Why are RC Vehicles Expensive?

| Updated on October 31, 2023

Although RC vehicles are gaining popularity, hobby-grade ones are usually very costly. Vehicles, such as an RC monster truck, are generally expensive. However, the price depends on several factors.

Here are the factors affecting the price of RC vehicles.

Although most RC vehicles are expensive, some come with added costs that the user has to pay. These prices are usually charged due to specific customizations that the user may have demanded from the manufacturer. Apart from that, some factors determine the cost of the vehicle.

Electric-based or Nitro-based

RC cars and trucks are Nitro and electric-based. Electric cars and trucks are usually less expensive because they do not require frequent maintenance issues. They are cheaper because there aren’t many moving parts while manufacturing them. Also, the batteries used in them are rechargeable. That’s the reason why these vehicles are much cheaper. 

However, the Nitro-based ones are expensive because they are pretty much like the cars that people drive on the roads. Since they are driven by fuel, they will be much more costly. They also require more components as compared to the electric ones.

Is it Ready to Run or Does It Come as a Kit?

The ready-to-run vehicles cost much less overall. This is because kits are usually packed with several different objects that can be used to add customizations to the car and require additional parts that are not included in the kit so that they can be customized by the buyer. Different kinds of things, such as screwdrivers, heat guns, soldering irons, flush cutters, wire cutters, body reamers, shocks, wheels, tires, and bodies, can be found inside the kit or required to add on separately, adding customizations to your vehicle. 

Although kits cost a lot of money, they can be a worthwhile investment for RC vehicle enthusiasts. On the contrary, ready-to-run cars contain the essentials to get driving, but cannot always be customized later. As a result, the user has to accept the vehicle’s features even if they are not fond of it. 

Does It Come with Certain Costly Parts?

Naturally, people are bound to get bored after using a vehicle for a considerable period. Also, with new creations entering the market every day, upgrades are a must if you wish to stay at par with the competitors. That is why upgrades are trending. 

For upgrading the vehicles, certain parts have to be used, which are very expensive. For example, the RC monster truck is provided with upgradeable components, such as radio systems, speed controls, spur gears, batteries, and tires. As a result, they will be much more expensive.

How Large is the Vehicle?

It is a fact that a car’s price depends on its size. The bigger it is in size, the greater will be the price. A bigger car will require more parts and adjustments than a smaller one. The same logic applies to RC cars as well. A big RC vehicle will cost more money because of its parts and features.

Is It Meant for Racing?

Racing cars cost more than the normal ones. This is because, with racing cars, certain extra parts are added which are much more durable, faster, and therefore more expensive. 


These are some factors that influence the RC vehicle’s overall pricing. Any individual who aims to buy a perfect car within the budget must consider these factors. 

Also, it must be kept in mind that the cost tends to increase as the number of customizations rises. Also, it is essential to make a priority list before moving forward with the purchase.

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