Handling a WordPress site can be challenging. If you are working long hours, you might opt to Get WordPress Support. Most of the choices available are similar in function. Some people will opt to hire a professional to handle the bulk of the work. It can be helpful, but you need to make sure the individual being hired is proficient at managing WordPress sites. 

WordPress maintenance and support services

But if you are looking for the best support, here are the five best WordPress maintenance and support services that you should consider using:


Maintainn, which is a creation of WebDevStudios, is a service that can cover weekly updates to your site and any applications that you have installed. It provides security services, different designs, and replies to any questions you have about various emails. 

The main advantage of having Maintainn as your maintenance and support service is that it backs up your files regularly. Maintainn has also provided additional assistance by collaborating with succurri to keep your site secure. Most sites face breakdown due to customers’ numerous log-ins; however, with Maintainn, you are sure that it will still be functional despite any traffic on your site.

Maintainn has three plans that you choose from depending on how much you want to pay and duration. It has a standard plan that costs $59 a month, and Enterprise cost that goes for $179, and a monthly plan for $299. However, the three prices vary on the features they offer. 

A standard plan includes backups and updates, while an enterprise and monthly plan manage your website by monitoring and evaluating your site. Besides, Maintainn also provides additional services like design and web hosting.


SkyrocketWP is one of the best options if you are looking to have a fast website. It has a web hosting with Kinsta in which it services and maintains your website. You do not have to worry about changing your website from one platform to another; SkyrocketWP upgrades it for you at a low cost. 

SkyrocketWP is known to be among the most affordable to use for your website maintenance and support services. Its price starts from $49 a month to $79 a month for the expensive plan. For the price of $49, SkyrocketWP backs up your website for you and also offers security all the time. 

However, you can opt for the $79 plan that offers weekly WordPress updates, content updates, premium tools, and even size optimization.


With a wide range of maintenance services for your website, GoWP remains the best WordPress site to use for your business page. GoWP is famous for having credible services for clients that need to improve their web design. The best thing with GoWP is that it does the day-to-day job for you without your clients knowing you did not carry out the task. The entry-level plan for GoWP starts from $29 a month. This plan can carry out security scans for you along with daily backups. 

Moreover, GoWP can add new content to your site only after you approve and offer your clients website management. If you are looking for an affordable site, GoWP is the ultimate plan.

WP Site Care

WP Site care is known for being a long-running provider suitable for you as a client looking for maintenance and support services. It has a monthly plan for $79 and a pro-plan that goes for $299 a month. WP Site care provides daily backups stored in AWS servers for a standard plan, manages updates, and a 24/7 security monitor. The 24/7 security monitor is essential as it ensures your site does not get exposed to external and internal risk. With their pro-plan, WP Site care provides custom work on your site.

Furthermore, this plan enables you to request changes to your site, and there is always personnel waiting to attend to your requests. WP Site Care is the best site, especially if you plan to sell services and products online with WordPress. Additionally, this plan provides supplementary services like mobile development, site redesign, content creation, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs provides a wide range of plans for you to choose from as a client and an additional plan to get unlimited edits for your website. Their entry plan includes website updates, speed optimization, and 24/7 modifications on your website. The constant backup on your website is vital as your site is not at the risk of being lost or exposed. 

Additionally, all plans, inclusive of the entry plan, offer emergency support where code errors are eliminated on your website. WP Buffs provides you with image optimization for the pro-plan, speeding up your website, and maintaining security on your website. 

Besides, WP Buffs offers an option to you as a client to improve your plan where you get a custom plan that has additional services. Among the services present in a custom plan is the 24/7 monitoring of your website and the configuration of your web hosting requirements.