10 Best Podcasts to Educate and Entertain Your Kids

| Updated on March 27, 2024

It’s getting extremely challenging for parents to engage their kids in something other than their tablets or smartphones. I am sure you have tried hard to limit their screen time but preschoolers can’t seem to let go of cartoons on YouTube. 

We are guilty too. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t used the help of Peppa Pig to get their kids to eat. However, apart from entertainment, the Internet has opened access to so many other things. One of them is podcasts! There are so many useful podcasts for kids these days.

Why Choose Podcasts for Kids? 

Podcasts aren’t just for adults, they are very useful for kids as well. Have a look at some of the benefits of podcasts for kids:

  • Engaging and compelling stories boost learning. 
  • Podcasts cost nothing. You just need Internet service. As you have subscribed to one of the best Internet providers like Spectrum Internet, you can listen and download the episodes for free.
  • They are portable. You can make your kids listen to a podcast in the car, bus, at home or even in the classroom.
  • They help the family bond when everyone gathers together to listen. 


10 Most Informative Podcast for Kids

Check out these trending and educational podcasts for kids.


#1:  But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

This is ideal for the entire family and for kids of all ages. If your child always asks complex questions such as why is the sky blue or who invented colors, this podcast is for them. It’s entertaining for every curious mind.

#2: Story Time 

If your kids are demanding when it comes to bedtime stories, this podcast will save you. It consists of 10 to 15-minute stories best for preschoolers. Each story is read by a soothing narrator. The speech is comforting enough to put your little ones to sleep. 

#3: Flyest Fables 

This one’s for teens and big kids. It’s a book full of original fables each one teaching a lesson of courage and strength. You will find different themes and all are appropriate for kids. The stories are meaningful yet entertaining. 

#4: Circle Round 

This podcast is a mix of fairy tales, myths, and folktales. It is appropriate for kids between 4 to 10 years. Each new story is released weekly and it features famous voices (Richard Kind, Ed Asner, and Tony Hale). 

#5: Eleanor Amplified

It’s best for road trips. The podcast is inspired by old-time radio shows. It follows a journalist who goes on an adventure to look for her big scoop. It will keep your tweens engaged during a car ride. 

#6: Brains On

It is a podcast for science lovers. It is like a radio show that takes science questions submitted by kids and answers them with the help of experts. Each week, the podcast brings a different kid co-host. This makes the show fun, educational, and silly. It is great for kids and tweens.

#7: Tumble

Here is another podcast for science lovers. It’s similar to Radiolab for kids. Each episode brings life to science by telling creative stories. Season 2 of Tumble revealed how we humans tried drilling into the earth’s core. It is narrated by a geologist. The cool thing was we couldn’t get past the earth’s crust. 

#8: Book Club for Kids 

It’s just like an actual book club but it’s for kids who can read books and novels such as Beautiful creatures or James and the Giant Peach. The episodes are released regularly. You can let your child choose the ones that appeal to them the most. 

Through podcasts like these, you will encourage your kids to read books and have a discussion about books outside the classroom. 

#9: OWTK’s Kids Music Monthly

Some kids are a fan of music. Why not help them listen to the right type of music with this podcast? It is hosted by Jeff Bogle. He knows everything from photography, journalism to podcasting. This musical distraction would be in the wishlist of every kid.

#10: Sesame Street Podcast 

This podcast is for the kids who are a fan of Sesame Street. The episodes teach the same lessons – patience, friendship, love, care, and reading. It’s just as classic as the show. You can make your kids listen to it during a car ride or whenever you need a distraction. There is no better way of distracting your kids from Spectrum TV service than a podcast. Its high time parents start using this informational gift of technology to teach their kids valuable lessons.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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