5 Ways to Not Go Crazy When Working as a Remote Software Developer

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Software developers and other specialists in the field of IT today are almost the most popular on the professional exchange. However, only a few are really those who are being chased by big companies offering very good salaries. But among all the attractive aspects of the profession, there are also disadvantages: most programmers work remotely. Given the fact that this work requires constant brainstorming and the ability to be flexible and professionally find solutions, it takes up almost all of their time and energy. So how does a remote worker manage all of this and not go crazy? 

Balance of Work and Rest

In order to clearly distinguish work time and personal time, you must have a work schedule. You should know the exact hours you work, when there is time for rest, etc. You should not devote too much time to work, for example, working an hour more than you would otherwise have spent on travel. By working overtime, the body will become exhausted, and the first symptoms of burnout will appear. Therefore, the period of remote senior Java developer jobs activity must be alternated with the rest. Which time management method to use in the calculation is your choice. The main thing is to maintain a balance and break these limits only in very special situations, such as urgent projects. 

Availability of Workspace

A special place or even a room arranged for work will better facilitate concentration on work matters. Also, try not to take advantage of such advantages of remote work as the ability to work in pajamas or a bathrobe. It is unlikely that such an image will allow you to fully switch to work and feel like a full-time employee. Therefore, it is best to dress in the morning as you would for work.

Synchronize Household Tasks

Don’t try to do household chores on your lunch break or do laundry, cleaning, or cooking. This leads to a decrease in work efficiency, and distracted attention. As a result, you will notice that you did not achieve the desired result either in work matters or in household matters. In order to avoid this, solve all household chores in the evening or in the morning, before or after work. And at lunch, if time and weather permits, go for a walk. Fresh air and a change of scenery will improve your outlook and mood, and add vigor.

Get in the Working Rhythm

Have you noticed that our body resists tasks less if they become systematic and cyclical? That is, the hated morning run becomes a favorite after a few weeks. Morning coffee can be an obligatory wake-up ritual, as it is walking the dog, etc. Everyone has their own daily rituals that must be followed even when working remotely. Over time, the brain remembers the list of actions and brings the body into working order.

Overcome Dissatisfaction with Yourself

It often seems to us that we are underperforming, could have done more, better, etc. This leads to dissatisfaction with oneself. How do you avoid this? Regularly analyze your work, intermediate successes, and general duties. This is important for Java programmer jobs, whose profession requires scrupulousness, thoroughness, and patience. Make it a habit to spend 5 minutes at the end of the working day to do summaries. And if you add another 5 minutes to plan the next day’s tasks, it will be a great reason to praise yourself for being organized.


If you are working from home or not in the office, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your communication skills. Try to communicate as much as you can. Conduct meetings on a regular basis, even for the topics that can be discussed on chats, just don’t lose touch. 

Even if you have a deadline that you won’t be able to meet, talk to your coworkers about it, and convey the message to them in time. make sure they know about your situation. Basically, no matter what the situation is, just talk it out and be consistent with it. 


Another way to make sure that you don’t go crazy while working remotely is by meditating. Meditation makes your mind calm and gives you all the relaxation that you need after a hectic day. 

Start by meditating in the morning to give a fresh start to your day and your mind as well. With that, you can train your mind to identify distracting thoughts and restrain them. With such practices, you will feel nothing like anxiety, stress, or even mild panic. The ultimate aim of meditation is to stay away from all distracting thoughts and there are many strategies to relax your mind from any sort of stress and anxiety in workspace

Meditation is quite necessary for every individual these days, especially when each one of us is on the splurge of getting panic attacks and anxiety every time we have to meet a deadline at work. Meditation can be our rescue at such times.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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