There’s one thing that can be said about document notarization in Dubai – the need can arise anytime and anywhere. More often than not, there isn’t any time to plan for it. Regardless of whether or not, the need for Dubai document notarization is urgent, you’ll benefit immensely from mobile notary services. Here are the top reasons why you should hire mobile notaries in Dubai:

More Efficient Transactions 

Rather than spending precious time traveling to the office of a public notary in Dubai or any other location, a mobile public notary can take their notarial services with them to the place of your choosing. Time is certainly valuable and better allocated on professional or personal tasks – not in hours of gridlock traffic, most especially during rush hour. Mobile notaries in Dubai can also work with your schedule. Most public notaries are closed during the weekends and after conventional office hours. With a mobile notary, you can arrange an after-hours service with the notary traveling to your chosen location. 


Several reputable public notaries in Dubai offer mobile services. Make sure that you only shortlist the properly credentialed public notaries that are willing in traveling towards your designated location for a notarial service. Should you reside in an area wherein notary services are quite scarce, mobile notaries will still be able to come to where you are to legalize your documents. 

Eliminate local limitations 

All parties are to be present during the signing of legal documents. A public notary in Dubai also has to verify the identities of signatories, which can be a challenge under certain circumstances. Mobile notaries in Dubai are the ideal solution. Most especially for bedridden individuals and the elderly, mobile notarial services are necessary for executing estate planning documents as well as a power of attorney in Dubai. A mobile notary can be onsite at a hospital or assisted living center to ensure document notarization is easy and convenient. 

An established Dubai mobile notary can meet all your signing requirements, regardless of whether they are for business or personal affairs. From the legalization of business agreements to authenticating marriage documents, mobile notaries can help.  There is one thing that you should remember which is limited to public notaries and that is the fact that they are not allowed or authorized in giving legal advice.

A trusted mobile notary in Dubai notarizes different types of documents. Whether you need a power of attorney witnessed or a deed notarized, you’ll be able to have them processed correctly to ensure they’re valid and legal in the eyes of the law. There are also service providers that provide an attestation of documents and all other ancillary services.

Reasonable costs 

The cost to hire a mobile notary in Dubai can greatly vary, depending on the services that are needed. Most service providers usually have flat fees for basic services. Since the service is brought to you, expect a small charge for mileage and/or travel time. But you should always put into consideration the value of the time that you would have spent if you had to go to a public notary’s office yourself. It’s usually more affordable to hire mobile notaries rather than ones that don’t have mobile services, especially when considering the money that is lost from a missed business opportunity. 

Guaranteed privacy 

If there are documents that you need to be signed in private, you’ll be able to depend on a reputable mobile notary service in UAE to keep all of your information confidential. This includes the types of services that you acquire. Since the legal professionals will be the ones to come to your place, people won’t be able to witness you having documents notarized. Legal professionals are also bound by the oaths they have taken to provide the best services possible and ensure the privacy of all clients.


Of course, this will only apply if you choose to hire an established, well-reputed service provider. Just like with all other professions, there’s a set of fraudulent elements present in the industry as well. If you hire a reliable mobile notary in Dubai and you make sure that they are fully licensed and certified, then you will most definitely get a reliable service every single time. Notarized documents will be legally binding and the mobile notary will provide precise and professional services to build an outstanding reputation. Just don’t forget to check the certifications of the service provider when they arrive at your chosen location.The primary benefit of having a mobile notary in Dubai handling your notarial requirements is convenience. To ensure that you get quality and professional notarial services in UAE, contact experts like Notary Public Dubai today!

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