Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush: Polishing Every Nook and Cranny

| Updated on March 27, 2024

While the wrong toothbrush can lead to the onset of oral diseases, for better oral healthcare, one needs to be attentive to the signs of damaged bristles. It’s a sign for you to replace your old toothbrush with a new one. As per the dentist’s recommendations, toothbrushes should be replaced after every 12 to 16 weeks. Being the most crucial dental tool, the right tool prevents the teeth from bacteria, tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, etc.

About Bitvae 

Did you know that Bitvae was introduced as an alternative to intricate, chunky, and pricey electric toothbrushes? With our accessibility, simplicity, advocacy, and innovation, Bitvae has dominated the market for years now. Also, our team bushes up with combined experience in design, R&D, and supply chain management for some of the greatest names in the industry. 

Led by our deliberate designs, we aim to solve real daily challenges with simplicity and practicality. Nonetheless, with our deep passion for making oral care accessible and enjoyable for everyone, we invent toothbrushes that are designed with your ease and comfort in mind. However, no more fussing at complicated settings and bulky handles. 

With the user-centered approach of our products, you can aid yourself with our explicit range of goods for the maintenance of your teeth to witness an easy and enjoyable experience. The network of dentists and product ambassadors are those who think outside the box for the uplifting of the product development process. We suggest you join us on our mission to make dental hygiene accessible to all in terms of price, age, and location. Hence, step forward to revolutionize the oral care industry.

Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrush: Preface

While most people still use a traditional manual toothbrush instead of a

powered device. S2 electric toothbrushes emerged as a worthwhile dental tool to aid people in resolving their oral health care. 

Besides, you will get 6 cleaning brush heads, 2 gum care brush heads, and a toothbrush head cover to keep the bristles safe and clean. These bristle heads have a life expectancy of 2 years. Additionally, it also features a 3-hour quick charge battery that lasts up to 100 days.

With our user-centric yet affordable smart dental tools, we strive to add value to your oral challenges and oral care industry. Nurturing fresh ideas is something we adapt to modern lifestyles. 

Key Selling Points

A review of studies showed that electric toothbrushes do decrease plaque and gingivitis than manual toothbrushes. After three months of use of the S2 Sonic Toothbrush, plaque was reduced by 21 percent and gingivitis by 11 percent. Although, oscillating (rotating) toothbrushes seem to work better than just vibrating toothbrushes. Carrying this in mind, we are overwhelmed to present you with our key selling points: 

American Dental Association Accepted

 Bitvae ADA Accepted

The Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Dental Association has awarded the ADA seal of acceptance to the Bitvae Smart S2 Electric Toothbrush based on its finding that it is safe. This toothbrush has shown efficacy in removing plaque and helping to prevent and reduce cavities and gingivitis.

Control Bleeding and Receding Gums with the Red Light Pressure Sensor

Our S2 sonic electric dental tool reflects a red light smart pressure sensor and alerts at the time of hard brushing to prevent damage to gum and enamel. Thus, usage of the Bitvae S2 range could improve your gum health. Its 2-minute timer control system beats every 30 seconds to remind you to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth.

More Effective Cleaning

Featuring an industry-leading, Bitvae’s toothbrush contains an ultrasonic motor that generates 40,000 micro brush movements per minute. An ultrasonic toothbrush removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush, which will help you achieve healthier gums and whiter teeth. If you have sensitive teeth but still want cleaning power, try Bitave’s S2 Sonic Toothbrush instead.

100 Days of Battery Life

Bitvae S2 Ultrasonic Toothbrush

The battery technology possesses full charging in just 4 hours, with up to 100 days of use. Bitvae S2 Rechargeable and R2 Rotating Electric Toothbrush extensively outshine other toothbrushes in terms of operating time. It relieved your battery concerns. 

5 Brushing Modes and 9 Intensity Levels

This toothbrush comes with 5 modes for various oral care needs, including “Clean,” “Sensitive,” “White,” “Gum Care,” and “Tongue.” These modes are developed to meet all your oral care needs and help maintain a healthy mouth. Moreover, the smart mode allows contains 9 levels of brushing intensity in our free Smart app.

Bitvae accessibility from mobile devices 

Advantages of using Bitvae S2 Electric Toothbrushes

David Clover once said, “Bad teeth are a kind of decency and often equated with morality.” Brushing remains the only option to protect teeth from oral diseases. Furthermore, choosing the right toothbrush is crucial to witness helpfulness. A few of the advantages of using our S2 electric toothbrushes are as follows:

  • Effectively removes plaque: This toothbrush pulsates to alleviate plaque, then oscillates and rotates to brush the plaque away. Over and above that, it also prevents your teeth from tartar.
  • Aid individuals with less mobility: Limited mobility states individuals having carpal tunnel, arthritis, developmental disabilities, or any other similar diseases that limit movements. This is because the pain can limit the movements and reduces overall mobility. 
  • Timer: Unlike traditional brushes, Bitvae modern brushes includes built-in timers that can do the trick and remove plaque from your teeth and gums. Thus, these brushes come in handy to get going with daily oral care activities. 
  • Less waste: At times of change, traditional toothbrushes need to be replaced as a whole. But, the Bitvae toothbrush comes with 8 toothbrush heads that will last you for at least two years. However, it will be less wasteful.
  • Promotes oral health: Latest studies reveal that electric toothbrushes are advantageous for people with fixed orthodontic appliances. You wouldn’t be surprised if we say that people with braces, brackets, arch wire, separators, chain elastics, etc., are at risk of having white spot lesions and gingival inflammation since they are having a hard time keeping their mouths clean.
  • Safeguards gums: With the arrival of electric toothbrushes, dental experts point out that they are safer for gums and teeth in comparison with manual toothbrushes. It’s no secret that electric brushes are more efficient in removing more plaque and decreasing gingivitis (gum disease) than manual toothbrushes.
  • Accessibility and affordability: We can assure you getting your hands on our range of Bitvae S2 Electric toothbrushes is a happiness to deal with. On the other hand, we bring products reviewed by various dental professionals with the most affordable prices of $39.99

To Sum Up

2022 report by consumer marketing analysis firm Mintel demonstrates a sharp increase in the usage of electric toothbrushes. 41 percent of adults say they have used an electric toothbrush in the past six months, compared with 58 percent who say they’ve used a manual one.

Modern toothbrushes offer a multitude of benefits beyond simply removing plaque from your teeth and freshening your breath. Some premium electric toothbrushes not only the time you’re brushing to ensure that you keep cleaning for the full 2 minutes but also warn you if you are pressing the brush against your teeth too hard, potentially damaging teeth or gum

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