Why is MacOS better than Windows for programming?

Most programmers unanimously choose macOS over Windows. In this article, you’ll find reasons why the IT industry firmly sticks to Macs, explained in simple language.

Both Windows and macOS have plenty of advantages — but you have probably heard that IT people prefer Apple devices. It’s true that among non-professional users the ratio of Windows and macOS proponents is nearly equal. But developers single out at least six meaningful arguments in favor of Macs that allow them to boost their productivity and enjoy a smoother workflow. Please find these arguments in the article below and decide whether they would convince you to give Macs a try.

Apple Devices are More Long-Lasting and Easier to Repair

Probably you didn’t notice it when using your PC for entertainment or casual office tasks — but Windows devices break down too often when exposed to significant workload. Macs also might get out of order but it would be easier to diagnose and fix them. When toiling on a demanding project, the last thing you want is to see your PC crash without warning, erasing all the code that you have written, destroying your personal data and valuable files.

Apple Computers won’t Interrupt your Work Too Often

When dealing with Windows, coders should be ready for frequent interruptions. They would occur when the device will be performing some complicated operations that consume too many resources. With Macs, this would hardly be an issue. You can keep coding for 8, 10 or even 12 hours without being interrupted a single time. This is a crucial perk because it allows the programmers to fully focus on code and thus to enhance the efficiency of their work.

You Can Install Windows on Your Mac

Apple devices allow you to install any operating system that you need. In professional terms, it is called “cross-platform compatibility“. No OS is perfect; when coding, you sometimes resort to tools that are available exclusively on Macs, and then your project requires tools that can be found only in Windows. The ability to switch from one platform to another is essential for IT people, and Apple developers understand that.

In Windows, by contrast, you can access only those toolkits that were initially embedded in this system. Your PC won’t allow you to install macOS on it. The only way to do so is to find a hacked macOS — but its functionality would be limited and it might suffer from numerous bugs.

Mind that if your aim is to create software for Apple devices, Macs are the only machines you can use for this purpose. Any attempt to build an app for iOS or OS X on a PC would be destined for failure.

You Can Use LINUX and UNIX As Well

These two operating systems are of paramount importance to programmers. UNIX was released a bit earlier and still remains outstandingly stable, flexible and secure. The majority of the websites we visit daily were created on UNIX.

The functionality of LINUX is to a great extent identical to UNIX. However, this operating system is compatible with both Macs and PCs so many coders first become acquainted with it when still working on their old computers.

The operating systems Apple devices run on are based on UNIX, which makes them more developer-friendly. IT people appreciate it that they can run programs in nearly any language thanks to a UNIX-based command line.

Apple Computers Are Less Prone to Viruses and Malware

However, they are not impregnable. Gone are the days when Macs were 100% immune to any potential hazards. Responding to the steadily growing popularity of Apple devices, hackers invest more and more effort into breaking their codes. But even so, macOS is far better protected from external threats than Windows.

To boost the security of your machine, you should install a powerful and proactive antivirus, such as MacKeeper. It will detect malware, Trojans, and viruses long before they attack you and ward them off. Moreover, this app will make sure that your computer always has enough disk space. It will identify duplicate files, junk items, unused programs, and other components that clog up your hard drive and will safely delete them, leaving all the necessary elements untouched. This will also contribute to increasing your work output.

Most Employers Hire Programmers Who Stick to Macs

This is a logical consequence of the previous passage. When working for a tech company, you would be spending most of your time online, where you might become an easy target for hackers. To play safe, savvy employers require their staff to use macOS and keep antiviruses always enabled.

On a job interview, you’ll be most likely required to code something on a Mac. Most tech enterprises stick to UNIX-based systems because of their handy command line and the above-mentioned stability combined with flexibility. No matter how technologies evolve, there is no sense of walking away from a good thing.

In Which Aspects Windows Outperforms macOS?

After reading the above-listed advantages of macOS, you might get the impression that PCs are irretrievably lagging behind. But it would be a mistake to say so because Windows can boast of numerous merits as well. This OS offers greater flexibility in terms of hardware choices: you can choose among the vast assortment of peripherals, most of which are sold at for more competitive prices than the hardware compatible with Apple. The taskbar of Windows 10 is more functional than the macOS dock and Cortana voice assistant seems to be more capable than Siri. But these and many other merits concern mostly home users and not programmers.


For a serious career in programming, opt for macOS. The operating system is considerably more stable, productive, and safe, compared to Windows, and it will be much easier to find a well-paid job if you know how to write code on Apple devices. In fact, it is easier to recover data from Mac. Even though Windows has plenty of benefits as well, its target audience is common users and not IT people. Remember: contrary to the stereotype, Apple computers might sometimes contract malware — so please don’t forget to protect your Mac with a powerful antivirus to fully enjoy its high performance.

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