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| Updated on February 14, 2024

According to the studies, there are 21 students on average in every kindergarten class. This statistic means that somewhere right now, a teacher is trying their best to handle 21 kids with a low attention span. And for technical subjects like math, that job becomes so much more challenging. 

Your child could either understand the lesson in class or be distracted the whole time — you may never really know. And to give you more control over what your child learns and an insight into how much they take away from classes, online class services exist. Registering your child for any of the online classes below will make their learning more personalized and give you the chance to be more involved. 

Brighterly is a platform where you can sign your kids up to get one-on-one math tutoring with professional instructors for a relatively small fee. The platform connects students to online tutors who are not just qualified to teach math but trained to do it in a way that is understandable for kids. The instructors use fun videos and games to engage and keep kids interested in the class. 

Brighterly offers a demo sign-up phase where you can order a lesson to see if you are comfortable with the services before moving to the paid classes. Different membership packages cost different prices. It is one of the best services for students who need extra help with learning math.


Brainscape is a platform that offers to study strictly with flashcards on both the website and the app. The flashcards contain study sets for children in different classes. When you sign up and pay, you can customize the flashcards to adapt to your child’s needs. This platform is for kids aged 12 and above. 


Simplifying algebra and other complex math concepts is the hallmark of CoolMath. It takes in ideas that teachers don’t break down in class because of a lack of time and resources.

CoolMath is for kids from 13 years and above. However, if your child is younger, don’t worry; there is a version for kids below 13 that allows them to tackle less complex math concepts like decimals and fractions which is called CoolMath4Kids. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is an online learning platform that offers free classes to kids who try to succeed in their respective subjects. The level of courses ranges from preschool to high school, each designed to fit the state-assigned curriculum. Khan Academy is free because it is a non-profit organization with a passion for teaching and a mission to educate kids all over the country, especially underprivileged kids who want extra help but cannot afford it.

Scholastic Learn at Home 

Scholastic Learn at Home is a platform that offers a four-week free lesson curriculum for kids in kindergarten and middle school. Every week, your child will encounter a new lesson designed according to their grades and curriculum. After conquering each level, a kid moves to the next.

The lessons contain games and fun videos to make children enjoy studying. However, the entire thing is for just four weeks because it is a free platform. 

Smarten Up 

Smarten Up is not just a platform that offers online classes; it gives kids the chance to gain other skills they are interested in and build on them until they become good enough at the subject. The platform offers summer classes for kids at $250. Using Smarten Up, kids can practice foundational writing, origami, yoga, and many other educational and non-educational but beneficial lessons. 

Mel Science 

If your kid is into science and how things work, the best online class service for them is Mel Science. This platform helps kids improve at science courses and experiments. The best part about Mel Science is that your children will meet more than just science tutors on the website. 

For the $25 monthly subscription, your kid will be tutored by real-life scientists who have works and studies that show their experience in the field of science. There are also group classes at the end of the day where kids can improve their science interaction with peers. 

The Dynamite Shop

If you ever wanted your kid to learn to cook in a more fun and interactive way, you should sign them up for The Dynamite Shop. This platform teaches kids ages 7 to 15 how to make family meals interactively. These lessons cost $25 and are packed with numerous fun cooking ideas.

The platform and its programs are recommended for parents who want to participate in their children’s lives while they are learning new tricks. The classes are held twice a day in the afternoons, and your kid can join the ones that are held at the most convenient time. You can find time to join the class with your kids to make learning even more enjoyable.

The Blue Balloon School 

The Blue Balloon School is a platform where kids can learn how to play musical instruments and write songs. The classes come in different packages which cost differently. There are one-on-one classes with a music tutor that involve learning an instrument and writing lyrics, building song structures, and understanding rhythm. The other package is a group learning system where kids can learn with their peers in a zoom class. 

ABC Mouse 

ABC Mouse is an online platform that lets kids learn subjects conveniently while parents track their progress and even set goals. On this platform, kids learn using fun activities and games to strengthen their interest in specific topics. This platform has over 2000 printable activities that kids can engage in to learn more effectively and improve their knowledge of necessary concepts. 

Subjects discussed in different modules include science, math, art, language, coding, engineering, and music. ABC Mouse costs $9.95 per month but is free for the first month. 


Parents who want the best for their kids go the extra mile to register them for online classes. These education banks help kids gain new knowledge and flesh out the information they picked up in their traditional classrooms. Finding the perfect online class service for your kid along with keeping them energetic whilst the classes can be a hassle, so we have made a comprehensive list; there’s something for everyone here.

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