The art of fortune-telling and reading minds is often pigeonholed as a psychic ability of a person. It is often also regarded as just a means to earn money by flattering people with what they already know but in a convincing tone. When a person is not convinced about this art, they often also regard psychic power as a tool to committing psychic frauds and scams. 

However, many people strongly believe and support the existence of psychic powers. A fortune teller holds a significant amount of significance and respect. While some may associate this as a result of strong faith, there are scientific reasons behind why people believe in psychic powers.

This article is focused to provide you with information on why so many people have continued to believe in psychic powers. Read on to find out.

About People Believing in Psychic Powers 

Stephen J Gray and David A Gallo published a research paper on “Paranormal Psychic Believers and Skeptics: A large-scale test of the Cognitive Differences”, in which they mentioned that the people who believe in psychic powers tend to not think much analytically. Their perspective of looking at the world is quite different, and they cannot evaluate any information in a critical manner.

Reasons Why People Believe in Psychic Powers

Based on various research studies, which have been conducted on this topic, and based on the social behavior of people across the globe, these are a few of the main reasons drawn to get a glimpse of why people may be believing in the existence of psychic powers, and why people like fortune tellers hold a significant position in the lives of some people. Have a look.

  • Coincidences and psychic claims are often the main reason why people believe in such psychic abilities. For example, there are so many fortune tellers who make psychic claims that they can foresee certain events that would take place in the future. For instance, they predict which team will win a football match in FIFA, they make claims that they can foresee a disaster taking place, or they try to predict the climatic changes for a particular year. When these predictions turn out to be true due to coincidence, those fortune tellers take full credit for it. And this is how more people start having faith in them and they start believing in the powers that these people hold.

As per different studies, these psychic claims are usually quite general in nature and are very vague. When people accept such vague pieces of information, without analyzing them properly, then it results in a popular psychological concept, called the Barnum effect. This concept is strong evidence of why so many people are in support of psychic powers.

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  • This concept also applies in cases where tarot card readers or horoscopes try to predict the nature of the future of a particular person based on their zodiac signs. Many people tend to believe that the descriptions being provided are very personal to them and have uniquely been written down for them. This makes them come in favor of believing in psychic powers. 

As a fact, as per different studies, these horoscopes are written down based on universal human traits and there are different sets of human traits being associated which are more or less the same for all zodiac signs. So anyone reading horoscopes will be able to relate to it in some or another way and that is how people start supporting the talents of these card readers and fortune-tellers. So, these descriptions are actually quite manipulative in their nature and structure.

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  • Sometimes the influence of some people in the life of a person is so significant that whatever those people believe is perceived as the right idea. The same is the case with the belief in psychic powers. For example, if a person has faith in his or her Uncle and that Uncle is a strong believer in psychic powers. Then, the child would tend to believe in this concept as well. This is like a loop of belief, which keeps on passing from a person to another. This is another prominent reason why such a huge mass globally supports the strong existence of psychic powers in the world.

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  • The way that a person has shaped his or her mindset also plays a significant role in deciding whether they believe in psychic powers or not. Some people are covered with the fear of being vulnerable to a psychic or supernatural event. So, they tend to worry a lot. And so, even a slight change of events or a coincidence is enough to guide them into thinking that they witnessed a psychic activity. 
  • On topics that are as sensitive as Occult Studies or Psychic Studies, habits like storytelling and bluffing play a major role in intensifying the faith of people in these concepts. When people keep narrating different stories and incidents about things like these, the people who lack analytical skills tend to believe these stories very easily. Also, some people are into the habit of bluffing or exaggerating events just to make them sound more interesting and this exaggeration is what impacts the mindsets of many other people who are audience to these bluffs. It instills a kind of fear and faith in the people that psychic powers do exist and they do play a role in the events that take place around the world.


The science behind understanding what makes psychic powers an interesting subject of faith has often landed into controversial opinions and concerns. Many researchers believe that psychic powers do not exist and are just an easy way out for events that have no clear explanation of taking place. But the layers of coincidences that sometimes follow make it difficult to conclude. 

Whether a person believes what a fortune teller has to tell or not, is an independent choice and decision. But, it is important to practically go through the possible consequences before blindly building that faith, because it may turn out to be a mistake that cannot be reversed and may have severe consequences!