10 Ways to Learn Animation Online Free Effectively

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Most businesses are adopting technology as part of marketing. The paradigm has shifted from manual work to digitalization. The revolution can be observed in all walks of life. Therefore, the individuals and other stakeholders need to learn animation online effectively.

With the advancement of technology, it is not a difficult task to learn animation online. Various channels can be explored to learn video animation and enhance return on investment. Underneath are the 10 ways to learn animation online.


Doratoon is the most effective source to learn automation. Beginners must visit and learn more regarding the video animation from this service provider. This will surely help them in learning the animation since the countless attributes of Doratoon and user-friendly interface give them a chance to excel in their respective fields.


In addition to this, every type of automation can be processed while using Doratoon because the website covers almost all aspects. Similarly, there are plenty of templates available along with versatile designs according to the need.

Apart from that, to learn more about the basics of cartoon video, it is recommended to unbox the character tool of Doratoon. There are numerous characters readily available that can be used for marketing. All the cartoons come in different actions and expressions to make the video animation interesting.

Besides this, it is pertinent to mention here that the main interface of the Doratoon is very user-friendly. Due to this reason, beginners can learn more about animation online. After getting equipped with video animation, the business can advertise products online and make lucrative benefits.

The Process to Make an Effective Animation Online

In support of the above necessary details of Doratoon, we are going to guide you about the procedure to make cartoon video efficient.

Step No. 1:

Go to the Doratoon website and sign up here.


Step No. 2:

Press the “Workbench” button that is situated on the top left.


Step No. 3:

Click on the “Create New Video” and process with the desired method.


Step No. 4:

This step will open the entire fleet of specifications for you. You can create animation online more effectively here. Furthermore, you can learn more about the attributes from this interface of Doratoon. You can change the background or add a cartoon character to create a cartoon video.

Apart from that, there are plenty of templates given on the left side that will help you with the video animation. Afterward, you can export the cartoon video in MP4.



This is an excellent video maker that can help you in making cartoon videos effectively. This is famous for the animation of bitmaps and vectors. Moreover, the interface is very interesting and the services are free to human beings.

Apart from that, this open-source software is famous due to the gentle curve that makes it perfect for beginners. You can learn more regarding the Pencil2D by visiting the reviews section.


Animation Paper:

This is free 2D animation software and is considered the best way for animation online. It is pertinent to mention here that the software is compatible with all the operating systems including Linux. The intuitive interface brings clarity to the work of the users.

Besides this, the software is best for hand-drawn automation but lacks in the release schedule.

Synfig Studio:

This app has all those specifications that help in understanding the video animation significantly. This is a powerful source and the user can learn more about the cartoon video from this app. Nonetheless, the steep learning curve makes the taste bad.

The unavailability of tutorials also caused a hurdle in the process of learning but this is still a relevant app due to its user-friendly interface.


The app has been exclusively created to focus on high-quality animation online. The use of this app for concept modeling is marvelous whereas it also gives a real-time view of a 3D image. You can style the video by adding several readily available templates in the video animation,

You can export and import plenty of models and learn more regarding the cartoon video from this platform.


As the name implies, the focus of the app is on 3D video animation. This is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use software. As far as the suitability of the app is concerned, this is recommended to web designers and artists of numerous categories.

A very flexible and powerful tool to make the animation online effective. It can attract a large number of benefits for the businesses.


This is the oldest app for cartoon video as the initial launch of the software was made in 1998 and this is still relevant. Because of this factor, the app claims that they have the best interface for beginners and it can make an astonishing masterpiece without any hindrance.

Some many built-in videos and templates help you in making gorgeous cartoon videos.


This video maker is on a mission to make video animation easy for beginners and learners. In addition, there are various specifications of it including GIFs, short videos, and editing. Similarly, the compatibility is way higher than many apps.

It also offers wide infographics along with backgrounds and templates that add productivity to the work.


This is open-source video animation software with high-quality customization. Developers and artists must explore this option to satisfy the need for animation online. Animation effects assist businesses and professionals in making eye-capturing videos.

Keyboard shortcuts of this app are considered as a competitive advantage whereas lack of frame animation is the shortcoming.


Maya launched in 1998 with the vision to make computer graphics interactive. The app can sharpen the video quality with special 3D effects and frames. Additionally, the character animation can be made on this platform since plenty of cheerful options are available. This app’s keyboard shortcuts are considered as best.

Arnold integration, free-form 3D modeling, and paint effects are among the top qualities of this video maker.

The Bottom Line:

There are innumerable ways where beginners can learn more about video animation. Notwithstanding, doratoon is the easiest and most effective source for animation online. A large range of templates, cartoon characters, and user-friendly interface make it the best way to learn animation. Likewise, the procedure of video animation is very effective and easy.

This learning can bring positive outcomes for professionals and businesses since animation has replaced generic ways. Similarly, businesses can enhance the return on investment by marketing the products effectively. On the other hand, professionals can excel in their careers by making use of them.

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