offer quality services such as, for example, water and electricity to each person in your household, but how do they achieve efficient work among all the millions of people? With visualization solutions, they allow operators to obtain all the dynamic data, for example, maps of the area to which the service will be provided.

For this it is necessary to have a general vision of logistics, it can be in the networks of shops, large establishments where merchandise is stored, control rooms are of great importance so that the merchandise leaves promptly.

StriveAV Has Got Your Back

“StriveAV is one of the few manufacturers to offer all of the dominant video wall technologies. This allows us to respond to all application needs with the ideal solution, without limiting ourselves to the standard range”, Manuel Navarrete, Sales Manager, StriveAV.

In the field of traffic management, information grows more and more every day, so a solution to guarantee fluid traffic every day is to have optimal planning and data collection. Companies must have a management center since they are now increasingly important in daily life since these centers are the basis for traffic to flow correctly. In this way, it is possible to supervise that the vehicles use the roads efficiently, avoid accidents, in addition, to guarantee the safety of the citizens in the event of an assault or an accident outside the vehicle.

That is why companies like StriveAV offer a wide variety of control room solutions that help traffic management centers solve any critical situation. And it is that to imagine a life where these control centers do not exist, is to imagine the chaos because there would be no vehicular control, the drivers would do what they wanted without mentioning the many accidents that would occur daily and it is not just to supervise the main roads, but secondary roads, because that is how traffic operators have the means they need to make the right decisions.

Take Advantage of AV Integration Company

AV Integration Company allows each of the industries to take quick action to prevent any type of inconvenience, both for companies and for each person in society. To guarantee a life of quality and tranquility, it is necessary to continue developing daily operations to be able to detect each security problem or threat in time, which is why visualization solutions are important to maintaining the security of the company and of people 24/7. Keeping an organization free from threats requires a display wall that can be highly trusted.

“Control room technologies with AV system integrator facilitate the secure sharing of data, such as video, throughout your organization, inside and outside your room. If you want to communicate and keep in touch your teams during the production or in the field, the solutions allow you to rapidly get the current information you require to act on any critical situation”, commented Manuel Navarrete, Sales Manager at StriveAV,

Together with our solutions, we can implement security in each of the industries to improve the quality of life of each company and each one of the people.

Christie Presented its New GS Projectors for Control Rooms

Christie introduced two new models to its portfolio of high-performance 1DLP projectors. Engineered and built for performance and reliability in high-use environments, Christie’s new GS Series projectors come in two brightness options of 9,000 and 10,600 ISO lumens and are ideally suited to, among other spaces, meeting rooms, classrooms, museums, and places of worship.

“With a compact size and quiet operation, Christie’s new GS Series projection solutions help the viewer focus their attention, without distraction, on the brightness and vividness of the projected images,” said Joel St-Denis, Director of Product Management at StriveAV. “In multi-projection installations, for example, small rooms dedicated to entertainment, places of worship or thematic attractions, its warping and blending functions save time and money.”

The new models project with laser lighting, ensuring 20,000 hours of constant lighting up to 50% brightness, and a low operating cost, since they do not require changing lamps or filters, with the consequent reduction in maintenance times and costs.

The new GS Series projectors come standard with Christie Twist tools for warping and blending, facilitating fast and efficient alignment on multi-projection of irregular screens. In addition, Christie Mystique Lite, an optional camera-based alignment software that works with a very inexpensive webcam, can automatically stack and align up to three horizontal projectors on a screen or flat surface in minutes, saving considerable time and money. 

The newly added models provide content fit for purpose, including HD 3D content support via sync in/out, picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture functions for video conferencing, and DICOM mode for medical imaging. For added installation flexibility, the GS Series comes with DVI, HDMI, HDBaseT, and 3GSDI inputs.

The new GS Series projectors are equipped with a complete set of motorized interchangeable lenses. The Christie DWU880-GS is available in black or white and includes TAA-compliant models. The DWU1100-GS is available in black, with a model also designed to meet TAA standards.



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