Parental Controls

Technology advances at such a fast speed today that it sometimes becomes difficult to keep pace with it. While the speed at which technology and digital gadgets have been galloping has its advantages, there are some inherent problems too. For instance, it may come as a boon in certain situations to both adults and children, exposure of the latter to it comes at a price.

Children can today easily access information on computers, laptops, and other digital devices. The young generation can log into websites and register at applications at the click of a button. However, this opens up the risk of their exposure content inappropriate for their age. Therefore, the role of parents in controlling their children’s time and activity on digital devices is very important. In other words, the role of parental control has a critical role to play in today’s technologically advanced world.  

What is Parental Control?

The act of controlling a child’s activities and time on digital gadgets by parents is called Parental Control. The more a child uses technology, the more he or she is at risk of getting exposed to inappropriate content. In addition, there is always the possibility of children succumbing to cyber-bullying. Therefore, it is important for parents to supervise and control their activities on digital devices. They have a responsibility not just towards themselves but also towards their children. After all, parents are responsible for the online behavior of their children. 

  • Parental control is the act of a parent controlling a child’s exposure to digital gadgets.
  • Laptops and smartphones open up the risk of a child getting exposed to inappropriate content and cyber-bullying.
  • Parents also have the responsibility of checking their child’s online behavior.

Why Do Parents Need to Do Parental Control?

There is a simple 2 line answer to the question, why do parents need to exercise parental control? The first is to protect their child from exposure to inappropriate content. The second is to protect them from cyber-bullying. In other words, as the child spends more and more time on the computer or mobile phone, he or she is likely to experiment with new websites and applications. For instance, registering at some unknown site may lead him or her to a page that may advertise pornographic content. Parents need to protect their children from exposure to such inappropriate content.

In addition, children are always at the risk of succumbing to cyber-bullying. Peers and seniors use digital platforms to bully innocent children. In other words, they need protection from intimidation by bullies on computers and smartphones. While parents themselves have acknowledged the advantages of giving adequate time to their child on a computer or a smartphone, they have in the same breath, also voiced concerns about their child’s behavior on online platforms. 

Finally, parents have the tough task of striking a fine balance between giving their child the freedom to independently explore the digital world and at the same time providing them guidance.

  • Parents need to control a child’s activities on a computer or smartphones.
  • A child requires protection from cyber-bullies and exposure to inappropriate content.
  • Parents acknowledge the benefits of independent access to computers for children.
  • There are some inherent problems that come with this freedom.
  • Some parents have voiced concerns about the online behavior of children.
  • Parents have to strike a balance between independent exploration of the digital world by the child and the guidance they need for the same.

Which is the Preferred Method for Parental Control?

Research has shown that the majority of parents prefer to use traditional and conservative ways to control their child’s activities. There are still many parents who depend upon technology to exercise their command. For instance, some prefer to speak to their child about any inappropriate behavior or unhealthy experience. There are others who do so without any physical intervention. In other words, they seek the support of technology to spy on their child.

A popular choice for parents who prefer to use technology is the Mspy application. Mspy review has shown a high level of satisfaction among parents who have downloaded this software. Parents can track their child’s WhatsApp, calls, SMS, GPS location, and Instagram updates among other activities. 

  • Some parents use a traditional hands-on approach to control the online activities of their children.
  • Many parents seek the help of technology for this purpose.
  • Mspy is a popular app used by parents to spy upon their children.
  • Mspy reviews have shown a high level of satisfaction among parents.

How Many Parents Use Parental Control?

Parents control their child’s digital behavior in a number of ways. Some use the physical intervention, counseling route, others use technology. Academics have studied the importance parents give to controlling their child’s activities and time on digital gadgets. 

A majority of the parents, in fact, more than 60 percent acknowledge having at some point of time monitored their child’s activity on the computer or a smartphone. Many parents also check their children’s social media profiles. In addition, there are parents who befriend their child on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. This helps them know his or her social circle. In addition, it allows them to check their online behavior. For instance, parents can keep a tab on the content their child is putting out in public.

There are many parents who use technology to monitor and audit their child’s online behavior and exposure. Software developed especially for this purpose can be installed. As mentioned earlier Mspy is a popular application in use for this purpose.

  • Parents control their child’s activities in the digital world in a number of ways.
  • Some use the traditional method of personal supervision and guidance.
  • Many parents take the aid of technology for controlling their child’s online activities.
  • Some parents befriend their children on social media platforms.
  • Befriending children on social media helps keep a check on his or her online behavior.
  • There are some parents who depend on the parental controls applications designed specifically for this purpose.