• Your Guide to Mustang Mods

    | Updated on January 23, 2023

    Mustangs bring a good amount of power to the table in the stock form. However, mustang owners can still upgrade, optimize and customize the pony with high-quality aftermarket fits. Each Mustang is different and can muscle its way as a racecar or as the optimal daily use car.

    While this incredible car has been thriving in the market since 1964, you will need to make some modifications under the hood to ensure it keeps up with modern-day performance cars. So check out this detailed guide to discover Mustang GT mods.

    Upgrades for Better Performance

    Exhaust System

    Give your car a roaring exhaust system. However, you may need engine upgrades first. The exhaust system is a vital part of your vehicle.

    It extracts exhaust gases from the car and removes harmful substances. Choose a well-designed exhaust system with straightforward routes for gases to escape. Besides giving your car a tremendous roar that everyone in the vicinity will notice, the new exhaust will also enhance the car’s performance.


    Upgrading the suspension will give your car better steering ability and consequently improve its performance. Also, consider doing a carte swap to switch to a modern motor. Whether you plan to make your pony race ready or simply improve its daily road performance, a suspension upgrade can help you reach your goal.

    Cold Air Intake

    By replacing your restrictive stock air intake, you allow better airflow. As a result, you get better mileage, enhanced performance, and better throttle response.

    Choose a no-tune intake if you want to keep the factory tune intact. The engine benefits significantly from maximized airflow. Consider adding a premium filter to give your pony a good performance lift.         


    If you are not going for a complete engine swap, then consider installing superchargers. Superchargers increase the density and pressure of air supplied to the internal suspension engine.

    Superchargers may sound like a simple installation. However, these devices can transform the way your Mustang performs on the tracks and roads.

    Aesthetic Upgrades

    Side Scoops

    Side scoops make your car look striking and help direct airflow to rear brakes through ducts. Several Mustang owners are still unaware of the functional benefits of side scoops. It essentially feeds cold air to your brakes.

    Front Bumper and Chin Spoiler

    Upgrade the front bumper and front spoilers to give your car a sleek appearance and make it look like a full-fledged speed machine. These mods can make your machine look aggressive and stylish.

    Window Louvers

    Window louvers are function additions in the sense they help reduce glare from highly angled rear windscreens. Additionally, they also help keep the tail down with less drag than a spoiler would. From an aesthetic perspective, they give your car a classic muscle car look. 

    Rear Spoilers

    Besides adding more visibility to the rear, rear spoilers also offer aerodynamic benefits. It disrupts the airflow at the back to prevent “lifts.”

    Mustangs are essentially marvels of engineering and automotive design efficiency. Search and shop for accessories and upgrades by model, category, and age to discover Mustang GT mods that are right for your car.

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