The Best Online PDF Converter Tool On Repairing Damaged PDF Files

Most individuals nowadays are familiar with how to use an electronic document. Only a few individuals are knowledgeable of the variety of different document formats. PDF (Portable Document Format) is quite a popular option because of the many features and the benefits you can have when using this kind of format.

When using a PDF file, you might encounter a troublesome experience where your PDF file is damaged or corrupted. When a PDF file is damaged or corrupted, you cannot open your PDF file. A third-party online PDF online converter tool can help you with those troublesome experiences.


When we talk about a third-party tool for our PDF files, one name comes on top of the rest. GoGoPDF is paramount among most online PDF converters in today’s internet as it is the most recommended tool to configure PDF file necessities. One of the reasons why it is the go-to platform for most individuals is its broad number of functions you can use for your PDF files.

The most well-known functions that are available in the platform of GoGoPDF are Converting a PDF file into another format, Split a PDF, Merge a PDF, View and Edit, and a lot more. They also have some underrated functions that only a few individuals know of. These functions are Add Watermark, Repair PDF, Rotate PDF, and a lot more to help you with every PDF file necessities.

It is essential to take advantage of this online PDF converter tool to have an edge in the online world where we always encounter electronic documents in our daily activities. You can also benefit from several things like top-notch quality, the confidentiality of your document, straightforward service, and a lot more that will help you configure your document with convenience.

Suppose you are still searching for the online PDF converter tool for you. GoGoPDF is a must-try for you to lessen the baggage of your daily troubles about online documents. They also offer a seven days free trial to give you a hunch on how they operate things and how they handle your PDF files with utmost priority.

How To Fix A Damaged/Corrupted PDF File

Before we talk about how to repair a PDF file, let’s talk about the main reasons why a PDF file is damaged or corrupted. The most common issues are improper download issues, hard drive, or any storage problem, system crash down, the sudden closure of your program, and your storage might be infected with a virus.

These are the most common issues you should try to avoid. However, it is unpredictable for every individual to encounter damage or corruption in a PDF file. Here is a detailed explanation of how to repair your PDF files.

First Step

You need to upload your PDF file that needs repair to the system of GoGoPDF. You can upload your PDF file from your computer to their system by selecting your document and directly upload. An alternative way of uploading your document is by using its new feature “Drag and Drop” for an easier way of uploading your document.

Second Step

In this step, GoGo PDF will be doing everything for you; all you need to do is sit back and relax as you wait for your PDF file to be repaired by their tool. Repairing your PDF file with the help of the GoGoPDF tool usually takes just about a minute; however, if you have an unreliable internet connection, it is recommended to find one.

Third Step

Once your PDF file is repaired, you can share your PDF file and put a personalized message into it. You can also copy the link that is given by GoGoPDF and send it to your preferred recipients.

Fourth Step

You can save the newly repaired PDF file into your preferred storage destination, whether it is in your device storage or online storage. It is suggested always to have a duplicate of your PDF files if it is an important one. Hence, saving in both device storage and online storage is recommended.


One of the most used online documents is a PDF as you can benefit from a lot of features from it. When using a PDF, you might encounter some problems, and for that reason, you will need an online PDF converter tool like GoGoPDF to help you. They can help you fix your damaged or corrupted PDF file in just four steps and only about a minute or so.

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