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You may have numerous questions in mind regarding cryptocurrency until you get into the field. Well, it has been almost ten years or above that cryptocurrency has arrived, but most people have failed to have a proper understanding of the cryptocurrency. Many still do not know that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are two different things. They believe that bitcoins mean cryptocurrency, which is true, but that does not mean that cryptocurrencies are bitcoin. 

Although amongst all other digital currencies, bitcoin is the most famous one because the characteristics of bitcoin are much better. The year 2017-2018 has been a real big bash for all the digital currencies. It was astonishing to see the value of the bitcoins changing and rising excessively. Hence there have been other digital currencies that have been released. If you follow the news spy, then you will know more about the Altcoins and the Stablecoins. 

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies in the World

You have heard of numerous cryptocurrencies in the World, but here we will tell you about the top 3 cryptocurrencies of the World. Digital currencies will bring some significant changes in your life and your finance.


It was first published in 2008-2009, and it is a kind of a cryptocurrency that is of almost the best quality. Bitcoin is the most sorted type of digital currency which everyone uses without even questioning anything else. It is one of the top cryptocurrency in the World, which is best to be used as an asset. Bitcoin is the only currency that came into existence in 2009 and has managed to stay relevant until now. 

Bitcoin is one of the most expensive cryptocurrency because it is more famous and it can be used enormously under all circumstances. The popularity of the currency has made it costly for everyone, mostly. 


This kind of cryptocurrency is also known as the digital token. Ethereum has prompted the rise of the ICO, which means the initial coin offering. This coin comes in the second concerning the kind of best cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is famous, and after that, if anything can take its place, it is Ethereum, which is almost equally efficient like bitcoin. Logically it is much smaller than bitcoin in the market but exceptionally efficient. 

There are almost 100.7 million Ethereum which is currently circulating right now in the market. You must have heard of the Smart Contracts; let me tell you Ethereum introduced the Smart contracts in 2014. The smart contracts are like applications that have been programmed well. The individual qualities of Ethereum have helped to create a booming market as well as make direct transactions. 

Even now, after using Ethereum for so many years, people are still unknown to the kind of power Ethereum has. It is one of the strongest and has the most potential amongst all other cryptocurrencies. 


The sweet little word ripple signifies the Ripple in the water, and the power of the coin is equally less. It is tiny, and unlike the previous two currencies, hence the value of Ripple is also minimal. But surprisingly, the total number of Ripple in the market is relatively higher than expected. There are more than 39 billion tokens in the circulation of Ripple. 

Another interesting, as well as surprising fact, is the invention of Ripple has been traced back even before cryptocurrencies. This means it was already out there by the invention, but it found its name, identity, and category after 2013. 


The above mentioned three cryptocurrencies are the top 3 types of cryptocurrencies in the World. If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, then you must consider these three.