5 Must-Have Benefits of Security Service Edge (SSE)

| Updated on February 13, 2024

With developing technology in this world, the threat to your network and your data is also continuously increasing. You might have not realized it but actually, this is the time when you need your data and network to be most secure. As all of the basic functions of our daily life are being shifted online, with only one wrong move your personal information might get out there in public. You heard it right, a security solution that can keep your data and network completely safe from anyone having malicious and ill intentions. The Security Service Edge (SSE) is the answer to your question. This is an advanced technology that is the most efficient option for all of your safety needs.

SSE is crucial for organizations because it enables them to retain high levels of performance and flexibility while protecting their networks and data against cyberattacks. In the sections that follow, we’ll go over its five must-have benefits and how it can keep organizations safe in a dangerous and complicated digital environment.

Improved Network Performance

Improved performance is one of SSE’s most important benefits. The solutions can lower latency and boost web traffic speed by relocating safety operations to the grid edge. Traditional security solutions need the web traffic to be backhauled to a central data center, which can cause delays and poor performance. It removes this bottleneck by handling the operations closer to the network’s edge, where the traffic is generated.

It can increase the resilience and uptime of a web in addition to lowering latency. The solutions can guarantee that networks continue to function even in the case of an attack or outage by distributing protection functions over different sites. This is especially important for companies whose crucial activities depend on uptime.

Use cases

For instance, real-time threat detection and response capabilities offered by their solutions can lower the likelihood of downtime and data loss. Additionally, the system can offer a smooth user experience without altering the web infrastructure already in place.

  • In a nutshell: SSE offers real-time threat detection and response, reduces latency, boosts resilience, and greatly enhances performance. Businesses that implement its solutions are likely to see better user experience, faster surfing speeds, and increased web uptime.

Enhanced Security

The solutions can greatly improve safety by offering thorough defense at the edge. The systems can identify and stop threats before they reach the web by processing security functions at the network’s edge. They can also provide better visibility into the traffic, allowing businesses to monitor and identify potential threats more effectively.

These systems can also offer extra protection benefits like access control and encryption. Access control can limit web access to approved people and devices while encryption can help protect data as it moves across the network.

Use cases

One of the most popular use cases is that advanced persistent threats (APTs), which are intended to evade conventional safety measures, can be detected and blocked. It can recognize APTs and stop them from entering the grid by analyzing traffic patterns and behavior.

  • In a nutshell: it can improve protection by offering thorough defense at the edge, spotting and stopping threats before they can enter the network, improving visibility in the web traffic, and offering extra security advantages like encryption and access control.

Increased Flexibility

One advantage that gives SSE a higher ground than others is that it provides a highly flexible system for business enterprises the way they want. By flexible we mean that the degree of protection can be adjusted according to the needs of the enterprise. This provides them with a customizable and scalable protection system.

With its highly customizable features, this system can provide all-around protection whether on-premises, in the cloud system, or even in a hybrid environment. It gives the enterprise complete protection.

It can also change its degree of surveillance according to the need. For example, the enterprise has the freedom to change the protection settings in case of high traffic or even in low traffic when it is not much needed. 

Simplified Management

The solutions reduce the need for on-premises appliances, enable centralized monitoring and control for enterprises, and move safety operations to the edge to simplify management. Businesses can minimize complexity and eliminate the requirement for manual configuration and maintenance by introducing various features at the edge.

Use cases

A unified dashboard, such as that which comes with SSE solutions by NordLayer, for instance, gives companies visibility over their whole ecosystem and includes real-time analytics and reporting. The time and resources needed to maintain a secure network can be cut down thanks to this centralized management control, which can also simplify management.

  • In a nutshell: By lowering complexity and giving organizations centralized management and control, implementing the solutions can make management simpler. Businesses can expect easier management and increased effectiveness in addressing their safety requirements.

Cost Savings

Adopting this system can help organizations in cost savings as well. Businesses can save money on expensive on-premises gear and maintenance expenses by relocating protection tasks to the edge, which can be especially helpful for small and medium-sized organizations.

Use cases

It gives businesses a more adaptable and scalable way to handle their security requirements, enabling them to customize their approach to meet their unique requirements and spending limits. A secure grid can also be maintained with fewer IT staff members thanks to centralized management and control, which can result in further cost savings.

In a nutshell: By implementing, organizations can expect a cost-effective and efficient solution that can help them maximize their resources and concentrate on their core operations.

Final Words

In summary, SSE solutions can provide organizations with improved safety, better network performance, more flexibility, easier management, and cost savings. Businesses can benefit from a more effective and scalable approach to managing their security needs by relocating safety operations to the network edge. This technology eliminates the need for expensive on-premises gadgets and associated maintenance expenses by enabling organizations to customize their strategy to their unique demands and budget.

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