How the “Coffee Shop Effect” Can Help You Learn

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The coffee shop effect describes the phenomenon that one’s own productivity increases noticeably by working in a new, lively atmosphere. Moving from a quiet, isolated environment to such a workplace promotes concentration, increases creativity in problem-solving, and improves productivity.

The working methods of students and office workers were examined as part of numerous scientific studies. The test subjects were removed from their usual work environment and asked to continue working in nearby coffee shops. Hence the name.

All study participants showed improved performance and were even happier after the experiment than before.

But what exactly is behind it?

Why the Coffee Shop Effect Works So Well

The coffee shop effect is not based on romantic magic but is based on various work- psychological mechanisms. On the one hand, changing your job creates a kind of spirit of optimism. You leave an unproductive place and in doing so you break old habits. You dare something new and then approach your tasks with much more motivation than before. Of course, for that, you must be well-rested, which can be achieved with the help of a paper writing service

In addition, your change of location means that you are less likely to fall back into old, unproductive behavior patterns because your brain is preoccupied with the new situation. This block is known as automatisms, which in turn improves your ability to concentrate on new problems.

What initially seems like a major disruptive factor also has a positive effect on your way of working: the ambient noise or the noise in a café. Research has shown that moderate levels of ambient noise, such as the clatter of plates and the rush of a coffee maker, can improve performance on creative tasks.

In addition, the presence of other working people in the immediate vicinity increases productivity. A recent study shows that mental exertion is contagious, so to speak. So it is enough to be among people who work hard to make yourself work harder.

These different impulses combine their effect and make the coffee shop effect so strong. And now I’ll show you how to use the coffee shop effect.

How to Use the Coffee Shop Effect for Learning

Let’s summarize briefly: The coffee shop effect has a positive effect on your productivity because:

  • You change your job
  • You can leave old habits behind more easily
  • Light ambient noise promotes your creativity
  • The presence of other working people increases your productivity

You can take advantage of these points when learning by using targeted measures, as well as using Master Papers to make your workflow less hectic. I have created a simple 5-step plan for you.

best place

Step 1: Determine a New Place to Study!

The quiet café around the corner, the study room in the library, or the free lecture hall are all places to which you can withdraw if you want to study or work productively. It doesn’t have to be the coffee shop like in the original. It all depends on whether you can work with a concentration in the new environment.

Step 2: Set a Specific Goal for Your Learning Session!

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For you to be able to work in a really focused manner, you need a specific goal on which you can focus your full attention. If you go just to “learn something” you will not succeed. Your bad habits will catch up with you in no time and your motivation will be gone just as quickly as it came.

Step 3: Provide a Suitable Background Noise!

Moderate ambient noise can strengthen your problem-solving skills. Too much noise, on the other hand, is destructive and distracts you from concentration. Therefore, make sure that your new workplace is not too loud or too quiet. Take headphones, music, or earplugs with you in case of an emergency so that you can adjust the background noise individually.

Step 4: Surround Yourself with Productive People!

You’ll rarely be able to work efficiently in a flashy hipster cafe or alongside your fellow students who would rather gossip about the latest campus gossip than study hard. Therefore, search specifically for people who are pursuing similar goals as you and join them. You will often find the right environment in front of lecture halls, in your university library, or in small side street cafés.

Step 5: Start Over!

Chances are your new place to study will lose its productivity magic over time. As soon as disturbing habits re-establish themselves or some of the basic conditions above no longer fit, you should pack your bags and move on. The Coffee Shop Effect only lasts for a limited time – after that, you have to rekindle it by starting over.


At first glance, it may seem contradictory that a café of all things should improve productivity. It’s a noisy place, after all, full of people outside of your comfort zone. But it is precisely this combination that gives the coffee shop effect its power and ensures a noticeable improvement in concentration and motivation.

A spirit of optimism, new thought patterns, ambient noise, and the presence of working people are responsible for the fact that this work is superior to the home office. Numerous scientific studies have shown this.

So next time you’re stuck at home and stuck with your study, switch places and take advantage of the coffee shop effect. Follow the five steps above and you’ll have a new productivity secret weapon in no time. Alongside using the best writing services, you’ll easily deal with all your academic load.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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