• 5 Cloud Computing Certifications You Can Opt for in 2023

    | Updated on December 30, 2022

    Cloud computing is increasingly gaining momentum in the current tech landscape. Studies show that most companies are shifting to cloud-based technologies because of their immeasurable benefits, including scalability and reduced costs. 

    Moreover, moving to cloud-based services increases collaboration, flexibility, security, and disaster recovery. 

    Hence, as companies realize these advantages, the demand for cloud computing specialists continues to increase. A global knowledge survey of 2021 shows that the average income of a cloud computing professional was approximately $153,655, which is much higher than the industry average income of $115,906. 

    What’s better is that learning cloud computing has become easier because of the massive availability of online certifications. You can easily enhance your portfolio by enrolling in an accredited certification program, establishing a career in cloud computing, and having access to several job opportunities. 

    Here are a few top cloud computing certifications you can opt for in 2023. 

    AWS-certified Cloud Practitioner 

    The certified cloud practitioner certification is one of the most worthwhile certifications for beginners who want to establish a potential career in cloud computing and start on with the AWS platform. 

    In the certification, you will understand AWS cloud concepts and services, know AWS cloud architectural principles, and gain familiarity with shared security concepts. Furthermore, you’ll gain familiarity with deployment within the AWS cloud and understand billing, pricing models, and account management. The average annual salary of is certified cloud practitioner is $113,932.2.

    Some pre-requisite skills required to opt for the certification include building cloud solutions and managing and monitoring cloud platforms. The certification is easy to get, you need to pass an exam that costs $100, and the scores remain valid for at least two years.

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Associate 

    Several certifications provide in-depth insights on not only how to learn cloud computing basics but also how to put your skills to the best possible use. Amazon Web Service (AWS) certifications are one of these. 

    AWS offers a bundle of technical cloud computing certifications, including the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate for beginners working in enterprise and solutions architecture. 

    To enroll for the certification, you must have a prior understanding of specific computer languages, including Java and Python. Moreover, data storage fundamentals, networking, AWS service selection, and cloud-specific patterns are crucial skills required to enroll for the certification. 

    Studies report that the annual salary of individuals with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Associate certification is more than $159,033. 

    It is imperative to mention that you must get an average passing score of 70% in the exam to get the certification. The examination cost is $150, and the scores remain valid for at least two years. 

    Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

    The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect or more commonly referred to as the GCP cloud architect is an excellent entry-level cloud computing certification to avail. 

    With the Professional Cloud Architect certificate, you will get the required skills and opportunity to plan, design, and explore cloud architecture and direct the cloud solution infrastructure. 

    To get the certification, you must pass a simple exam that you can take online from a remote location or on-site at a testing center. There are no prerequisites, but 3+ years of industry experience would be a bonus. In addition, you can easily find several resources for exam preparation and external help in case of difficulty. 

    The certification exam will test your ability to analyze and inspect business methods and govern the performance of cloud architecture. The exam of certification costs around $200, and the scores remain valid for at least two years.

    The average annual salary of a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is $140,000.

    Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

    The Azure fundamentals certification is ideal for individuals who want to learn the fundamentals of cloud services. The certification teaches cloud concepts and how to utilize Microsoft Azure services.

    The Azure Fundamentals certification teaches you to demonstrate your understanding of Azure services, cloud principles, security and privacy, Azure pricing, workloads, and support. 

    The pre-requisite skills required to do the certification include different cloud computing concepts, primary Azure services, Describing Azure security and privacy compliance, and Azure pricing and support. 

    The examination cost is $99, the difficulty level is easy, and the exam duration is 85 minutes. There are usually 40 -45 questions, mostly multiple-choice, with a passing score of 70% and a 6-month renewal time. Also, the average annual salary is $107,683 

    AWS Solutions Architect Professional 

    The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification is the most advanced professional certificate you can aim for in 2023. 

    It is one of the most challenging AWS cloud certifications that requires considerable experience and knowledge of the AWS cloud platform to pass without much hassle.

    The AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification is in high demand because there is a consistent shortage of AWS experts, and we highly recommend it to experienced cloud professionals. You learn how to design and efficiently utilize scalable web applications on an Amazon AWS server. 

    Moreover, you learn how to choose the appropriate service and power for your application and other skills.

    Before opting for the certification, you must know AWS CLI, AWS APIs, AWS CloudFormation templates, and Windows and Linux environments. 

    Additionally, you must possess the ability to evaluate cloud application requirements, design a hybrid architecture, and deliver best-practice architectural design recommendations. 

    The passing score for the exam is usually 70%, and the score remains valid for two years. The difficulty level is hard, and the annual mean salary is approximately $118,266. The cost of the examination is $300.

    It is essential and recommended to make up your mind to do this certification, as it is a hard nut to crack.

    Final Thoughts 

    The year 2023 is ideal for getting into cloud computing, especially if you are an IT professional. You must obtain one of the best cloud computing certifications available. These certifications increase your earning potential, enhance job security, increase credibility, and improve job prospects. 

    Quit thinking and go for certification to explore opportunities you never had before.

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