The 5 Best Essay Writing Apps of 2023

Writing essays and assignments is something you will have to do during your study years. These tasks help you develop and polish your writing skills and a lot of other ones as well. On top of this, they enlarge your knowledge on a specific topic. 

However, writing does not come easy to all students. While some of them have a natural inclination for writing, others feel they struggle more with it. Gladly, technology had developed tremendously during the last decades and new tools and apps were launched. 

Many of these help students complete their academic tasks and get all the essay help they need during college. Here are some of the best essay writing apps of 2023. 


Grammarly is one of the best apps you can use. You can install it both on your laptop and phone and benefit from using it. It is an app recommended by the best essay writing services UK, as it helps students deliver mistake-free papers. There is a premium version too, but the free one offers you the features you need. 

All you have to do is to copy-paste your essay into the app and then wait for their algorithms to identify mistakes. The best thing about Grammarly is that it does not only spot your typos and spelling mistakes, but it analyses the whole text depending on the tone you set at the beginning. 

It also suggests edits make your text clearer, so it is a great asset for students who need writing help. A lot of students skip the editing and proofreading parts because of a lack of time. But you can get your text checked for mistakes by Grammarly in a few seconds. 


A large part of a student’s academic life means taking notes. You attend classes and listen to the professor and then you take notes with the most important details you need to keep in mind. You start your research for your history essay and you come across interesting information you want to cite or mention. 

You work on a group project with your colleagues and want to make an outline everyone has, so you need to share that note with them. Well, all these can easily be done by using Evernote. It is one of the best free apps out there that will help you organize your notes and share them with your colleagues. 

The best thing about Evernote is that you can take notes in written form, but you can also add photos, videos, or recordings. So, you can have all the important information in one place, organized clearly. And if you find a website with compelling information you want to save for reading later, you can easily do this with Evernote. 


Ulysses is one of the greatest apps out there. However, it comes with a huge con: it is available only on Apple products. Yet, if you are an Apple fan with an iPhone, Mac, or iPad, then you can use it freely. 

Ulysses is nice as it helps you keep all your written pieces in one place. It is a top writing app for students and a very popular one among them. This is because it has an amazing feature, called the productivity feature. 

So, you can write using Ulysses without experiencing any distraction, which is awesome. Most essay writers use this tool exactly for this. 


Are you among the people who learn visually? Do you already have a color code system you apply to your work and files? Well, you can implement it in your writing too. Sometimes, the papers you have to write are more complex, so they require further research. 

Well, you can use FreeMind to design some diagrams that help you work on your essay and organize the work. You can use the color code you have set while you write too so that you can check out the information you have used. 

Hemingway App

Last but not least, Hemingway App is a web-based app that helps you deliver clear, logical, and concise essays. The algorithms analyze your text based on the writing style of Ernest Hemingway, who has a simple and natural writing style, with short sentences. The app has a color code and it colors the sentences or words depending on it. 

For example, highlighted in red will be sentences that are hard to read. In blue will be adverbs that can be replaced or omitted. To make sure you deliver an essay or paper that is ready to read, then use the Hemingway App to check it. 

Final Thoughts

Not all students feel they have a writing talent, so written academic tasks only put more pressure on them. Thankfully, technology has created a lot of tools that can be used for free by students, writers, and anyone who needs them. 

They can help you organize your notes and writing process and check your texts for spelling and grammar mistakes. You can set your own color code and make diagrams. All these apps help you improve your writing skills, but the process too.

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