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| Updated on July 4, 2024

Good news for the Baek XX fans! Makers have released the latest chapter 55 online. It is one of the most-awaited chapters, with major twists and turns, unique characters, and interesting themes and symbolism. 

With Baek XX chapter 55, the author has delivered a masterpiece that will compel the readers to read the story from the beginning to the conclusion. No matter, whether you’re an old enthusiast or a new webtoon lover, you can learn about the series in this post. Here, we’ll explore the major events, themes, character development, critics’ reviews, and much more. 

So, fasten your seatbelts and delve into this post right away. 

Previous Chapters Recap that leads to Chapter 55

Before learning about the Baek XX Chapter 55 plot, let’s take a quick recap of the previous chapters. 

The Baek XX series opens in a world full of mysteries and betrayals. Then, it introduces the young Baek Yisoo, a federal informant, and his twin brother Baek Dogyeong, the leader of the criminal gang Taesan. Another prominent character in the series is an evil sorcerer named Zoltar. He is the main antagonist who creates trouble for the lead character. 

Throughout the series, the protagonist encounters various problems. He makes friends but always gets betrayed. With each new chapter, Zoltar’s hunger for power increases and he uses evil tactics to fulfill his desires. The intense conflict between Zoltar and Baek captivates the readers and excites them to read more. 

Baek XX Chapter 55 Plot 

Baek XX chapter 55 plot

Chapter 55 of Baek XX is full of unexpected twists and turns. Numerous revelations are made in this chapter which completely change the course of the narrative. It begins on an emotional note as the protagonist learns something disturbing about one of his close friends whom he trusts a lot. 

That betrayal forces him to wonder if no one in this world is trustworthy. This event develops the character of the protagonist; he becomes suspicious, independent, and self-reliant. Additionally, he learns about his potential and the right way to utilize his powers. 

Another key event in the Baek XX Chapter 55 is the arrival of a mysterious man from the past. His identity revelation solves a past mystery and introduces a new character to the narrative. The chapter ends with a suspenseful situation which makes the series more interesting.

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Character Development: Transformation in Behaviour and Confidence Level 

Baek XX chapter 55 characters

1. Protagonist Evolution

In the Baek XX chapter 55, the protagonist experiences growth in his character. The emotional impact of the betrayal makes him more stronger and confident. He transforms himself from an inactive guy to a proactive individual who has the amazing skills of a leader. 

Although he gets betrayed by his close one, he doesn’t forget about his responsibilities and keeps defending his family members and friends. This act reflects his selfless nature and love for others.  

2. Baek Ryong Growth

This chapter also demonstrates the character development of Baek Yoon as he polishes his fighting skills and becomes self-assured. He saves his friend Baek from a group of enemies and proves that he can cross all the limits for friendship. His tactical awareness and developed mind make him a valuable ally to the protagonist. 

3. Baek Yoon’s Arc

In previous chapters, Baek Yoon is shown as an insecure and doubtful girl who doubts her abilities. But in Chapter 55, she emerges as a fighter who fights her battles and defeats her enemies. With her self-confidence and determination to safeguard her family, she fights with a powerful female warrior and wins the battle.  

4. Antagonist’s Redemption

A major change is observed in Zoltar’s character at the climax of the battle. Throughout the series, he is portrayed as an evil person who doesn’t care about anybody and only thinks of his self-interest. But in chapter 55, he shows a glimpse of humanity which makes him more than just a mere antagonist. 

His redemption showcases the complex nature of human beings. In addition to that, it shows even the most-wicked person can transform himself. 

5. Supporting Characters Development

The supporting cast members’ characters also change in Baek XX chapter 55. Their developed nature, actions, and decisions add complexity to the story and take it to another level. 

Themes Explored in Baek XX Chapter 55 

Baek XX chapter 55

1. Loyalty and Betrayal

The central theme of Baek XX chapter 55 is loyalty and betrayal. The latest chapter reveals that the enemies of the protagonist were once his close friends whom he considered trustworthy but they betrayed him. They chose an evil path and stood against him only to fulfill their desires. 

But despite the risk, Baek XX’s well-wishers, including Baek Yoon and Baek Ryong supported him without taking care of their lives. 

2. Responsibility and Leadership

In the Baek XX series, the protagonist is shown as a responsible guy who understands his responsibility towards his family and his team. But in some situations, he feels overburdened. Chapter 55 shows the sacrifices that he makes for his close ones and also demonstrates his internal feelings. 

3. The Influence of Power

The chapter 55 of the Baek XX anime shows that the quest for power can result in devastation. Those who have a great hunger for power don’t think about others and turn evil with each passing day. They brutally kill innocent people to gain control and to achieve what they want. 

The enemies of Baek XX create a dreadful scenario and murder innocents just to have control over the Baek family’s powers. 

4. Family Power

Another theme that is emphasized in chapter 55 is the power of family. The protagonist’s foes target his family to gain control of their power but he fights for them. His love for his family provides him the strength to fight even with an injured body. It showcases that a person should consider his family a priority and always be ready to do anything for their safety and happiness.

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Critics and the Audience Reviews on Baek XX Chapter 55 

Baek XX chapter 55 reviews

Baek XX is getting mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. Some praise the makers for the execution of intense battle scenes and for representing the serious topic thoughtfully while others criticize it for its pace. It fails to engage some readers due to its slow pace. 

Additionally, people raise questions about the development of characters and the way of handling the themes. Some like the character’s growth while others don’t find it sensible. According to critics, many parts are difficult to understand and don’t make any sense. 

Due to different reviews, this series has become a part of controversy. Everybody is talking about it and webtoon enthusiasts are trying to find out if it is worth reading. 


Chapter 55 is quite interesting in the Baek XX anime. It is full of action, thrill, and exciting moments. It unfolds the past mystery and introduces new characters, exploring the themes of loyalty, betrayal, redemption, leadership, and the consequences of power. 

Moreover, it shows the transformation of the protagonist, antagonist, and side characters. Despite facing betrayal and being wounded, Baek doesn’t use the wrong tactics and fights bravely for his family. Critics find the narrative too slow but is praised for its commendable representation of notable themes. 


What are the key themes explored in Baek XX Chapter 55?

The Baek XX chapter 55 explores several themes such as betrayal, redemption, loyalty, leadership, and the influence of power. 

What are the reviews of critics and the audience on Baek XX chapter 55? 

Baek XX chapter 55 is receiving mixed responses from the fans and the critics. Some are overwhelmed by the unexpected twists and turns while others criticized it for the pace and senseless scenes. 

Is there any past revelation in Baek XX chapter 55? 

Chapter 55 reveals the life story of a mysterious man from the past. With his arrival, a past mystery gets solved, and the narrative gets a new character. 

What can fans expect from the upcoming chapters of Baek XX? 

Based on the events in Baek XX Chapter 55, fans can expect new alliances and rising stakes. The remaining mysteries will be solved and the protagonist will face new threats and challenges. 

What is the significance of Baek XX Chapter 55 in the series?

Chapter 55 is one of the crucial chapters in the Baek XX series. It gives important insights into the motivations of the characters and unveils the past mysteries. Additionally, it lays the foundation for further events. 

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